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From: "Joseph E. Boyett Jr." <>
Subject: [BOYETT] Ancestors of Jesse BOYET, b. 1794-1800 Duplin Co. NC
Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2001 17:16:06 -0500

This is an updated repost from over a year ago. The new members of the
forum might be able to confirm or otherwise provide information on the
The children of William Hill BOYETT farmed in the vicinity of Lakeland
and Ray City Georgia. Many of his descendants still live in that area
and we hold a reunion each spring. Our efforts so farconfirm our line
only to Jesse BOYET in Duplin Co. NC.

I have extracted data from the BOYT/E-BOYET/T/E NEWSLETTER that could
push our family tree beyond Jesse BOYET in Duplin Co. NC. We welcome
any and all comments regarding the efficacy of the suggested line below,
i.e. William Hill BOYETT to Jesse BOYET to Ephraim BOYET/BOYT to Moses
BOYT to Edward BOYET to Thomas BOYT circa 1700.

Thanks to all, Jody Boyett

William Hill BOYETT, b. 27 July 1834 Duplin Co., NC
Vol. IX, No.4 Oct/Nov/Dec 1994
William Hill BOYETTE b. 27 July 1834 Duplin Co., NC; son of Jesse and
Keziah (?SMITH?) BOYET. He m. in Berrien (now Lanier) Co., GA on 25 Dec
1856 Jemima TAYLOR (b. 22 Jan 1842 m. SC; d. 28 June 1926), dau of
William J. TAYLOR. William Hill was a shoemaker. He moved to near Ray
City, GA in 1853. He served as a private in Co. 1, 50th GA Inf Reg CSA
dur CW. He d. 16 Dec 1897 near Ray City, GA. They are buried Empire
Church in Cook Co., GA. William Hill d. 16 Dec 1897. Children: Sarah,
William Jackson, John, Samantha Jane, Delilah, Isaac, Annie, Mary,
Jemima, Jesse, and Arrilla. (FRBJB]
Jesse BOYET, b. between 1794 and 1800
Vol. IX, Nos. 2 & 3 Apr/May/June
1993 & July/Aug/Sep 1993
Jesse BOYET b. bet 1794 and 1800 of Duplin Co., NC; son of Ephraim BOYT.
The family moved to Onslow Co., NC before 1810. Jesse m. 2 Feb 1820
Hester WILDER in Onslow Co., NC. In Deed Book 10, p.34 for Onslow Co.,
NC Ephraim BOYET gave to his son, Jesse, 124 acres on Blue Creek, deed
dated Feb 1819. Then in 1823 Jesse sold 224 acres on Blue Creek. This
deed records his residence as in All Saints Parish, SC, so he had moved
there prior to 1823. Further deeds show that he returned to Onslow Co.,
NC about 1827 when he purchased 100 acres called Brinson Land. Jesse was
enumerated in Onslow Co. in the 1830 U.S. Census. Since he was not
listed in 1840 in Onslow Co., he had moved, died, or was residing in a
household headed by another individual. (80DNC, 81ONC, 83ONC, LRONC,
MRONC, BNI:4:7, BNII:4:4-6]
Ephraim BOYET/BOYT, b. bef Jan 1755
Vol. VIII, No.4 & Vol. IX, No.1 Oct/Nov/Dec 1992 Jan/Feb/Mar 1993
Ephraim BOYET/BOYT b. bef Jan 1755 of Sampson and Duplin counties, NC;
probably a son of Moses and maybe Elizabeth. He d. bef 21 Apr 1806. He
bought land from Edward CANNON in Duplin Co. which was recorded on 24
Jan 1776 (Bk 5, p.421) at the same time as a deed for William BOYET.
Ephraim served in the NC Militia during the Revolutionary War. He
received a pay voucher for one pound specie from the Auditors of
Wilmington District dated 11 Mar 1782 (#1372). After Ephraim's death
Gibson SLOAN was appointed guardian of his children. Ephraim sold lands
in Duplin Co., NC on 12 Jan 1778, but the transaction was recorded in
Sampson Co., NC which could possibly indicate that he resided in Sampson
County at that time. His land was on Graves Swamp and the back side of
Jenkins branch and Chinquinpin branch. Also he had land on Ash branch,
the eighth run of Ash creek, Gum swamp, and at the head of Chickapen
(Chinquinpin? branch. He was residing in Capt. Ward's District of Duplin
Co. when the state census was enumerated in Apr 1786. In his household
were one white male b. bef 1765 and two males b. after 1765 and two
females. In 1790 there were three males b. bef 1774, three females, and
Ephraim. In 1800 they were still in Duplin Co. There six males and two
females in the home: Children: Ephraim, Thomas James, and a daughter
whose name in unknown. [LRSNC, LRDNC, CRDNC, 78DNC, 79DUP, 8ODUP]
Moses BOYT, b. circa 1735
Vol. IX, No.4 Oct/Nov/Dec 1994
Moses BOYT b. cal 1735 of Duplin Co., NC; parents unknown. He m. Anne
______. The fam lived in that area of Duplin Co., that later became
Sampson Co., NC. In 1752 he purchased land in Duplin Co. which is today
in Sampson Co., NC as recorded in Sampson Co. DB 3 (1758-1774); it was
located on Ash Run of Ash Branch. He witnessed a deed on 21 Feb 1755 for
land located on the reat Coharey Swamp. On 10 Apr 1771 he bought land on
Ash Branch [Book 5, p 462.J He prob d. abt or bef 5 July 1779 as he was
not there to prove a deed he had witnessed. His will was probated in Oct
1780 in Duplin Co., NC. Children: William [?B?], Ephraim, Arthur,
Jemima, Samuel/Lemuel, Milly, and Poss Absolom. William m. a Jane;
Ephraim m. an Elizabeth: Arthur m. Martha BEST; Jemima m. Nathan
HAMILTON, Milly m. a HOLLAND, and Samuel m. Phoebe/Fireby. (MRDNC,
Edward BOYET, b. circa 1712, is a candidate father of Moses BOYT.
Edward was born circa 1712 probably in Nansemond Co., VA. Edward's
father was most likely Thomas Boyt who lived in Nansemond Co., VA and
the earliest known Boyt or Boyet or Boyett or Boyte in North America.
(see Elliott's book "From Boyt to Boyett, The Descendants of Thomas

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