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From: Carolyn <>
Subject: [BOZEMAN-L] Where is Anthony Branch?
Date: Tue, 04 Aug 1998 22:27:57 -0500

Ron had recently posted a passenger list. I briefly spoke to Diana
about the list, and she suggested the people may have been servants
to America, because non on board were married. I got to looking
at the lists again and I suggest that these were students from VA families,
coming to America. The year makes me believe John Branch of thge passenger
list was the son of Christopher.

The surnames Richardson, Ward, Wilson, Mattox and others here are associated
with the Branch family from the beginning.

From: "The Complete Book Of Emigrants 1607-1776"
At College Land, Henrico Co., 23 Jan. 1622?
> Lieutenant Thomas Osborne by Bona Nova Noveber 1619; servants Daniell
> Sherley 30 by Bona Nova 1619, Peeter Jorden 22 by London Merchant 1620,
> Richard Davis 16 by Jonathan 1620. Richard Lapworth by Abigail. John
> Watson by William & Thomas. Edward Hobson by Bona Nova 1619. Christopher
> Branch by London Merchant; Mary his wife by the same ship; Thomas his son
> 9 months. William Browinge by Bona Nova. Matthew Edlow by Neptune 1618.
> William Weldon by Bona Nova 1619. Francis Wilton by Jonathan.
> Ezekiah Raughton by Bona Nova; Margrett his wife by Warwick. William
> Price by Star. Robert Campion by Bona Nova. Leonard Moore by Bona Nova.
> Thomas Baugh by Supply. Thomas Parker by Neptune. Theoder Moyses by London
> Merchant.

So Christopher Branch came by the London Merchant in 1620, and was at
"College Land" after the massacre of 1622. Christopher had a son Thomas only
9 months old at that time.

Christopher came to Virginia in the ship London Merchant in March, 1619-1620,
and settled in the present Henrico County where they were living "att ye
Colledg Land" in February 1623-4 with their son Thomas 2 Branch, nine months
old. Christopher" Branch later patented land and first lived at or near
Arrowhattocks on the north side of James River finally settling at Kingsland
on the south side of the river (almost opposite Arrowhattocks) in the present
Chesterfield County, near Proctor's Creek, at that time, and for many years
afterwards, Henrico.

Christopher' Branch was one of the viewers of tobacco in Henrico in 1639
and in an Assembly convened January 1639 was one of the representatives for
Henrico County in the House of

I have found NO records of any Anthony Branch!

The lineage of Christopher Branch:
i. Lionel Branch of London
m. Valentia Sparke
ii. Richard Branch of Abingdon, in Berkshire, England, born ante 1509
died 1544 (the earliest identified ancestor of this family).
iii.-1. Thomas Branch, of London, draper, who, dying in 1565 without
iii.-2. William Branch (born post 1524; died 1602)
had, as eldest son, Thomas Branch, who died in 1603, without
giving issue, and as second son,
ii. Christopher" Branch was b. 1602, England
d. Virginia, 1681
m. Mary Addie, spinster, daughter of Francis Addie, of Darten,
County York, husbandman.
w. September 2, 1619, St. Peter's, Westcheap, London
iii. William 2 Branch d. before his father
m. Jane
iii. Thomas' Branch (Christopher 1) of Henrico County.
He was born 1620; died about 1694 or 5. He lived on a part of the "Kingsland"
tract on the south side of James River, Henrico County.
Thomas 2 Branch married Elizabeth (whose surname is unknown).
* Thomas 2 and Elizabeth Branch, had issue:
iv.-1. Thomas3 Branch, of Henrico County.
iv.-2. Matthew 3 Branch, of Henrico County.
iv.-3. James 3 Branch, of Henrico County.
iv.-4. Elizabeth 3 Branch married Melchizedeck Richardson.*
iv.-5. Martha 3 Branch married Richard Ward.*

