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From: "Donna VanZandt" <>
Subject: 1890 Veteran census
Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 10:21:36 -0600

This is an index of the veteran census for 1890 for our Beatty family from

1890 Veterans Schedules
This database is an index to individuals enumerated in the 1890 special
census of Civil War Union veterans and widows of veterans available on
microfilm M123 (118 rolls) from the National Archives and Records
Administration (NARA). Although this schedule was to be used to enumerate
Union veterans, in some areas, Confederate veterans were listed as well.

The 1890 veterans schedules provided spaces for the following information:
names of surviving soldiers, sailors, and marines, and widows; rank; name of
regiment or vessel; date of enlistment; date of discharge, length of
service; post office address; disability incurred; and remarks. Although all
of this information is available on the census schedules themselves,
information listed in this index includes the veteran's name or widow's
name, rank, year of enlistment, and year of discharge.

Veterans schedules are often used as a partial substitute for the 1890
federal census, which was destroyed by fire. While fragments of the 1890
census may exist in state and local repositories, they are often difficult
to track down and are incomplete. Although they do not list everyone who was
included in the 1890 census, the veterans schedules are a partial head of
household list for those who were old enough to have served in the Union
military during the Civil War.

Adam Beattie Ovid, Clinton, Michigan First Lieutenant 1862-1865
Albion P Beattie Rumford, Oxford, Maine Private 1864-1865
Alexander M Beattie Lancaster, Coos, New Hampshire Captain 1861-1864
Andrew Beattie Cohoes, Albany, New York Private 1862-1865
Charles Beattie Antigo, Langlade, Wisconsin First Lieutenant 1861-1865
Colin C Beattie Jane Beattie Flenster, Mason, Michigan Private
Colin C Beattie Jane Cure Flenster, Mason, Michigan Private
David D Beattie Manchester, Chesterfield, Virginia
Geo Beattie Rochester, Monroe, New York Private 1862-1865
George W Beattie Harriet Beattie Orangeville, Barry, Michigan Private
Hugh Beattie New York, New York, New York Private 1861
Hugh Beattie Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania Private 1864-1865
James Beattie Brooklyn, Kings, New York
James Beattie New York, New York, New York Private 1864-1865
James Beattie Abercrombie, Dwight and Center, Richland, North Dakota
Corporal 1862-1865
James A Beattie Sioux Falls, Minnehaha, South Dakota Private 1864-1864
James S Beattie Not Stated, Delaware, New York Serge 1862-1865
John Beattie Westford, Martin, Minnesota Private 1862-1865
John Beattie Fieldon, Watonwan, Minnesota Private
John Beattie Rochester, Monroe, New York Sergeant 1862-1865
John Beattie Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio 3rd Sgt. 1864-1864
John W Beattie Homer, Cortland, New York Private 1862-1865
Mary Beattie Philadelphia, Jefferson, New York
Robert Beattie Hammond, Saint Lawrence, New York Private 1864-1865
Robert Beattie Canetuck, Pender, North Carolina Private 1865-1866
Robert B Beattie Saratoga Springs, Saratoga, New York Second Lieutenant
Simon Beattie Agency, Buchanan, Missouri Corporal 1862-1865
Westley M Beattie Township 6, Cleveland, North Carolina
William Beattie Paterson, Passaic, New Jersey Private 1861-1864
William Beattie Sarah Beattie Armstrong, Indiana, Pennsylvania Private
William Beattie Portage, Columbia, Wisconsin Private 1864-1865
