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From: "Mike Boyd" <>
Subject: [BOYD] Conduff-Gilmer Lineage and Connections, Ellen Conduff Gilmer,page 41,false link of Andrew Boyd (1745-1820) who married Mary Buchanan beingthe son of a Lord Boyd
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2010 12:59:02 +1000

In the book Conduff-Gilmer Lineage and Connections, Ellen Conduff Gilmer,
1987, on page 41 it says:-

"The Boyd family is part of Royal Stewart Clan of Scotland. From New
England, over time, the Boyds migrated to Minnesota, Tennessee, Florida and
to Virginia. Andrew Boyd and his brother brothers, sons of Lord Boyd of
Scotland, came to Virginia with large grants of land about 1759. Here Andrew
married Mary Buchanan. Their second son, Dr Thomas Boyd, married Elizabeth
Houston. Andrew Boyd lived at Ft Chiswell, Virginia during the Revolutionary
War. Jane Cunningham Boyd, daughter of Dr Thomas Boyd and Elizabeth Houston
married in Knox County, Tenn. in 1795.

"For the moment,, allow us to turn to another ancestral line related to that
of Boyd: the Borden - Patton - Preston - Buchanan relations after we have
listed the Boyd children.

"ANDREW BOYD (1745-1820) and MARY BURKE BUCHANAN (1750-1820:

Children Born Where Married

Jane 1768 VA John Smythe

John 1770 " died early

Ann Margaret 1772 " Samuel Shepherd

Thomas 1774 " Elizabeth Houston

Aelenor 1776 " no data

Sarah Ann 1779 " William Foster

Alexander 1781 " no data

James 1783 " Mary B. Bryan

Priscilla 1795 " no data

DR THOMAS BOYD (1774-1831 and ELIZABETH HOUSTON (1774-1830)

Children Born Where Married

Andrew 1797 VA Jemima M Ingram

Eleanor 1798 " William Marshall

Amelia 1801 " R. Vermillion

Jane 1803 " James McCampbell"

The first false statement is that all the Boyd from Minnesota, Tennesse,
Florida and Virgina came from the family of James Boyd (1732-1798) of
Newbury, MASS. is nor correct. While parts of James Boyd's descendants may
have gone to these States there were already many separate Boyd families in
Virginia prior to 1759 and certainly other Boyd families in Tennessee before

However, the main falsehood is the statement hat "Andrew Boyd and his
brothers, son of Lord Boyd of Scotland," From 1661, when the Earldom of
Kilmarnock was created, there was no Lord Boyd. The Earl's eldest son, while
the Earl was alive, was given the honorary title of "Lord Boyd". In 1745,
when Andrew is said to have been born, James Boyd, the fourth Earl's second
son and eldest surving son was in Scotland and the next year was about to
fight on the King's side against his father who in August 1746 was found
guilty of treason and Executed at Tower Hill, in London. This James Boyd in
1759, because of his mother's links to the Hays, become the Earl of Erroll.

This James Boyd was married on 15 September 1849 Rebecca Lockhart and had
one child by her in 1754 - Mary Boyd. He remarried on 10 August 1762
Isabella Carr. So the children of this second marriage where not yet born in
1759 to be getting land in Virginia. Nor were any called Andrew.

So Andrew Boyd father was not a Lord Boyd. His family may have come from a
Lord Boyd but that would have been before 1661.

The DAR Patriot Index of 1990 has this entry for Andrew Boyd.

"Andrew: b c 1745 PA d a 6- -1820 VA m Mary Buchanan Pvt PS VA "

You will notice that they have his birth in Pennslyvania and not in

So this statement by the late Ellen Conduff Gilmer, that Andrew Boyd, who
married Mary Buchanan in the 1760's, was a son of Lord Boyd of Scotland is
not correct.


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