The will of Edward Deeley, of Henrico Parish and County, dated
October 18, 1688, probated June 1, 1689, makes bequests as follows: to
cousin Matthew Branch, land and plantation, all tobacco I have in hands
of William Glover and John Davis will all materials provided to go to-
wards the house now building and what remain-.; unfinished to be at said
Branch's cost; to said Branch a negro during term of ten years and then
lie to be free; to James Branch, a cow and calf; to each of Thomas Branch,
Junr' his daughters, one cow; to Richard Ward's daughter, a cow; to
Robert Broadway. my horse; to Dorothy Blackman, a young mare, to Wil-
liam Blackman, Junr, John Blackman, Elizabeth B1ackman, Henrico Parish
Church, John Bromfield, William Blackman, Charles Douglasse, Mr. Good,
Joshua Step, and William Glover, bequests; my brother Thomas Jefferson,
executor (Henrico Records).
note: "Cousin" applied to Matthew Branch may have meant nephew, as that
was the common acceptation of the term at this date.
*Elizabeth, wife of Thomas may have been Deeley's sister.

>From the WM & MARY Quarterly:
The will of Thomas Branch, Senior, of Renrico County, dated 25th
8br [October] 1688 was proved in Henrico County in February 1694. He
alludes to himself as "being in a sickly Cracy Condition but of sound and
perfect memory" [evidently his "Cracy Condition" was physical, not
mental!]. To my three sons, Thomas, Matthew and James, 5 shillings
each; residue of goods and chattles to wife Elizabeth, but should she die
before testator then said goods and chattles to be equally divided between
testator's aforesaid 3 sons "only I give to my two daughter Elizabeth
Richardson and Martha Ward, s shillings each to buy a ring. Wife,
Elizabeth, whole and sole executrix. Witnesses: William Glover, Chris-
topher Branch, Ann Branch.

The will of Elizabeth Branch, Senior, of Varina Parish, Henrico
County, dated 2 August 1697, was proved 20 August 1697. To son Thomas
Branch, bed that standeth with the head to the partition on the left hand
the door as one cometh in, with all furniture belonging thereto, also 5
pair sheets (one pair being Holland), my long table and form, a great
copper kettle, an iron pot known by the name of the long pot, and one
betmettle skillet; son Matthew Branch, 1 pair "new curtains and vallens
to the I)ed he hath had already," five pair sheets (one being Holland),
chest of drawers, drawing table and small forme, biggest brass kettle,
second great pot, one pot called the new pot being made of iron, chafing
dish, pair fire dogs; son James Branch, feather bed that standeth on the
right hand as one cometh from the door to the chimney with the curtains
and vallens and all other furniture belonging to said bed; 5 pair sheets (one
being Holland) half this present crop of wheat, one great iron pot, one
small iron pot, small brass kettle, negro Man Mingo; daughter Elizabeth
Richardson, suit of wearing clothes, my riding gown. and twelve pence in
money; son-in-law Melchizedeck Richardson, half crown to buy him a pair
of gloves; son-in-law Richard Ward, half crown to buy him a pair of
gloves; granddaughter Martha Branch, all my wearing clothes in general,
linneii and wollen, shoes and hose; three sons Thomas, Matthew and
James, before mentioned, residue of estate to be qually divided between
them except that half the wheat, after James hath his, is to be divided be-
tween Thomas and Matthew, and 2 COWS called Nanny and Cherry and one
cow calfe and half an ox which I give to son James and other half of said
ox to son Thomas; residue of goods and chattles to be equally divided be-
tween sons Thomas and Matthew; sons Thomas and James executors.
Witnesses: Joseph Tanner, John X Cocke.

* December 1, 1697, Thomas Branch of County and Parish of Henrico
to John Cocke and Obedience, his wife, the daughter and one of the co-
heirs of John Branch, late deceased. For L 5 sterling, conveys 100 acres at
"Kingsland" or near thereto in county aforesaid, formerly given to Jane
(the grandmother of said Obedience), and wife of William Branch (son
of Christopher Branch) and father to John Branch, and to the heirs of
said William Branch as by deed on record in Henrico Court may appear,
etc. (Henrico Records, Vol. 1697-1704, P. 39.)

