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From: "Carol Bowman" <>
Subject: [BOWMAN] Jacob Bowman and Susannah Milhouse
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 09:18:17 -0600

"GENEALOGY OF A BOWMAN FAMILY," Byron Whitener Bowman, 1956

Jacob Bowman, Jr., b. ____, died in Rockingham County. His widow, Susannah Milhouse Bowman m. Isaac Hammer August 11, 1795, and removed to Tennessee with five of her seven children. Jacob bought a tract of land in Eastern Tennessee in about 1783. This land was on Boone's Creek, Washington County, near Floursville. He is said to have died and to have been buried en route to his Virginia home after making this purchase. Five of his children later settled in Tennessee, presumably on the land their father had purchased. His widow, Susannah, married a Brethren preacher, Isaac Hammer, of Eastern Tennessee on August 11, 1795 (Rockingham County records), ceremony evidently being performed in Rockingham County, Virginia. The Hammers, however, settled in Tennessee. The children of Jacob Bowman had probably settled in that area prior to the remarriage of their mother. Hammer was a prominent leader among the Brethren of the South and likely met Susannah Bowman as she visited among her children. Mr. and Mrs. Hammer were buried in a private cemetery on the farm of J. D. Thomas, more recently owned by his son, Edgar, and located at Indian Ridge Gap on Knob Creek near Johnson City.

Isaac Hammer was associated with Michael Krouse and others in organizing the Knob Creek congregation, the earliest of the Brethren congregations in Tennessee. This organization took place in about 1800.

Members of Jacob Bowman's family migrated to Tennessee from the Broadway community, Rockingham County, Virginia, in about 1785. They probably sojourned for but a short time in Rockingham as they were a part of a movement of Brethren from Pennsylvania and Maryland who settled in the Shenandoah and Roanoke Valleys of Virginia and in Eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina.

Among the score or more of Brethren families which settled in Rockingham County from 1780 to 1790, there were two Brethren ministers, Benjamin Bowman, Sr., and his brother, Peter (Zigler's History of the Brethren, p. 43), who were brothers of Jacob, Jr.


Jacob Bowman and his wife Susannah Milhous Bowman lived on 115 acres of land that was surveyed for Jacob Bowman March 17, 1770. This land was in the area between the Long Meadow and Linville Creek, in the vicinity of the present Broadway, VA. The land surveys show that Jacob Bowman's neighbors were: Ezekiel Harrison, Jacob Riffe and John Kring. The Miller family also lived nearby. (From ABSTRACT OF LAND GRANT SURVEYS 1761-1791 by Peter Cline Kaylor, 1984). Jacob and Susannah M. Bowman had lived in Lancaster County, PA, before moving to Rockingham County, VA, where at least some of their children were born. The following is our supposition (ONLY) as to the birth order and some of the dates of birth of Jacob and Susannah's children:

1. Jacob Bowman, Jr. b. c1769
2. Mary Elizabeth Bowman b. c1771
3. John Bowman b. 4-13-1773 correct date
4. Catherine (Caty) Bowman b. c1775
5. David Bowman b. 10-20-1777 correct date
6. Daniel Bowman b. 3-5-1781 correct date
7. Joseph Bowman (Deacon) b. 9-26-1784 correct date

After Susannah buried Jacob in an unknown, unmarked grave in Rockingham County, VA, and his estate was settled, she signed a consent for her daughter, Catherine (Caty) Bowman to be married to John Miller in June of 1789. By Susannah's signing a "consent" for Catherine to be married indicates Catherine was not of age in 1789.

Shortly after the marriage of Catherine Bowman and John Miller, Susannah and four of her children came to what is now Washington County, Tennessee (Tennessee became a state in 1796) with Catherine and John Miller. The children who came with Susannah were: Jacob Bowman, Jr.; John Bowman; Daniel Bowman; and Joseph Bowman who was only 12 years old at the time. The other two children, David Bowman and Mary Elizabeth Bowman, stayed in Virginia. Susannah and her four unmarried children lived in the house with Caty and John Miller until the brothers married and Susannah married Isaac Hammer.

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