William J Beattie Grace Beattie Salem, Washington, New York Ensign
Wilson S Beattie Butler, Bates, Missouri Private 1861-1862
Beatty Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Private 1861-1864
Adelbert Beatty Oakland, Venango, Pennsylvania Captain 1861-1865
Albert C Beatty Cokeville and Millwood, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania Private
Albert C Beatty Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania Private 1866-1869
Alexander Beatty Southbridge, Worcester, Massachusetts Seaman
Alexander T Beatty Anna H Beatty Montville, Morris, New Jersey Private
Alpbeus Beatty Ogden, Lenawee, Michigan Private 1864-1865
Amos J Beatty Newport, Perry, Pennsylvania Private 1864-1865
Andrew J Beatty Union City, Union, New Jersey Private 1862-1865
Archibald Beatty Jane Beatty Harrisburg, Dauphin, Pennsylvania Private
Austin Beatty Bell, Clearfield, Pennsylvania Private 1864-1865
Benjamin Beatty Easton, Northampton, Pennsylvania Private 1861-1865
Charles Beatty Syracuse, Onondaga, New York
Charles H Beatty LAnse, Baraga, Michigan Private 1862-1865
Charles S Beatty Columbus, Franklin, Ohio Private
Charles W Beatty North Adams, Berkshire, Massachusetts Private 1861-1865
Cristopher Beatty Elizabeth Wunder Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sergeant 1864
Cyrus P Beatty Moberly, Randolph, Missouri Sargeant 1861-1865
Daniel Beatty United States, Hudson, New Jersey Corporal 1864-1865
Daniel Beatty Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania
David Beatty Junction, Lane, Oregon Sergeant 1862-1865
David Beatty Junction, Lane, Oregon Sergeant 1862-1865
David H Beatty Kinkeads, Fayette, Kentucky
David H Beatty Allegheny, Allegheny, Pennsylvania Corporal 1862-1863
Edward Beatty Frenchs Creek, Bladen, North Carolina Private 1865-1865
Enos Beatty Richwood, Union, Ohio Private 1861-1862
Erkuins Beatty Margaret E Beatty Carlisle, Cumberland, Pennsylvania Captain
Felix Beatty Charlotta L Beatty Goshen, Tuscarawas, Ohio Corporal 1861-1865
Frederich Beatty St Clair, Butler, Ohio Private 1864-1865
Frederick Beatty St Clair, Butler, Ohio Private 1861-1863
George Beatty Beattyville, Laurel, Kentucky Private 1864-1865
George Beatty Bath, Steuben, New York Private 1863-1865
George Beatty Rose, Carroll, Ohio Private 1864-1864
George L Beatty Haverford, Delaware, Pennsylvania Corporal 1861-1864
George N Beatty Haverford, Delaware, Pennsylvania Private 1865-1865
Hamilton R Beatty Allegheny, Allegheny, Pennsylvania Sergeant 1863-1865
Harry E Beatty OHara, Allegheny, Pennsylvania Private 1864-1865
Henry Beatty East Hickman, Fayette, Kentucky Corporal 1865
Henry Beatty Precinct 6, Montgomery, Kentucky Private
Henry Beatty Patton, Allegheny, Pennsylvania Corporal 1864-1865
Henry Beatty Brush Creek, Fulton, Pennsylvania Private 1861-1862
Henry Beatty Romney, Hampshire, West Virginia Private 1861
Henry A Beatty New York, New York, New York Private 1861-1863
Henry K Beatty Scott, Sandusky, Ohio Private 1861-1861
Hiram Beatty Hammonsburg, Wood, Ohio Sargeant 1862-1865
Hugh Oscar Beatty Nannie A Beatty Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania
Private 1864-1865
James Beatty Waltham, Middlesex, Massachusetts Bugler 1861-1864
James Beatty Paterson, Passaic, New Jersey Private
James Beatty Elizabeth, Union, New Jersey Private 1861-1863
James Beatty Malone, Franklin, New York 1861-1863
James Beatty Steubenville, Jefferson, Ohio
James Beatty Martha Beatty Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Private
James Beatty Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Comissary 1862-1863
