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From: "Rose Parks" <>
Subject: [BRANCH] Notes on Christopher and father Lionel
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2002 18:28:40 -0500

There is more than one source, I do have copies of Christophers and Lionels marriage from England, Rose Parks
Descendants of Lionel Branch

Generation No. 1
1. LIONEL5 BRANCH (WILLIAM4, RICHARD3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 18 August 1566 in St. Helens Church Abington, Berkshire, England1, and died 1605 in London, England. He married VALENTIA SPARK/E/S 08 July 1596 in Ludgate, London, England2, daughter of LUDGATE SPARKS. She was born Abt. 1576, and died in England.
Lionel Branch was born in1566 in London and died 1605 in England. He married
Valentia Sparkes July 7, 1596 in St. Martins, Ludgate, London, England.
Lionel Branch was baptized at St. Helen Church on August 18, 1566. That he was something of a black sheep or, more charitable, a prodigal son, is evident from the terms of his father's will, in which he is castigated as "my unthrifty and
disobedient sonne," to whom only a black gown and his father's best cloak was
Lionel entered Magdalen College, Oxford, in 1585, as a commoner, matriculating on July 2 in that year, proceeded to his B.A. on February 11, 1590/1, and was a
demy of Magdalen between 1585 and 1593, after which he must have gone to London.
Lionel must have prospered, for on July 8, 1596, at St Martin, Ludgate, in the City of London, distinguished by the status of "gentleman," he married Valentia Sparkes, the daughter of ______ Sparkes, deceased, formerly a draper, of the City of London. By her, apparently, he had only one son, Christopher, who was provided for in his grandfather's will by a bequest of five marks on his attaining eighteen years of age. Lionel appears never to have returned to his native town and after his marriage, all trace of him is lost. Neither record of his burial nor of his will have been found.
(Branch of Abingdon: A Revision by Peter Walne, Genealogies of Virginia
Families -From the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 1, p. 219)
2. i. CHRISTOPHER6 BRANCH, b. 02 September 1602, Kent Co. England; d. Bef. 20 February 1681/82, Henrico Co., VA.

