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Subject: Re: [BRADLEY] Lawrence Bradley of Randolph County NC
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 19:55:25 -0400
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This is what I have, I do not guarantee many things as being "proved" I have
found too many official records that are also wrong. Also have to remember
we are working with records that may have been told by illiterates to
illiterates. Jo Blunk

Descendants of Abraham BRADLEY - September 13, 2006

First Generation

1. Abraham BRADLEY (1) Was in Virginia early, is probably the immigrant.
Known sons are listed. It is believed sons of Lawrence and Richard moved to
NC and SC, other sons moved to KY and TN.

Sarah GLASSEL was born. Abraham BRADLEY and Sarah GLASSEL had the following

i. John BRADLEY (1)
2 ii. Lawrence BRADLEY, born about 1690 (2); married Elizabeth LILLARD,
about 1730, Virginia (2); died about 1788 (2).
3 iii. Richard BRADLEY.
iv. Robert BRADLEY (1).

Second Generation

2. Lawrence BRADLEY (1) (Abraham-1) was born about 1690. (2) He died about
1788. (2) His will dated January 1784 was probated in 1788.

Lawrence BRADLEY and Elizabeth LILLARD were married about 1730 in Virginia.
(2) A John Lillard and a Laurence Bradley were both in the Culpeper Co.,
Virginia 1783 tax list.3 Elizabeth LILLARD (daughter of John LILLARD and
Susan GLASSEL) was born about 1710. (2) Lawrence BRADLEY and Elizabeth
LILLARD had the following children:

4 i. Lawrence BRADLEY II, born between 1730 and 1740, Orange Co., Virginia;
married Winifred WISDOM4; died about 1810, Randolph Co., North Carolina.

3. Richard BRADLEY1 (Abraham-1)

Richard BRADLEY and UNKNOWN had the following children:

i. Lawrence BRADLEY (1) was born. Apparently was a Loyalist from South

Third Generation

4. Lawrence BRADLEY II (1) (Lawrence-2, Abraham-1) was born between 1730
and 1740 in Orange Co., Virginia. He died about 1810 in Randolph Co., North

Lawrence BRADLEY II and Winifred WISDOM were married. (4) This marriage is
supposed to be from the Bradley Family Bible of Cecil Bradley. The birth
dates for this family are found in the bill of sale of their land in 1811 in
North Carolina. The buyer was Jesse Bradley. (1) Lawrence BRADLEY II and
Winifred WISDOM had the following children:

5 i. Lawrence BRADLEY Jr., born in 1758 (1); married Elizabeth HAMMON (5).
6 ii. Sarah BRADLEY, born in 1760; married John MOON, in 1780 (5),(6).
iii. Ambrose BRADLEY was born in 1765.
7 iv. Asa BRADLEY, born in 1770; married Frances HOOD (5).
v. George BRADLEY was born in 1773. Moved to Greenville Co., SC.
8 vi. Elizabeth BRADLEY, married James MOON (5).
vii. John BRADLEY (5)
viii. Nathaniel BRADLEY (5)
9 ix. Jesse BRADLEY, born on 28 Aug 1787, North Carolina; married Lucretia
CAVINESS, on 14 Feb 1810, North Carolina (7),(8); died on 26 Feb 1875,
Morgan Co., Indiana (9).

Fourth Generation

5. Lawrence BRADLEY Jr. (Lawrence-3, Lawrence-2, Abraham-1) was born in
1758. (1) Moved to Pendleton Co., SC eventually.

Lawrence BRADLEY Jr. and Elizabeth HAMMON were married.(5)

6. Sarah BRADLEY (Lawrence-3, Lawrence-2, Abraham-1) was born in 1760. Her
sons are listed.

Sarah BRADLEY and John MOON were married in 1780. (5),(6)

7. Asa BRADLEY (Lawrence-3, Lawrence-2, Abraham-1) was born in 1770.

Asa BRADLEY and Frances HOOD were married.(5)

8. Elizabeth BRADLEY (5) (Lawrence-3, Lawrence-2, Abraham-1)

Elizabeth BRADLEY and James MOON were married.(5)

9. Jesse BRADLEY(7) (Lawrence-3, Lawrence-2, Abraham-1) was born on 28 Aug
1787 in North Carolina. He died on 26 Feb 1875 in Morgan Co., Indiana.(9)
Jesse Bradley of Gregg Twp., father of Dr. Miles Bradley, died Feb. 26th. He
was 87 years and 6 months at time of his death. He was born in North
Carolina. He came to this county in 1822 and settled on White Lick one and a
half miles north of Mooresville for 2 years then moved near Hall.