James Beatty Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Private 1864-1864
James M Beatty Beattyville, Laurel, Kentucky Captain 1861-1864
James N Beatty Perry, Fayette, Ohio Private 1862-1865
James O Beatty Bell, Clearfield, Pennsylvania Private 1864-1865
James S Beatty District 5, Hamilton, Tennessee Private 1862-1865
John Beatty Detroit, Wayne, Michigan Private 1861-1865
John Beatty Woodbury, Gloucester, New Jersey Hos stew 1862-1865
John Beatty Isabella Beatty Trenton, Mercer, New Jersey Private 1861-1864
John Beatty Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York Sergeant 1862-1865
John Beatty Brooklyn, Kings, New York Carpenter Mate 1861-1864
John Beatty Margaret Beatty Center, Carroll, Ohio Second Lieutenant
John Beatty Columbus, Franklin, Ohio Lieutenant Colonel 1861
John Beatty Susan Beatty Scioto, Jackson, Ohio Corporal 1863-1865
John Beatty Danville, Montour, Pennsylvania Private 1863-1865
John Beatty Union, Monongalia, West Virginia Private 1862-1865
John A Beatty Deerfield, Morgan, Ohio Private 1861-1865
John G Beatty Fairfield, Columbiana, Ohio Sargeant 1861-1863
John G Beatty Manayunk, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Private 1863-1863
John H Beatty Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania Private 1861-1863
John L Beatty Anoka, Anoka, Minnesota
John L Beatty Rachel Beatty Fallsby, Licking, Ohio Private 1862-1864
John L Beatty Fairview and Petrolia, Butler, Pennsylvania Private
John M Beatty Portersville, Butler, Pennsylvania Corporal 1865-1865
John M Beatty East Huntingdon, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania Private
John R Beatty Mankato, Blue Earth, Minnesota Captain 1861-1865
John R Beatty German, Harrison, Ohio Private 1864-1864
John R Beatty Connellsville, Fayette, Pennsylvania Private 1861-1865
John S Beatty Eau Galle, Saint Croix, Wisconsin Private 1865-1866
John T Beatty Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Corporal 1863-1864
John W Beatty Police Jury Wards 1, 2 and 7, Caldwell, Louisiana Sailor
Jonathan Beatty Jackson, Stark, Ohio Private 1862-1865
Joseph Beatty Bath, Steuben, New York Private 1862-1865
Joseph E Beatty Middletown, Frederick, Maryland Sargean 1861-1865
Joseph S Beatty Millerstown and Greenwood, Perry, Pennsylvania Private
Lee T Beatty Portsmouth, Scioto, Ohio Private 1861-1866
Mansfield H Beatty Washington, Warren, New Jersey Second Lieutenant
Miller Beatty Jane Beatty Clarion, Clarion, Pennsylvania Private 1861
Mordecai M Beatty Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Private
Reading Beatty Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Sergeant
Robert Beatty East Liverpool, Columbiana, Ohio Private 1865-1865
Robert Beatty Columbus, Franklin, Ohio Private 1861-1863
Robert Beatty Sarah A Beatty Bethel, Armstrong, Pennsylvania Corporal
Robert Beatty Precinct 7, McLennan, Texas Private 1861-1864
Robert E Beatty Dayton and Wayne, Armstrong, Pennsylvania Private
Robert John Beatty East Pennsboro, Cumberland, Pennsylvania Private
Robert R Beatty New Alexandria, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania Private
Robert T Beatty Kate Beatty Harrisburg, Dauphin, Pennsylvania Private
Robt Beatty Sharpsburg, Allegheny, Pennsylvania Private 1861-1865
Samuel Beatty Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska Private 1861-1864
Samuel Beatty Fairbury, Jefferson, Nebraska Private 1863-1865
Samuel Beatty Toledo, Lucas, Ohio Private 1862-1865
Samuel A Beatty Ligonier, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania Private 1865-1865
