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From: "David Boyd" <>
Subject: Re: [BOYD] Author. Lt.Col. Authur Boyd
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2008 21:08:35 -0400 (EDT)
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Good Day,
>From Gilbert "David" Boyd
Ontario Canada

The author. Lt. Col. Arthur L. Boyd, replied to a critique I found on
The reply is dated 17 May 2008 and reads:

I am the author of Operation Broken Reed. I simply desire to set the
record straight concerning comments made by individuals within your
Book Reports.

One individual, identified as Member Number 2,368,
stated, "It is very convient that the author is the only survivor,
all team members had false names, classified for 50 years and
authorized by Truman- how convient." The individual goes further by
stating, "Then the way he talks about the rest of the team an
preparation for operation, it reads like a comic book or a 50's war
movie." "If anyone wants to read the book for cheap - I'll send
you my copy." I take strong objection to those remarks.

Yes, all he said about how the mission was carried out is true, but this
simply a backdrop for a make-believe story. His comments drive a
spike into the memory of those men that I watched die on a frozen
North Korean Road.

"A comic book?" I did my best to tell the story
as I was able to recall. They did act like high-school jerks during
the staging phase. It was their way of dealing with the 50 percent
chance of survival odds. They acted up and that took off the pressure
of what would come. It appears that the individual who made those
remarks failed to read and understand the book prologue, Epilogue,
Afterward by Commander Jay T. Young, and the Author's Note.

I would like to face the individual one-on-one and provide overwhelming
evidence, historical, presumptive, and circumstaniial, that supports
the mission.

Another individul identified as Member Number 257
questioned the "first aid" class. It was more than a mere refresher
on first aid. The team was provided with a sophisticated medical kit.
We were taught what corpsmen on the front line were taught - how to
use morphine, treat sever injuries, and transport the injured. It was
taught by a MASH doctor fresh from the Korean War.

Another comment made by the same individual questions the use of
Nationalist Chinese
troops. The JCS and military command had nothing to say about the use
of those troops. Where else could we have procured 66 Chinese who
would pose as Communist Chinese soldiers? Should we have made a trip
into China to recruit those men? Read the text carefully and you will
see that this, too, was most unusual, just like the rest of the

My "ghost writer" simply followed what I gave him, not
adding or deleting anything that took place. Please, when you make
comments, consider all the evidence at hand, not just your opinion
concerning the absurdity of the story.

Lt. Col. Arthur L. Boyd (Retired)

> Bob
> Does the book say where he lives?
> Or if he is retired from the US Army? Perhaps one of our US Defence
> presonel may be able to trace him down for you.
> Mike Boyd.
> Historical Committee, HBS
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> Subject: [BOYD] Author. Lt.Col. Authur Boyd
>> Dear clan all, I have just finished reading a gripping book by Lt.Col.
>> Boyd, released in 2007, about a secret spy mission during the Korean
>> confilict. The Title is, Operation Brooken Reed. I am trying to contact
>> the author since our clan doesn't get too much recognition of this sort.
>> Do Any of you know the book?
>> Blessings, Bob Boyd
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