Jesse BRADLEY and Lucretia CAVINESS were married on 14 Feb 1810 in North
Carolina.(7),(8) Bradley Family notes written by Cecil Bradley to someone
who needed Bradley information.
"Jesse and Lucretia Bradley were my Great great grandparents and migrated to
Morgan County from Randolph County, NC during the early 1820's.
Jesse and Lucretia were married 2-14-1810.
Jesse Bradley b. 8-28-1787 d. 2-26-1875.
Lucretia Bradley b. 4-26-1791 d. 11-28-1864.
Their Children.
Miles Bradley married Eleanor Lewellen 1-23-1834.
William Bradley married Margaret E. Pruitt 9-7-1837.
Lawrence Bradley married Margaret Collins 12-1-1842.
Henry Bradley married Eliza Ann Pruitt 11-19-1840.
Richard Bradley married Margaret Elmore 10-4-1842.
Joseph Bradley married Martha Pruitt 12-13-1849.
Eli Bradley married Dorcas Alred 8-25-1853.
Some of the above listed children moved on to other states. The only child
listed above who died young was William Bradley. He died in 1838 age 25."

10 Lucretia CAVINESS (11) (daughter of Richard CAVINESS and UNKNOWN) was
born on 26 Apr 1791 in North Carolina. She died on 28 Nov 1864 in Morgan
Co., Indiana. She died after the 1860 census. Various spellings of this
surname appear in Owen and Morgan Co., IN records. Caviness is also
Caveness/Cavaness/Cavins/Cavens. At times in records in other states it can
be Cavanaugh. There is an indexing of one Morgan Co. Census that the
interpretation is Cavanup because of the old style of doing a double s.
Jesse BRADLEY and Lucretia CAVINESS had the following children:

10 i. Dr. Miles J. BRADLEY, born on 11 Dec 1810, North Carolina (12);
married Eleanor LEWELLEN, on 23 Jan 1834, Morgan Co., Indiana (13); married
Sarah DIXON; died on 11 Jul 1885 (14).
11 ii. William BRADLEY, born on 10 Apr 1813, Randolph Co., North Carolina
(7); married Margaret E. White PRUITT, on 7 Sep 1837, Morgan Co., Indiana
(7),(13); died on 9 Sep 1838 (15).
12 iii. Lawrence BRADLEY, born in 1816, North Carolina(16); married
Margaret COLLINS, on 2 Dec 1842, Morgan Co., Indiana(17).
13 iv. Henry BRADLEY, born in 1818, North Carolina(7),(18); married Eliza
Ann PRUITT, on 19 Nov 1840, Morgan Co., Indiana(7),(19); died on 4 Jan 1892,
Morgan Co., Indiana.
14 v. Richard BRADLEY, born in 1822, North Carolina(20); married Margaret
ELMORE, on 4 Oct 1842, Morgan Co., Indiana(7),(21).
15 vi. Joseph BRADLEY, born in 1825, Indiana; married Martha PRUITT, on 13
Dec 1849(7),(19); married Christiana A. SHAKE, on 31 Dec 1874, Morgan Co.,
Indiana(22),(23); died on 5 Oct 1875, Gregg Twp., Morgan Co.,
16 vii. Eli BRADLEY, born in 1830, Indiana; married Dorcas ALDRED, on 25
Aug 1853.
Margaret Pruitt is the daughter of Brite Pruitt and his second wife,
Elizabeth (SEBOLT) CRUM. The other Pruitt women were among his daughters
from his first marriage to Annister ???. They were all red heads as he
fathered 13 red-headed children!

