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From: "Mike Boyd" <>
Subject: Re: [BOYD] Boyd/Smiley families
Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2008 22:47:28 +1000
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Sue and others I do have some details on Rhoda Boyd and her father John
Boyd. In these notes below John Boyd is described as of Scotch-Irish
ancestry, emigrated from the north of Ireland (but does not say which County
in Ireland)


The origins of this family is from either Ireland or Scotland and migrated
to the USA in the early 1700's [has time or ship be found] in the
Pennsylvania area of Northumberland County.

Is Nancy Urie a Dutch name?. If so this might help in fnding a link.

This is the third John Boyd of Northumberland County. The other families are
outlined in Chapters 2/135 and 4/245. Also part of this family might be
outlined in Chapter 4/224 Boyd of Tuscarurras Co., Ohio.

[In an email message of 19/12/1998 to the group Rommy
Lopat () mentions an incident "Following the burning of the
Irish Settlement by Indians in 1756, the Boyds removed to Cumberland County
(c1756-1760) as did many other families." While that John Boyd (Ch 4/208,
R1/S1) was born in 1716, he appears to have married in the 1740's to an
Elizabeth Young, so would not appear to be a part of this family. However he
may have been a close cousin or a Boyd from the same part of Ireland who
came to the US together.]

This family MAY HAVE LINKS TO the family of John Boyd (1715-1789) who died
in Shippensburg, Cumberland County, PA - Ch 4/249. His first wife, Nancy
Urie killed in 1756 as a result of an Indian attach on their farm in what
researchers said was near Carlisle, Northumberland County, PA. (HOWEVER,
Northumberland Co., PA was not formed until 1772 from Lancaster, Berks, and
Cumberland Counties, according to the The Handybook for Genealogist, United
States of America, Eighth Edition, 1991.) So in the 1740's which County was
Carlisle in? And more importantly could this Robert Boyd, below (S?), be a
relative of John Boyd in Chapter 4/249? Perhaps even a brother? The time
period would be correct, with only 10 years separating their births. This
will require further research by descendants of both families.

S? Robert Boyd, bc 1705 ( , Scotland), dc 1761 ( , Pennsylvania, USA), bu ,
PA, m / /172x ( , Scotland?), wife not known, dau of and (nee ) ?????, b
170x ( , Scotland?), d 17xx ( , PA?), bu , PA?, and had issue:-

[Lived: , Cumberland Valley, (now Franklin Co.), PA ]

The family of John Boyd (1715-1789):-

S1 John Boyd, Sr, b 1715 ( , Scotland or Ireland), d 1789 (Shippensburg,
Cumberland County, PA), bu , m 174x ( church, place), Nancy Urie, dau of and
(nee ) Urie, b 1719 ( , Northumberland County, PA), d 10/2/1756 (near
Carlisle, Northumberland County, PA), bu , and had issue:- m 2ndly / /176x
(church, town, county, state), Agnes Jones dau of and (nee ) Jones, b /
/17xx ( ), d / /18xx ( ), bu , and had issue:-

[Lived: , PA ]

- He married Nancy URIE and lived near Shippensburg, PA. Nancy was killed by
the Iroquois Indians 10 Feb 1756.

>From a Pennsylvania marriage list it has this entry which would suggest that
they were married in 1742:-

"BOYD, John URIE, Nancy 1742 Northumberland Co. "

"John, of Scotch-Irish ancestry, emigrated from the north of Ireland, at the
age of eighteen and settled in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania." (from
BOYD JONES, 1893) [He does not appear to be linked to the other Boyd
families from Northumberland Co., PA in ch 2/135 and 4 245.] If John's birth
of 1715 is correct, this would mean that he arrived in the USA in about
1733. From above he appears to have married Nancy Urie in 1742. The Urie
family was prominent among the pioneers of that day. (If that is the case,
this family should appear in Pennsylvania Genealogies, William H. Egle,
1886, which should give Nancy's parents and their origins) Later John Boyd,
and a neighbour, John Stewart, moved to Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, and
settled near where Shippensbury now stands, then an wilderness. [It might be
possible to find out the period they moved from Northumberland Co. to
Cumberland County from the place the children were born.] John and his
family were Presbyterians. [So could he have been another Boyd family from
county Antrim?] Stewart and his wife were both killed by the indians on 10
February 1756; they had no children. John (S1) was remarried when David (T1)
returned home in 1763.

Nancy was a sister of Thomas Urey, a famous Indian fighter and settler in
that vicinity, now Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, across the still wilder
hills along the Susquehanna River.

(Carlisle, PA is also mentioned in these notes. I am not sure if it is near
Shippensbury, Cumberland Co., PA or in a different County in PA. One account
said that John was still farming on the same property when David returned in
1763 as to which he had been captured. While others said David returned to
his father in Carlisle, PA - This will need to be sorted out, as to which
version is correct.)

- Details? FILE 4-249E, page 28, said John died about 1784. While the DAR
Patriot Index of 1990 has this on John:-

"John: b 1715 IR d c 1789 PA m Nancy Urie Sol PA"

This would suggest that the DAR information was supplied by someone from the
first family of S1 and that there are other possible contact out there.

This may provide some clues to those researching this Boyd/Smiley family.

Mike Boyd
HIstorical Committee, HBS

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From: "Sue Groom" <>
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Subject: [BOYD] Boyd/Smiley families

> Hello Boyd Listers-
> I am always trying to connect the early Pennsylvania Boyd families in an
> effort to learn more about my own PA Boyds I recently obtained some
> papers from the PA HISTORICAL SOCIETY, including papers from the
> collection of Heber G. Gearhart, who was a genealogist living during the
> 1930's. The following is a paper from that collection discussing the
> Boyd/Smiley families and I wanted to pass on this info in the event it may
> help someone with their research. What I have typed, below, is exactly as
> it is written, typos and all. This is not my Boyd family but according to
> it appears that a Rhoda Boyd (1748-1823) married a Robert
> Thomas Smiley (1732-1811). Rhoda Boyd was the daughter of John Boyd
> (1715-1784) and Nancy Urie (1725-1756). An Indian attack killed some of
> the members of this family but Rhoda survived as well as the father and a
> brother, David. As I said, this is not my Boyd family and I have not
> verified any of this information. What interested me wa!
> s Mrs. Clark's mention of the Rev. Boyd of Paxtang, which I believe would
> have been the Derry township Boyds mentioned in William Egle's book,
> PENNSYLVANIA GENEALOGIES. The John Boyd who married Nancy Urie was
> supposedly born in Ireland but perhaps he was in some way connected with
> the Derry township Boyds. Also interesting was the connection mentioned
> to the early Massachusetts Boyds.
> Sue Groom
>>From the Heber G. Gearhart Collection:
> "Mrs. Frances Elliott Clark, Manager Educational Activities, RCA Victor
> Company, Camden, J. J., visited me this morning. She is hunting the
> Smiles family, from which she is descended. She is only hunting this
> family as one from which she is descended, and not as a professional
> genealogist. she spoke of the members of this family being in Perry
> county, Venango county, and near Shippensburg.

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