Generation No. 2
2. CHRISTOPHER6 BRANCH (LIONEL5, WILLIAM4, RICHARD3, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born 02 September 1602 in Kent Co. England, and died Bef. 20 February 1681/82 in Henrico Co., VA3. He married MARY ADDIE 02 September 1619 in St. Peter's Parish, Westcheap, London, England4,5, daughter of FRANCIS ADDIE and MARIE STANDIND. She was born Abt. 1602 in Darton, Yorkshire, England, and died Abt. 1630 in England.
Christopher and Mary Branch came to Virginia in the ship "London Merchant" March 1619/20 and settled in the present Henrico Co. where they were living "attending ye Colledge land" in Feb. 1623/24 with son Thomas 9 months old. Branch then settled at Kingsland on the south side of James River, in what would later become Chesterfield Co..
He was first designated as Planter of Arrowhattocks on 20 October 1634 where he had 100 acres upon main river Sly and 8 December 1635 he patented the land at Kingsland, 50 acres for his own adventure and 200 acres for transportation of 4 persons ( John Gibson, John Machan, william Butler, and William Possell)
In 1632 he returned briefly to England and unsuccessfully brought suit to recover the Bull Inn at Abington which had been owned by his Uncle Thomas Branch.
(Public Records Office, Chancery Proceedings, Charles I Reign, Bundle B, 21 #34)
By 28 Feb. 1638/9 Branch's plantation numbered 450 acres. He was named in Act of Assembly 6 Jan 1639 as a tobacco viewer from the World's End to Henrico and was Burgess for the county the next year and Justice in 1656.
Christophers will dated 20 June 1678 was probated in Henrico Co. 20 Feb.1681/2.
All information on this family came from "Adventurers of Purse and Person Virginia 1607-1624/5", revised and edited by Virginia M. Meyer and John Fredrick Dorman, Published by Order of First Families of Virginia 1987. Footnotes are many and this is well documented.
Of Christopher Branch's early years, nothing is known. He married Mary
Addie, daughter of Francis Addie of Darton, Yorkshire, at St. Peter's, Westcheap, in the City of London by virtue of a marriage licence of the Bishop of London, dated September 2, 1619. He and Mary migrated to Virginia on the ship LONDON
MARCHANT in March, 1619-20 with their son, Thomas, aged 9 months, and settled in the present Henrico County where they were living "attending ye Colledge Land" in February 1623-4.
Christopher Branch later patented land and first lived at or near Arrowhattocks on
the north side of James River finally settling at Kingsland on the south side of the river (almost opposite Arrowhattocks) in the present Chesterfield County, near Proctor's Creek, at that time, and for many years afterwards, Henrico.
In 1632 Christopher returned briefly to England for the purpose, amongst other things no doubt, of trying to gain possession of the Bull Inn, which he claimed ought, by rights, to be his, but of which he had been cheated by his uncle Robert Payne. Christopher's case was that, by the terms of his great-uncle Thomas' will of 1565 the Bull Inn after descending to his grandfather, William, and to his uncle, William's eldest son, Thomas, should have descended to Christopher's father, Lionel, as heir at law of the younger Thomas, and so to Christopher on Lionel's death. The devise of the Bull Inn by the younger Thomas to his brother-in-law, Robert Payne, was, according to Christopher, unlawful. While no decree of the Court has been found, Christpher's plea was successfully resisted by Richard Payne, Robert's son, to whom the property had been conveyed in 1624 as part of the settlement on his marriage. Shortly after the hearing of this case, Richard Payne must have conveyed the Bul!
l Inn to Christ's Hospital, for numerous leases by the Hospital dating from 1644 to 1856 exist amongst the Hospital muniments. The Hospital sold the Bull Inn (then called the Black Bull) in 1905.
Having lost his suit in Chancery, Christopher Branch returned to his lands in
Henrico County, and settled down to a planter's life in the first permanent English settlement on the North American mainland.
Christopher Branch was one of the viewers of tobacco in Henrico in 1639 and in an Assembly convened January 1639 was one of the representatives for Henrico County in the House of Burgesses. In 1656 he was a justice of the peace for Henrico.
Source: Branch of Abingdon by Peter Walne, Genealogies of Virginia Families
>From the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 1, pp.221 - 224.
Source: Thomas and Wiliam Branch of Henrico and Some Of Their Descendants by William Clayton Torrence, Genealogies of Virginia Families - From the William
and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, Vol. 1, p. 412.
Recorded several deeds in Henrico County, Virginia:
Christopher Branch, Sr. of Henrico Co. on plantation of Kingsland, for valuable consideration, to my son Thomas Branch, of same, a tract formerly by me given to him, but by some abuse of the lease it cant be known how it was written; therefore I declare the meaning of the deed. The land is to go to Thomas and after his decease to heirs of his body, and lacking same, to James Branch, and if no heirs, to Elizabeth Branch, and if no heirs, to Martha Branch. Land is where said Thomas doth live, 300 acres, next to John Branch's 100 acres. 2 Nov.1681.
Wit: Tho. Cocke, Christop. (CB) Branch, Tho. Cocke, Jr.
Signed: Christop. Branch 1 Dec. 1681
I appoint my grandson Christopher Branch my attorney in above deed. Signed:
Christop. Branch 10 Dec. 1681
Christopher Branch's will, dated June 20, 1678, was probated in Henrico County, February 20, 1681-2:
To son Thomas Branch, great copper ceatle, and a book and 240 acres already given him.
To grandson Christopher Branch, all land between river to line of my son Thomas and Proctors Creek, provided he help build his brother Samuel a house of 4 board lengths.
To grandson Samuel Branch, land called "Jack's Bottom" at Proctors Creek, provided he help build his brother Benjamin a house of 4 boards lengths.
To grandson Benjamin Branch, land between Jack's Bottom and Proctors Creek.
Samuel and Benjamin to live with Christopher until able to look after themselves.
William and John Branch to have permission to hunt and fish in the creek and swamp.
Grandson Christopher Branch to be sole executor.
All the rest of the estate to grandson's Christopher, Benjamin and Samuel, and Sarah and Mary Branch, the wife of Thomas Jefferson, to be equally divided.
Wit: Abell Gower, Richard Ward
Source: Henrico County Wills 1677-1692.
Inventory of Christopher Branch Estate April 13, 1682 Value 38 pounds/7 shilling/ 10 pence
Division of estate of Christopher Branch to : Christopher Branch, Samuel Branch, Thomas Jefferson, Sarah Branch, Benjamin Branch April 13 1682.
Other sources that mention Christopher Branch are:
Adventurers of the Purse and Person, revised and edited by Virginia M. Meyer
and John Frederick Dorman, published 1856 by Order of First Families of Virginia.
Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants, by Gary Boyd Roberts, published 1993 by
Genealogical Publishing Co., In., Baltimore, MD. (states Christopher was a
descendant of King Henry I of England.)