3- William 2 Branch (Christopher 1) of Henrico County, who
died in 1676, many years before his father.* He married Jane
amd they had:
i. William 3 Branch, who died without issue.
ii. John 3 Branch, of whom hereafter.
iii. Sarah 3 Branch, nothing further is known of her.
iv. Mary 3 Branch, married first, Thomas Jefferson; second,
Joseph Mattox**

name of Mrs. Jane Branch-Baugh-Gower has proved, so far, fruitless.
She was born about 1640 (Deposition, made Xber 1, 1688, stating her age
as about 48 years. Henrico Records, ( Vol. 1688-97, p. 25.) The will of
Jane Gower, of Parish and County of Henrico, dated December 7, 1709
was proved in Henrico Court January, 1710; grandson William Cox mid
my daughter Mary Cox, all my outlands; granddaughters, Obedience
Turpin and Priscilla Wilkinson, to be equally divided between them, the
land I now live on called the great Stone; grandson William Farrar, feather
bed, rugg, pair blankets, pair sheets, pillow and boul-ster, grandson Abel
Farrar, feather bed, boulster, pillow, blanket, rug and pair sheets; grand-
daughter Mary Womack, four silver spoons; granddaughter Mary
Wilkinson 4 silver spoons; granddaughter Obedience Turpin, four
silver spoons; granddaughter Martha Wilkerson. chest of drawers, oval
table, diaper table cloth. one dozen napkins; to Priscilla Farrar. bed,
boulster, blanket, rug; to John Spike, bed he lies on with furniture thereto
belonging; to William NVomeck, two breeding sow; daughter Mary Cox,
all stock except 2 cows; granddaughter Priscilla Farrar. silver porringer;
my sister Hatcher, damask gown and petticoat; grandson Abell Farrar,
iron pot, silver tumbler, table standing in the chamber, two pewter dishes;
granddaughter Priscilla Farrar, iron pot, table with drawer in it, pewter
dish; grandson William Farrar, 2 pewter dislies. my biggest tumbler, silver;
granddaughter Judith Womack, box iron and heaters; daughter Mrs. Mary
Cox, residue of estate and she named as executrix. (Henrico Records,
Vol. 1710-I714, p. 35.)
The mention of "my sister Hatcher" in Mrs. Jane Gower's will but
serves to make the problem of Mrs. Gower's family name more intricate.
It must suffice here to state that no positive, and very little circumstantial,
evidence has been adduced to settle the question. The statement in
Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. XVII, p. 401, that Mrs.
Jane Gower was the daughter of Edward Hatcher of Henrico is erroneous
as the only Edward Hatcher (of that period) was born about 1633 (Hen-
rico Records) and was therefore only about seven years old at the time
of Mrs. Gower's birth.
* For an account of the Jefferson descent see Virginia Magazine of
History and Biography, Vol. XXIII, p. 173, et seq.

County, was born about 1658 (Henrico Records, Vol. 1710-14, p.
48), and died in 1728. In a deed dated December 2, 1697, be is
called "Thomas Branch, the eldest sons of Thomas Branch, who
was the eldest son of Christopher Branch, late of Henrico, de-
ceased" (Henrico Records). Thomas Branch married Elizabeth,
daughter of George Archer, of Henrico County.*
The will of Thomas Branch, of Henrico County, dated
December 4, 1727, was probated December, 1728