1. Blunk Family Files (Genealogy Files of Raymond D. Blunk), Jane
Sumpter Malone George correspondence.
2. Ibid., Rebecca Walls correspondence.
3. Augusta B. Fothergill and John Mark Naugle, compilers, Virginia Tax
Payers, 1782-1787 Other Than Those Published by the United States Census
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4. E-Mail, Georgia Lee Taylor. gltaylor@.
5. Ibid., Jane George. .
6. Ibid., Cynthia Reese. Rootsweb message board.
7. Jesse and Lucretia Caviness Bradley, Bradley Family Bible (Published
1836.) Cecil died in New Orleans without having the Bible photocopied so far
as I know. He never showed it to anyone, only copied information. Do not
know where the Bible is now. If it stayed with his daughter in New Orleans
it may be a victim of Hurricane Katrina.
8. Alloa Caviness Anderson, Henry Cavinis: The Immigrant Infant and some
of his Descendants., Pgs. 65, 92.
9. Martinsville Republican, March 4, 1875. Lambs Bottom news.
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11. Personal knowledge, Betty Jo Blunk.
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25. Ibid., Oct. 5, Mt. Tabor News.
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>I am not sure if Becki Snyder is still monitoring this list. I know she
> some VERY serious health problems. She published some information on this
> list back in 2003 concerning the Bradley's of Culpepper, Orange County
> and,
> more specifically Old Rag Mountain. She and I are both descended from
> John
> Bradley and Sarah Lillard. I think John's father was a Lawrence. He and
> a
> brother (I can't remember the name - Augustine? Lawerence Jr.? - and I
> don't
> have time to research it right now) were surveyors and migrated to what is
> now Abingdon, VA in Washington County, VA. John is mentioned as fighting
> the Indians in 1774. Also, he is a Revolutionary War veteran and his DAR
> marker was replaced and rededicated in Abingdon several years ago. His
> brother evidently did not stay in Abingdon.
> Also, my line has alternating generations of John and Abrams for 5
> generations - starting with this John and ending with my grandfather.
> This
> information is documented with census records. Abram seems to be a
> reasonable name for this line, but I have no "proof" either.
> I would guess Becki probably had provided other information, but here is
> what I could find quickly:
> I would like to speak with any descendants of Lawrence 1690 Bradley of
> Culpeper County, VA I am trying to make a tree with all of the Bradley
> allied lines and need the desendants of Lawrence's children:
> 1.Augustine and family line
> 2.Abraham and family line
> 3.Lawrence and family line
> 4. Kesiah married James Lillard and family line
> And any others that I may have missed....
> If anyone has good documents or pictures, I would appreciate your
> help.This
> includes deeds,wills,GEDCOMs,homestead locations,etc.
> Rebecca R. Snyder
> Bradley Desendant and Geneologist
> Keep our History Alive
> If only our ancestors would have realized their importance
> Surnames
> Bradley, Lillard, Vance, Brubaker, Howery, and Reynolds
> Counties of Interest
> Old Rag Mountain Area of Culpeper County,Va, Washington,Va, Madison,VA,
> Warren,Iowa,Eddysville, Iowa
> ####
> so
> Mike
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> Subject: Re: [BRADLEY] Lawrence Bradley of Randolph County NC
> I don't believe I have any "proof" about Abraham. Some of my information
> may have come from you by way of Jane Sumpter Malone George or Georgia Lee
> Kirn. At least your name sounds familiar to me. Unfortunately I lost of
> bunch of my Bradley info when I switched computers last time. Had a
> gigantic
> crash and the back-up I had would not work either! Also, unfortunately
> Cecil Bradley, who had the family Bible, has died and I have no idea what
> happened to the Bible. He was one of those people who never let us see
> the
> Bible but would look something up and tell us. The pages he had copied,
> by
> hand not photocopied, have disappeared from our Library. He kept telling
> me
> he would bring it in for me, I worked at the Library, but he never did.
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> Subject: [BRADLEY] Lawrence Bradley of Randolph County NC
>> Betty,
>> I descend from Lawrence Bradley b c1732, thought to be s/o Lawrence 1690
>> of Orange, Culpeper and Caroline Counties VA, through his son, Asa, b
>> c1768-70. Do you have proof that Abraham Bradley of Northumberland was
>> father of Lawrence 1690?? We have been looking for that for a long time.
>> I'm still not positive that Lawrence 1690 was father of Lawrence 1732.
>> All I've seen was the one record that a Lawrence Bradley, Jr. was a
>> chain
>> carrier with a survey party. Have you learned more ?? Also, we're still
>> searching for the name of Lawrence 1732's wife. She was listed on a SC
>> site as Caroline Humphries, but there was no proof mentioned. Thanks for
>> any help.
>> Joyce HR
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