Event 2: March 1619/20, America on "London Merchant"
i. THOMAS7 BRANCH, b. 23 April 1623, Henrico Co., VA6; d. Bet. 1693 - 1694, Henrico Co., VA; m. ELIZABETH (GOUGH?); b. 1627, VA; d. August 1697, Henrico Co., VA.
Thomas is oldest son of Christopher Branch and Mary Addie and named in his father's will of June 20 1678, to son Thomas Branch, great copper kettle and a book and 240 acres already given him.
Thomas and Elizabeth lived on a part of the "Kingsland" tract on the south side of the James River in the area of Henrico Co. which later became Chesterfield Co.,VA.
Thomas left will Henrico Co. (Deeds and Wills 1688-97 page 543) dated 25 Oct. 1688, proved 1 February 1694/95
in which he named wife Elizabeth and children.
He alludes to himself a "being in a sickly Cracy Condition" but of sound mind and perfect Memory (evidently his Cracy condition was physical not mental) To my three sons, Thomas, Matthew and James 5 shillings each, residue of goods and chattels to wife Elizabeth, but should she die before testator then said goods and chattels to be equally divided between testators aforesaid 3 sons, " only I give to my two daughters Elizabeth Richardson and Martha Ward 5 shillings each to buy a ring. Witness: William Glover, Christopher Branch, Ann Branch.
Debra ,> sent a different version taken from"Colonial Wills of henrico VA 1654-1737 page 38 by Weisiger in that it says 3 shilling to each son (instead of 5 mentioned above) , the main difference.
Elizabeth's will was made 2 August 1692 and proved in Henrico Co. Va 20 Aug. 1697. see her notes.
about 1630-1697
It is not proven but generally accepted that her maiden name was Gough. Either daughter of Capt. Thomas Gough or Matthew Gough)
Elizabeth Branch of Varina Parish, Henrico Co. dated 2 August 1697 was proved 20 August 1697.
To son Thomas Branch bed that standeth with the head to the partition on the left of door as one cometh in, with all furniture belonging thereto, also 5 pair sheets one being Holland, my long table and form, a great copper kettle and iron pot known by name of the long pot, and one belmettel skillet; son Matthew Branch 1 pair new curtains and vallens to the bed he hath already, 5 pair of sheets one being Holland, chest of drawers, drawing table and small forme, biggest brass kettle, second great pot, one being called new being made of iron, chafing dish pair of fire dogs; son James Branch feather bed that standeth on the right hand as one cometh from the door to the chimney with the curtains and vallens and all other furniture that belongeth to the said bed. 5 pair of sheets one being Holland half this present crop of wheat, one great iron pot, small brass kettle, Negro's man Mingo; daughter Elizabeth Richardson suit of wearing clothes, my riding gown, and twelve pence in mon!
ey. Son in law Melchizedeck Richardson half crown to buy him a pair of gloves, son in law Richard Ward half crown to buy him a pair of gloves. Granddaughter Martha Branch all my wearing clothes in general, linnen and woolen shoes and hose, Three sons Thomas, Matthew and James before mentioned residue of my estate to be equally divided between them except half the wheat after James has his, is to be divided between Thomas and Matthew. and 2 cows named Nanny and Cherry and one cow and calf and half an ox which I give to son James and other half of ox to Thomas. Residue to be divided between sons, Thomas and Matthew. Sons Thomas and James Executors Witnesses: Joseph Tanner, John X Cocke
ii. WILLIAM BRANCH, b. 1625, Henrico Co., VA; d. 1670, Henrico Co., VA?; m. JANE (HATCHER?), Abt. 1660, Henrico Co., VA; b. Abt. 16407; d. 1710, Henrico Co., VA.