* Henrico County Orphans Court 12 October, 1688, "Mr. Joseph Royall
Guard of ye orphon of Geo Archer decd doth give acct that he bath taken up
two mares belonging to ye Orphs one of which he hath deld to Tho
Branch who marryed Eliza Archer (one of ye sd Orphs) wch delvy ye sd
Branch in Court acknowledgeth and ye other he hath exchanged wth Sam"
Knibb for another wch now hath a foal." Henrico Records, Orphans
Court 1677-99, p. 23.
* Will of Thomas Branch, dated December 4, 1727, probated December,
1728, son Thomas, negro girl Hannah, large copper kettle, high bed and
bedstead, rug, blankets, curtains, vallence, pair best sheets, boulster and
cases (standing in upper chamber on right hand of the stairs), great
looking glass, chest of drawers in the lower chamber, six largest Russia
chairs leather, silver tumbler, gun, large table cloth and form, pair andirons,
large iron pot called the soap pot; son William, negro boy Tom, negro
girl Sarah, bed in ye chamber, bedstead, rug, blanket, pair sheets, great
chest in lower room, one bole, six Russia leather chairs of the second
sort, three silver spoons, oval table, brass kettle about 18 or 20 gallons;
son James 280 acres land on deep bottom of Proctor's Creek, negro
woman Pegg, two negro children Matt and Jack, bed, bedstead, rug,
blanket, sheets "which his brother Thomas and he airways lie on," new
iron pot and pot hooks, 3 silver spoons, six of the old high leather chairs;
daughters Tabitha Mitchell, Agnes Worsham, Elizabeth Punch, Frances
Tanner, Amey Branch, each 10 shillings credit in a London store, daugh-
ter Mary Tatum L 16 credit in some London store; daughter Martha, bed
and bedstead, rug, blanket and sheets "which she and her sister now lies
on in the lower chamber" and 12 shillings to buy a ring, one chest that
she calls hers; daughter Margery, L 8 currency to buy a bed; sons William
and James, 3 old guns; wife Elizabeth during widowhood. for maintenance
of her and her family labor and benefit of 3 negros, viz. - Mingo, Doley, and
Peter and if she marries said Mingo and Doley to my son Thomas, said
Peter to my son James; wife Elizabeth, during life, use, profits and in-
crease of residue of personal estate and my goods movable and immovable
and all crop now on plantation except legacies herein mentioned, and after
daughters -who are unmarried. Wife Elizabeth, executrix and guardian to
all my children that are under age. Witnesses: Richard Ward, Junior,
Higginson X King, Charles Griffith. Henrico Records, Vol. 1725-37,
p. 221 ).

i. Thomas 4 Branch, of Henrico, later Chesterfield County. His
will bears date October 30, 1765, and recorded in Chesterfield
County, devises to William Branch, land and plantation whereon
my brother William Branch formerly lived on Appomattox
River; residue of estate to Henry Mitchell, Edward Os-
borne, Robert Goode, son of Robert Goode, deceased, Josiah Tatum,
Branch Tanner, Christopher Branch, Tho Branch Willson and
John Goode, and they are named as executors. (Chesterfield County
Will Book, No. i, p. 536.)
ii. William 4 Branch, of Henrico, later Chesterfield County. The
will of William Branch, of Henrico, dated October 4, 1741, and
recorded in Chesterfield County, devised to brother Thomas Branch,
whole estate real and personal and he is named as executor.
(Chesterfield County Will Book, No. 1, P. 336.)
iii. James 4 Branch, of Henrico County, will dated August 5,
1736, probate October, 1737, devises to sister Martha Branch, a
negro girl; to sister Margery Branch, a negro girl; brother Thomas
Branch L 10 currency; brothers Thomas and William Branch, residue
of estate and they are named as executor.-,. Witnesses: John
Worsham, Edward Osborne, Jr.; Josiah Tatum. (Henrico Records,
Vol. 1725-37.)
iv. Tabitha 4 Branch married Mitchell.
v. Agnes 4 Branch married, first, Edward Osborne; second,
John Worsham. Administration on the estate of Edward Osborne,
deceased, was granted to Agnes Osborne, at Henrico Court Septem-
ber 1724. Benjamin Branch and Thomas Branch, Jr., sureties
(Henrico Records, Vol. 1719-24). On October 11, 1726, John Wor-
sham, Jr, and Agnes, his wife, convey two negroes (Lucy and
Sarali) to said Agnes' sons William and Joseph Osborne (Henrico
Records, Vol. 1725-37, p. 62).
vi. Elizabeth 4 Branch married first, Robert Goode; second, Page
Punch; third, Edward Curd

After all this, still NO Anthony. Has anyone got any Iof W or York
Co. reference books? Perhaps they will be more revealing.


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