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Hi Betty,

I assume you are referring to my notes on Berryman/Taliaferro/Newton. Yet,
the Blackwell connection is nothing more than speculation. There is not one
shred of evidence to prove it. Church membership doesn't qualify as a clue
to family lineage. The Berryman & Newton namesakes in Scarberry's
grandchildren is a significant clue that is more than just speculation in my

Most researchers, I believe, have concluded that Scarberry is most likely a
"nickname" she gave herself, and that she was born "Sarah", although there
is no marriage or birth record to back that up.


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> Hi Guys:
> Have been reading the new questions relating to Scarberry being a
> Berryman.
> This to me seems to be improbable but possible. I don't believe anyone in
> their right mind would pin a name like ScarBERRY BERRYman on their child.
> If
> you GOOGLE Berryman Genealogy, and scroll down to "Berryman Family Table
> of
> Contents" you will find more Berryman genealogy, including wills than you
> can
> read in a short while. Also I have the Family Tree Maker CD entitled, "
> Genealogical Records: Colonial Virginia Source Records, 1600s-1700s".
> It
> contains page after page after page of genealogy on the Berrymans as well
> as the
> Talliaferros. There is nothing to indicate a connection to our Scarberry
> throughout the entire 1700s. Let's not waste our time on pure
> speculation until
> there is better information.
> On page 18 of the book "Boiling Springs First Baptist Church: Where The
> Saints Have Trod", the membership roll of 1792-1800 lists some of the
> charter
> members. They are, William Brannon, Scarberry Blackwell Brannon, Josiah
> Blackwell, Nancy Blackwell, and Sarah Blackwell. The preacher at that
> time was
> Rev. B. L. Blackwell. He is listed on page 63.
> Just some more food for thought.
> Betty
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