Samuel B Beatty Dryden, Sibley, Minnesota Private 1864-1865
Samuel B Beatty Susan M Beatty Delaware, Mercer, Pennsylvania Private 1861
Samuel F Beatty Pawnee City, Pawnee, Nebraska Corporal 1861-1865
Samuel H Beatty Union, Houston, Minnesota Private 1863-1865
Samuel H Beatty Deptford, Gloucester, New Jersey Private 1861-1864
Samuel W Beatty Mary Beatty Harrison, Allegheny, Pennsylvania Private
Samul p Beatty Webster and Raritan, Day, South Dakota Private 1863-1863
Swayne s Beatty Precinct 4, Santa Fe, New Mexico Private 1861-1864
Thomas Beatty Zanesville, Muskingum, Ohio Private 1863-1865
Thomas D Beatty Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Thomas G Beatty Union, Sullivan, Missouri Corporal 1864-1864
Thomas S Beatty South Union, Fayette, Pennsylvania Private 1861-1862
Walter K Beatty Altoona, Blair, Pennsylvania Private 1862-1863
William Beatty Winterfield, Clare, Michigan Private 1862-1862
William Beatty Not Stated, Queens, New York Corporal 1861-1865
William Beatty Ellen E Beatty Jeffersonville, Fayette, Ohio Corporal
William Beatty Allegheny, Allegheny, Pennsylvania Private 1861-1864
William Beatty Annie V Beatty Harrisburg, Dauphin, Pennsylvania Private
William Beatty Soldiers and Sailors Home, Erie, Pennsylvania Corporal
William Beatty Mary E Beatty Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Private 1863-1864
William C Beatty Bethel, Armstrong, Pennsylvania Sergeant 1862-1865
William G Beatty Cardington, Morrow, Ohio Major 1864-1865
William H Beatty Owossa, Shiawassee, Michigan Sergeant 1861-1865
William H Beatty Beverly, Burlington, New Jersey Private 1862-1863
William H Beatty Newark, Essex, New Jersey Private 1862-1865
William H Beatty Belmont Ridge, Belmont, Ohio Corporal 1865-1865
William H Beatty Bellevue, Allegheny, Pennsylvania Private 1865-1865
William J Beatty Harlem, Delaware, Ohio Private 1864-1865
William L Beatty Union, Sullivan, Missouri Private 1866-1865
William M Beatty Orange, Carroll, Ohio Private 1863-1865
William R Beatty Harrison, Scioto, Ohio Corporal 1861-1865
William W Beatty Liberty, Logan, Ohio Captain 1862-1862
Wm A Beatty Pawtucket, Providence, Rhode Island Private 1861-1861
George Beattyas Waymart, Wayne, Pennsylvania 1863-1863
Alexander Beatie Greenwich, Washington, New York Private 1864-1865
David M Beatie Rogersville, Webster, Missouri Second Lieutenant 1861-1862
George M Beatie Georgetown, Ottawa, Michigan Corporal 1865-1865
John M Beatie Gladstone, Delta, Michigan Corporal 1865-1865
Lawrance Beatie Brooklyn, Kings, New York Adgretand 1861-1863
Thin m Beatie Fort Walla Walla, Walla Walla, Washington
Thomas Beatie Stoughton, Dane, Wisconsin Leieu
Watson L Beatie Southampton, Franklin, Pennsylvania Private 1864-1865
William Beatie Lawrence, Essex, Massachusetts Private 1863-1865
Alvin P Beaty Vesta, Johnson, Nebraska Private 1862-1865
Andrew J Beaty Didama a Beaty District 11, Fentress, Tennessee Private
Chaney Beaty Union, Union, South Carolina
Claiborn Beaty Districts 3, 5, and 6, Fentress, Tennessee Lieutenant
David Beaty Elizabeth Beaty Loudon, Carroll, Ohio Private 1861-1865
David Beaty Charity Beaty McCrea, Champaign, Ohio Corporal 1862-1864
Edwin O Beaty Erie, Erie, Pennsylvania
Elder Beaty Middletown, Butler, Ohio Private 1862-1865
George Beaty Zilpphia a Beaty District 1, Fentress, Tennessee Private 1862
Jacob Beaty Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska Corporal
Jacob Beaty Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska Corporal
James Beaty Burlington, Lawrence, Ohio Private 1862-1865
