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Subject: Re: [BRANNON-CARON] New Match linking descendant of JohnBrannon/NancyParker to Caron Brannon
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This is the most fantastic news I have seen in a long time. I am so
excited about it I woke up at 3:30 this morning and could not go back to
sleep. I went back through all my vast research on John & Nancy, lots
sent by others. I found I do have the linage of John Wesley Brannon,
the brother of my grandmother, Mary Brannon Henry. Alfred Fletcher is
recorded as a son, so I guess that proves grandfather John positive for
descending from Caron l. Still does not solve whether he was the son of
Caron lll in Wake Co. NC. Is there a way I can contact the donor of the
DNA. I have lost contact with my Ga. Cousin that is also of that line.
Am going to try snail mail at old address, she would sure want to know
about this. I have a picture of John Wesley, son of John Wesley and a
xerox of John Wesley but rather faint, also a letter from John Wesley to
my grandfather, John Brannon. Thanks to the Brannons that have not
given up on this project, surely this will somehow help us prove John's
true father is Caron......Marie

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Subject: [BRANNON-CARON] New Match linking descendant of John
Brannon/NancyParker to Caron Brannon

I wanted to let everyone know that we have a Brannon doner who can
trace their line back to Alfred Fletcher Brannon, son of John Wesley
Brannon, son of John Brannan/Nancy Parker who is a perfect match for Cal
Brannon who documents his line back to Caron. This is the first DNA line
linking John Brannan m. Nancy Parker to Caron.

A descendant of William Brantley Brannon who migrated from Edgefield
District S. C. to Eufaula, Barbour County Alabama is also a perfect DNA
match for this line but we have not yet established the link to Caron.
All of the lines which have been matched to Caron through their Doners'
DNA as well as other documentation are listed below.

We encourage all who have male descendants to participate in this study.

Clarence Brannon and Diane Branam
Volunteer Administrators

Caron 1687-1750 m. Margaret Bryan
Thomas Brannon 1723-1804 m Katherine Croucher
Caron Brannon, Sr. 1752 m. unknown
John Brannan 1775-1858 m. Nancy Parker
John Wesley Brannon 18-12-1901 m. Mary Adeline Griffin
Alfred Fletcher Brannon 1834-1925 m. Martha Dennis

Caron 1687-1750 m. Margaret Bryan
Thomas Brannon 1723-1804 m Katherine Croucher
Caron Brannon, Sr. 1752 m. unknown
Cader Brannan 1778 m. Elizabeth Wilder
John William Brannan 1822-1830
William Ruffin Brannan 1856-1940

Caron 1687-1750 m. Margaret Bryan
James B. Brannon 1720-1752 m. Wilmoth Dudley
William H. Brannon 1745-1802 m. Scarberry Blackwell
William Madison Brannon 1789-1864 m. Judith Seay
John Samuel Brannon 1832-1907 m. Nancy Elizabeth Carlisle
Nathan Almarine Brannon 1873-1961

Caron 1687-1750 m. Margaret Bryan
Thomas Brannon 1723-1804 m Katherine Croucher
Leroy Brannon, Sr. 1742-1808 m. Rebecca Cole
John Brannon 1795 m. Nancy
William R. Brannon 1823- m. Mahala Frances Poole
Cicero Powell Brannon 1847-1926

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