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From: "Joe and Marian" <>
Subject: Re: [BOYETT] genealogy books
Date: Sun, 6 May 2001 21:18:49 -0700
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I couldn't agree with you more. When I list info on mailing lists, and I
don't have documentation to back it up, I always say "I Believe" or "It is

If I don't say that then I have documents to back up info I'm putting out.

As to the book, Wendy Elliott's book "From BOYT to BOYETTE, The Descendents
of Thomas BOYET" is a great book. Wendy is always updating info when she
can. I believe she monitors this list or she use to. If you request it she
might have reprinted it. The is also some posts on Genweb under the BOYETT
surname that lists where you can get a copy.

If you need any help let me know....after all that is what cousins are


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Subject: [BOYETT] genealogy books

> Hi,
> Some time after the Christmas season, I bought a book about the
descendants of Larkin
> George BOYETTE. The book and my own research didn't match in many areas.
According to
> this book, the man I believed to be my great(4) grandfather, Joseph
BOYETTE (who married
> Sally LANGELY in Johnston Co., NC), and the brother of Larkin was Larkin's
> After talking with the author, I discovered that the info in the book
wasn't first
> confirmed with documents, but by relatives of Larkin George BOYETTE. As
of right now, I
> have words in an e-mail by a member of the Wilson Co. Genealogical Society
that Larkin is
> NOT the grandson of Joseph & Sally. However, when she comes back from her
> relatives, she will send me proof.
> I am glad that I was warned ahead of time to keep notes & sources, because
otherwise my
> records would now possibly be even more messed up than they are now.
> I wrote this to remind others about the importance of listing (at least
for yourself) your
> sources for any of the info you have.
> I was also wondering if anyone knows of a good book on the genealogy of
Boyette's that
> would include BOYETTE's of Johnston, Wilson, or Wayne Co., NC.
> TIA *kusje*
> Your cousin, Yvonne
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