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From: "Becky Mosely" <>
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 09:07:02 -0500

New results are in for kit #23640. YEA! Our very own co-chair Adam (#20874), now has a prospective family member.
They match 12/12 but more markers will be needed to confirm the relationship.

Line of #23640:
1. Giles Bradford, b. 1/14/1815 SC m. Nancy Caroline Underwood, b. 4/5/1833 Macon Co., NC
2. Giles Bradford, b. 3/5/1867 Putnam Co., TN m. Elizabeth Robinson 3/1/1869 Baxter, Putnam Co., TN
3. James Felix Bradford, b. 4/28/1893 Putnam Co., TN m. Allie May Rush 5/20/1899 Gainsboro, TN

Adam's Line:
1. Samuel Bradford, d. 1811/12 Worcester County, MD
2. Adam Bradford, b. 16 Apr 1775 Worcester County, MD
3. Isaac Neely Bradford, b. 12 Nov 1805, Bradfordsville, KY
4. Samuel Vance Bradford b. 11 May 1846, Relfe, MO
5. William Henry Bradford, b. 20 July 1882, Waynesville, Missouri

These results are quite interesting and should provide some clues for both of these participants. I personally had expected the Giles line to connect to the Richard group... BUT those two lines are not even close (genetic distance of 16 at 12 markers).

Regards, Becky

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