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From: <>
Subject: [BOZEMAN-L] English Branchs
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 1999 21:21:11 EDT

Hello to the Bozeman list,

i realize that we have not connected the Bozeman family in Isle of Wight, VA,
to the NC Bozemans of interest to most
of the folks on our list. However, the Bozemans in IOW had connections to the
Branch families there, and I believe that there might be sufficient interest
in the possibility that such a connection might eventually be established to
justify my posting a copy of a message sent to the BRANCH group that contains
some new information on Branch families of Hertfordshire Co, England. Regards
to all, Ron
Date: Thu, Aug 5, 1999 9:08 PM EDT
From: RBul1865
Subj: Isle of Wight Branches

Hello to the Branch group,

I am researching the Branch families of Isle of Wight Co,
VA, whose origins are not nearly as well know as those
of the Christopher Branch family of Henrico Co. There is
some evidence that the immigrant ancestor of the Isle of Wight group might be
the 13-year-old John Braunch who
came over on the ship "Abraham" in 1635.

This John Branch is of the right age to be the son John of
Leonard Branch of Hertfordshire Co, England, who was
christened in 1623. There was a strong presence of the
Branch family in that county, with Richard, John, and
George Branch (all born before 1550) having children
christened there between 1565 and 1585. Christened in
1582 was Leonard Branch. The name of his father was
not given, but he is likely to have been one of the three
persons named above. Perhaps he was George, as that is
one of the Branch given names found in Isle of Wight.

Children of Leonard Branch christened were:

1614 - Margaret BRANCH
1616 - Elizabeth BRANCH
1619 - Samuel BRANCH
1623 - John BRAUNCH

Anthony Branch was imported into Isle of Wight
by 1643, perhaps from Lower Norfolk Co, and he
apparently had a grandson named Samuel Bozeman,
who might possibly have been named for Samuel
Branch above. This supposition that it was Anthony's
daughter Mary who married Ralph Bozeman before
1680 is based on the fact that she inherited Anthony's
land after his death between 1686/88.

George Branch in Isle of Wight was likely born
well before 1640, based on the fact that his son,
George, Jr, was conducting estate appraisals as early
as 1680. George and Anthony were possible brothers,
both being sons of immigrant John Branch. If so, it is
possible that the unknown wife of John Branch had a
father named Anthony, because that name was not
found in Branch christening records of perhaps 100
persons in Hertfordshire Co, England.

Might anyone on the list have information about the
Branch families of Hertfordshire Co? I have seen the
information posted that Christopher Branch of Henrico
had his origins in Abingdon, Berkshire Co, which on the
small map of England in my World Book appears to be
perhaps 50 miles from Hertfordshire. If research has
connected these families, I would certainly appreciate learning of that
information. My best regards to all,
Ron Bullock ()

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