James Beaty Stowe, Allegheny, Pennsylvania Private 1863-1866
James Beaty Ellenger j Stephens District 1, Fentress, Tennessee First
Lieutenant 1861-1865
James B Beaty Cold Water and Everett, Cass, Missouri Private
James G Beaty Union, Monongalia, West Virginia Private 1861
James K Beaty District 11, Fentress, Tennessee Private 1864-1865
James W Beaty Mary Beaty Hurricane, Lincoln, Missouri Private 1865-1865
James W Beaty Mount Tabor, Multnomah, Oregon Private 1861-1865
John Beaty Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts Prval 1863-1865
John Beaty Richmond, Ashtabula, Ohio Private 1864-1865
John Beaty District 10, Bradley, Tennessee Private 1862-1865
John A Beaty Independence, Beaver, Pennsylvania Private 1863-1863
Johnathan A Beaty Districts 3, 5, and 6, Fentress, Tennessee Private
Joseph Beaty Mary J Beatty Bellaire, Belmont, Ohio Private 1864-1865
Margaret Beaty Paterson, Passaic, New Jersey
Marshall Beaty Eliza Ann Beaty Monroe, Holmes, Ohio Corporal 1864-1864
Patrick Beaty Hixton, Jackson, Wisconsin Private 1864-1865
Powhattan Beaty Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio First sargt 1863-1865
Richard Beaty Jackson, Jackson, Ohio Private 1861-1864
Robert C Beaty Canfield, Mahoning, Ohio Private 1864-1864
Robert H Beaty New Castle, Lawrence, Pennsylvania Musician 1861-1862
Robert S Beaty Rosa A Beaty Grant, Cabell, West Virginia Private 1865
Robt G Beaty New York State, Kings, New York Private 1862-1865
Sam D Beaty Highland, Oregon, Missouri Private
Samuel Beaty Wayne, Butler, Ohio Sergeant 1862-1865
Samuel Beaty Loudon, Carroll, Ohio Private 1864-1865
Samuel S Beaty Fairview and Petrolia, Butler, Pennsylvania Sargeant
Stephen Beaty State Penitentiary, Cole, Missouri Private 1863-1865
Thomas Beaty Jackson, Jackson, Ohio Corporal 1861-1865
Thomas Beaty District 10, Bradley, Tennessee Private 1862-1865
Thompson Beaty Wayne, Crawford, Pennsylvania Private 1866-1865
William Beaty Ann I Beaty District 5, Grainger, Tennessee Private
William Beaty Union, Monongalia, West Virginia Private
William Beaty Esther Beaty Bloom, Richland, Wisconsin Private 1864-1865
William C Beaty Neatsville, Adair, Kentucky Private 1863-1864
William H Beaty Pinecreek, Jefferson, Pennsylvania
William P Beaty Anna Beaty Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Private
Charles S Beatley Chelsea, Suffolk, Massachusetts Private 1862-1863
David Beatley Alexander, Athens, Ohio Private
Frank Beatley Columbus, Franklin, Ohio
Samuel W Beatley Clinton, Venango, Pennsylvania Private 1864-1865
William P Beatley Carlisle, Cumberland, Pennsylvania Private 1864-1865
William T Beatley Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri Private 1861-1865
Aaron Beatly Kearney, Buffalo, Nebraska Private 1864-1864
Andrew B Baty Marion, Marion, Ohio Private
Cyrus M Baty Morris, Texas, Missouri Private 1864-1864
David W Baty Mount Union, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania Private 1862-1865
E Clark Baty Sarah J Baty West Jefferson, Madison, Ohio Private 1864-1864
Isaac Baty Concord, Merrimack, New Hampshire Private 1863-1866
James Baty Fredonia, Calhoun, Michigan Private 1864-1865
James Baty Cazenovia, Madison, New York Private 1861-1863
James K Baty Patterson, Darke, Ohio Private
Jessie Baty Henrietta, Richland, Wisconsin Private 1865-1865
John Baty East Deer, Allegheny, Pennsylvania Private 1862-1863
John Baty Sarah Batty Necedah, Juneau, Wisconsin Captain
John Baty La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin 1864-1865
Robert Baty Columbus, Chenango, New York Private 1861-1863