December 1 1697, Thomas Branch of the County and Parish of Henrico to John Cocke and wife Obedience, the daughter of one of the co heirs of John Branch, late deceased. For 5 pounds sterling conveys 100 acres at Kingsland or near thereto in county aforesaid, formerly given to Jane (grandmother of Obedience) and wife of William Branch (son of Christopher Branch) and father to John Branch, and to the heirs of said William Branch as by deed on record in Henrico Court may appear, etc. Henrico Records Vol. 1697-1704 page 39.

Notes for JANE (HATCHER?):
The Edward Pleasants Valentine papers Vol. III published by the Valentine Museum Richmond, VA page 1796 gives the will of Jane Gower of the Parish and County of Henrico dated 7 December 1710. Probated, 1 Monday in January 1710/11 bequeaths to:
Grandson William Cox; daughter Mary Cox; granddaughter Obedience Turpin; granddaughter Martha Wilkinson; Granddaughter Priscilla Wilkinson; Grandson William Farrer; Grandson Abel Farrer; Granddaughter Mary Womack four silver spoons; Granddaughter Mary Wilkinson,; to granddaughter Priscilla Farrar. To John spike. William Womack two breeding sows; granddaughter Judith Womack, my box Iron and hearters. My sister Hatcher. Executrix, daughter Mrs. Mary Cox.
Witnesses: Thomas X Sadler. William Blackman Volume 1710-1714 page 35.
(Some of the Legatees were mentioned twice, I omitted the second entry.)
Minutes of the General Court of Virginia 1670-76
(Virginia Historical Society)
The difference between Abe: Womack and Win: Clarke about the estate of William Womack, decd. It is ordered that the said Abra Womack brother to said William Womack have two thirds of his estate both real and personal and that the widow have the other part. April 8, 1674, page 177
The above also from EPV papers page 1805.
I have been told that many of Edward Pleasants Valentine papers are not reliable and none of the Branch or Womack researchers today can find a connection there that EPV gives that Jane was married to a William Womack and had son Thomas whose will he gives with these children's names.

iii. CHRISTOPHER BRANCH, b. 1627, Henrico Co., VA; d. 1665, Henrico Co., VA; m. SARAH ALMOND8; b. Charles City, VA; d. Bef. 1665.

1. Cousins by the Dozens, compiled by Dorothy Sturgis Pruett, pub. by Mrs. Joe R. Pruett of Macon GA about 1975Lionel baptized Aug. 18,1566.
2. Guildhall Library MS 10212:, License for marriage fror Lionel Branch (Lyonell Branshe) and Valencya Spark from St. Martin, Ludgate Parish Church, 8 July 1596, received from Donna Clark, through Phyllis Kumler throught Katherine Harbury of VA.
3. Henrico Co. Wills and Deeds 1677-92, 209-10, another source gives 109-110(Donna Clark).
4. W.H. Challen's transcript of St. Peter, Westcheap Marriage Register, The original register was destroyed in 1940 by enemy action, this transcript is all that remains. Church Parish: St. Peters Westcheap; Date:2 Sept.1619; Grooms name: Christopher Braunch; gentleman; Brides name Mary Addye; fathers name Francis Addy of Draiton in co. York. license from Sir Henry Martin, Knight and Chancellor of London. (Have scanned copy).
5. Marriage application, Bishop of London's Marriage allegations(Guildhall Library MS 10091/7), Margin "Jurat Edmd Pope" Eodem Die(ie secondo Septembris 1619)wch daie apperared Xpofer Braunche gent and batchelor ages XXii or thereabout....marrie one Marie Addie mayden aged xxiii, daughter of Francis Addie.. etc. (full copy on file).
6. Branches of the Branches and Allied Families, says there is a dispute about his birthdate, one source says he was 9 monthes old on 1620 passenger list, one says he was only native born VA. to survive the Great Indian Massacare in 1622 and another says he was born May 1623.
7. Donna Clark, Says Jane gave a deposition at one time giving her age which would give this date for her birth.
8. Some VA. Marriages, gives Sarah Almond as wife.

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