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From: Helene Keso <>
Subject: Re: [BOWLES] dna
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 2008 19:04:43 -0900
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Hello Major,

We are the Gideon Bowles line of 1591. Below, you'll see our lineage
on my Dad's side of the family. (my father was CNJ the 3rd) Annie
Bowles is my g grandma. I'm very interested in talking with someone
about the J2b Haplogroup. I've been reading online and am excited to
think that I have Jewish dna! I am a Christian and have also been
doing Messianic studies for about 25 yrs. What's your thoughts on
all this. Where do you and I join as relatives by my line below?
Thank You, Helene
A letter to my cousins. There are 5 of us females doing our lineage.
Bowles DNA study: We are most closely linked to Group 1. Our link
that we can identify with David and Julia is group N6065

I am going to keep these women in the lineage that Jessie and Annie
have listed in their hand written genealogy,( Rebecca Scott, Esther
Mc Donald, Mary Anderson and Rebecca Hobb). Perhaps, they could
still be first wives.

Generation 1
Name: Gideon Bowles
Birth: 1591 (England or Ireland, resided in both)
*Marriage to Mary Guild 1593 -1619 (Ireland)
Gideon and sons came to Jamestown, after wife died in Ireland.
Not all the sons are named here, but our papers says there were 5 sons.

Generation 2
Name: John Bowles
Father: Gideon Bowles b.1591
Mother: Mary Guild
Birth: 1616 (Ireland)
Death: 1665 (VA)
*Marriage to Rebecca Scott (b. 1621 in VA) m. John in 1637
Marriage: Eleanor
Gideon Bowles
* David Bowles b: 1665

Generation 3
Name: David Bowles
Birth: 1665 (VA)
Father: John Bowles b. 1616
Mother: Eleanor
*Marriage: Esther McDonald (b. 1671) m. David in 1687 (1st wife) ?
Marriage: Sarah Hughes bef. 1750
Children : John Bowles b. 1712

Generation 4
Name: John Bowles
Birth: 1712
Father: David Bowles b.1665
Mother: Sarah Hughes or Esther McDonald
*Marriage: Mary Anderson (b. 1716) m. John 1732 (VA) (1st wife)?
Marriage: Eleanor Parsons
. Gideon b. 1734
. James
. John
. Stephen
. Hugh

Generation 5

BOWLES, Gideon b. 1734 d. 5-1-1778

Father: John b.1712

Mother: Sarah Hughes

Marriage: Charity Ann Hughes m. 4-13-1757 Hartford Conn.


Martha b 1756 m 18 Feb 1779 Goochland County, Virginia Humphrey Gaines
Jane b 2 Dec 1757 m 17 Feb 1781 Goochland County, Virginia Jesse Thomas
Sarah b 1759 d aft. 1844
Hughes b 7 Feb 1760
Nathan b 21 Jan 1762 d 1833 Jefferson, Jackson County, Georgia m 20
Jan 1812 Jane Puryear
Anderson "Jackie" b 3 May 1764
Mary May b 27 May 1767 m 17 Dec 1787 Goochland County, Virginia
Stephen Mallory
Elizabeth b 2 Nov 1769 Goochland County, Virginia d aft. 1 Feb 1840
Nancy b 1771 m 16 Dec 1790 Goochland County, Virginia David Johnson
Clayburn b 4 July 1773 Goochland County, Virginia
Judith b 11 Jan 1775 Goochland County, Virginia d aft. 21 Aug 1822
Wilkes, Georgia m 29 May 1818 Goochland County, Virginia John Bunch d
bef. 21 Aug 1822
William b 10 Jan 1777 Goochland County, Virginia m 27 Dec 1800
Franklin, Virginia Nancy Bolling
Family tradition has Gideon as aide de camp to George Washington.
All of Gideon's children are named in his will.

Will on file with DAR

extra tidbits:

Signature from his will

Generation 6
BOWLES, Anderson b 3 May 1764 Goochland County, Virginia d 1812
(1811?) St. Louis, Missouri

m. 10 Feb 1781 Jane Thomas (d. 1834 St. Louis, Missouri)

Caleb b 1785
Sarah m Stephen Maddox
James b 1794 Cumberland County, Virginia d 1814
Ann d bef 1806 Cumberland County, Virginia
Virginia b Cumberland County, Virginia m Richard Ripley
Agusta m Jacilla Wells
David J. b 30 Aug 1804
Anderson and Jane first settled in Cumberland County, Virginia. In
1806, they moved to Madison County, Kentucky. Five years later, they
again moved to St. Louis County, Missouri. A brother and sister are
named in his will.

Generation 7
BOWLES, David J. b. 30 Aug 1805 Cumberland County, Virginia d. 15 Jan
1885 Montgomery, Missouri

Marriage #1: 2-13-1826 Julia Jean MacKay, (aka: Mackey) Parents: F:
Capt James Mackay (aka: Mackey) b. 5-1-1761, d. 3-16-1822

M: Isabella Louise Long, (aka: Eliizabeth Louise)


David J.
Jefferson R.
James Anderson b 28 Mar 1806
Jane A. b 19 Apr 1809
Jessee Thomas Bowles, b. June 12, 1830 **** Gen 8: father of Annie
Bowles: Gen 9
Nathan Z. b 1833
Mary E. b 1835
George R. b 1838
Julia Virginia b 24 Jul 1840
John B. b 1841
Gustave Soulard b 1845

Generation 8

BOWLES, Jesse Thomas b. June 12, 1830 MO d. Feb 20, 1927
Portland OR (aka: Jessee, Jessie)

m. Minerva Catherine Wilson 1861

* John Bertie Bowles Oct 5,1862 - Oct 14, 1882
* Charles David Bowles April 4, 1864 - Jan 11, 1924
* Anna Jessie Bowles Sept 27, 1867 - Nov 8, 1956
* Joseph Robinson Bowles Oct 10,1869 - July 25, 1945

Generation 9
BOWLES, Jesse Thomas b. June 12, 1830 MO d. Feb 20, 1927
Portland OR (aka: Jessee, Jessie)
Marriage: Minerva Catherine Wilson 1861
Generation 9 Annie (AKA: Anna) Jessica Bowles Johnson, wife of
Charles Nelson Johnson 1st)

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