Thomas Baty Clay, Auglaize, Ohio Private 1861-1865
Thomas Baty Mary E Baty Melrose, Jackson, Wisconsin
Thomas J Baty Eureka, Jefferson, Nebraska Corporal 1862-1865
William A Baty Stillwater, Sixth, Oklahoma and Indian Territory Corporal
Willis Baty Murfreesboro, Rutherford, Tennessee Private 1864-1866
George Batey Moorestown, Burlington, New Jersey Private 1861-1865
Henry Batey Ward 3, Knox, Tennessee Private 1862-1865
John W Batey Cascade, Clackamas, Oregon Corporal 1862-1863
Joseph Batey Washington, Fayette, Ohio Private 1862-1865
Spencer H Batey Portland, Meigs, Ohio Private 1862-1864
George F Battey Buffalo, Erie, New York Lieutenant 1862-1865
John E Battey Brookfield, Trumbull, Ohio Sergeant 1862-1865
John J Battey Coventry, Kent, Rhode Island Private 1863-1863
John M Battey Providence, Providence, Rhode Island Corporal 1861-1864
Joseph Battey Togus, Kennebec, Maine Private 1862-1865
Alexander Batty Julia A Batty Not Stated, Jefferson, Pennsylvania
Alfred T Batty Lincoln, Morrow, Ohio Private 1862-1865
Arthur Batty Glens Falls, Warren, New York Private
Daniel Batty Carrie Batty Brooklyn, Kings, New York Private 1864-1865
Fredrick Batty Mary C Batty Lima, Allen, Ohio Corporal 1863-1865
Jacob Batty Christina Batty Catlettsburg, Boyd, Kentucky Private 1861-1865
Jno J Batty Lydia Batty Springfield, Clark, Ohio Private 1861-1863
John Batty Mary Batty Upper Darby, Delaware, Pennsylvania Private 1863-1865
John Batty Lower Chanceford, York, Pennsylvania Private
Joseph Batty Philibert Batty Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri Private
Robert Batty California and Walker, Moniteau, Missouri Private 1861-1862
Sam Batty Beulah, Bolivar, Mississippi Private 1863-1866
Samuel Batty Clarksville, Merrick, Nebraska Sergeant 1861-1863
August Battie Elizabeth Battie Loramie, Shelby, Ohio Private 1864-1864
David Battie State Soldiers and Sailors Home, Erie, Ohio Private
James Battie Seal, Pike, Ohio Private 1862-1865
Samul Battie Allegheny, Allegheny, Pennsylvania Private 1864-1865
Jasper A Batie Wilmington, Windham, Vermont Private 1862-1865
John Batie Batie Grand Ledge, Eaton, Michigan Private 1865-1866
Edson Baity Ronillia Baity Mainesburg and Sullivan, Tioga, Pennsylvania
Private 1864-1865
George W Baity Wilson, Adair, Missouri Private 1862-1865
James Baity Catharine Baity Troy, Miami, Ohio Private 1861-1862
William D Baity La Plata, Macon, Missouri First Sergeant 1864-1865
Robert Baitty Mary Baitty Canton, Norfolk, Massachusetts Private 1864-1865
Edwin O Betty Mary Emma Betty Mount Vemon, Fairfax, Virginia Sergeant
Frank Betty Columbus, Franklin, Ohio Private 1865-1866
Fredrick Betty Derry, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania Private 1866-1864
Gabrial m Betty Marion, Centre, Pennsylvania Corporal 1862-1863
Isick Betty Carlin Betty Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne, Pennsylvania Private
Jacob Betty Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne, Pennsylvania Private 1864-1864
James Betty Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Private 1861-1864
Jerome Betty Home, Newaygo, Michigan Vt eng 1861-1866
John L Betty Brooklyn, Kings, New York Private 1861-1865
Pearson Betty Concord, Highland, Ohio Private 1861-1863
Si Betty District 10, Maury, Tennessee
Thomas S Betty Brady, Butler, Pennsylvania Private 1864-1865
William J Betty North Lewisburg, Champaign, Ohio Private 1862-1863
James Bettie Elizabeth Bettie Newark, Essex, New Jersey
Wallen m Beally Rose, Carroll, Ohio Corporal 1864-1865

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