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Subject: [BRANSON] Bransons, others in Caroline, VA
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2007 14:54:26 EDT

I recently went through the Caroline Co., VA marriages, 1782-1810, and found
some familiar names. Caroline Co. is where John Bransome was listed in the
1810 census and it is where Martha Patsy Branson married Andrew Ramsey.
Martha was mentioned in the will of Larkin Branson, listed as his sister.
William Shaddock was one of the witnesses and I found his marriage record in
Carolina, VA also. He married Patsy Samuel. Many of these people with familiar
last names were married by a John Sorrill.

Some of the familiar last names include Dillard, Bumpass, Boulware, Ramsey,
Mayfield, Catlett, Covington, Noell and Terrell.

Looking at each name....

Dillard - the Dillards of Caroline, VA were related to the Dillards who were
allied with Jared Branson Sr.
Bumpass - some of them were allied with Jared Branson in MO-not sure if they
were related to Caroline, VA Bumpass families
Boulware - Some of the Boulwares moved to Gasconade, MO and lived near Jared
Ramsey - allied with Larkin Branson
Mayfield - Henry Mayfield was related to Elisha Seth Mayfield whose
prob.dau. Myra married John Taylor? Branson, Marion, TN
Catlett - were allied with the Triplett family that was allied with the
Jett, Shockley and other families
Covington - indirectly allied with John Franklin Branson in MO
Noell - allied with Cheatham, Doak and other families
Terrell - allied with the Bransons in MO (not sure if they were related to
those in Caroline, VA)

Tabitha (Angelica?) Cheatham married John Noel. Tabitha was the widow of
Larkin Branson. John Noel and Tabitha Cheatham had a daughter Elizabeth Noel
who was born c1798. She married Samuel Doak on Oct. 27, 1829 in Fluvanna, VA.
Samuel Doak was the grand nephew of David Doak who died in Montgomery, VA
where Jared Branson Sr. lived. David Doak's son James Doak was involved in a
land transaction with Jared Branson Sr. in Patrick, VA in 1798. (Some
researchers report that Tabitha and Angelica Cheatham were the same person -
others show them are two different people. Either way, they were probably related
(if not the same person) because they both were born at about the same time
and lived in Fluvanna, VA.)

The 1782 Montgomery VA PP Tax List shows all of the above mentioned Doaks
and Jarret "Bransom". Interesting that Jarret's last name was spelled with an
"m" just as Larkin and John Bransom / Bransome spelled their names in
Fluvanna and Caroline, VA.

John Bransome in 1810 Caroline, VA was not Larkin's son John because he and
his son John were listed in 1810 Fluvanna, VA. John Bransome was age 45+ so
born before 1765. Since there were quite a few families living near him
who were allied with Jared, and since Jared was involved in a land transaction
with a relative of Tabitha (Angelica?) Cheatham's daughter, I feel there is a
strong possibility that John Bransome was the father of Jared and Larkin.
Other relatives of Tabitha Cheatham also lived near Jared in VA.

A roster of Civil War soldiers in Patrick, VA shows that W. T. Noel was a
2nd Lt. in the Patrick, VA 50th Reg., Company K. In the same Company, B. F.
Cloud (Benjamin Franklin cloud) was a 3rd Lt. and Cloud Mankin, Joel Mankin,
Edward McMillon and several Pucketts served in that Company.

The Mankins were allied with the Maynor family that was allied with the
family of Levi Branson Sr. and also mentioned in marriage bonds of Patrick, VA
for Jared Branson Jr. and John Branson. The Clouds were allied with the family
of Lionel Branson Sr. Some of the Pucketts lived near Jared Branson in
Patrick, VA and were of the Quaker Puckett family. Edward McMillan was the
brother of John McMillan who married Martha Branson, dau. of John Jefferson
Branson. His brother Thomas McMillan married Martha's sister, Mary Branson.
Edward McMillan was born c1811 so I'm not sure if he was the one who served in the
Civil War, but he was most likely related.

2nd Lt. W. T. Noel was Walker Timberlake Noel, born 1837, the grandson of
Tabitha (Angelica) Cheatham. Cloud Mankin was probably a descendant of Lucinda
Cloud and James Mankin - James was the son of Jesse Mankin who was surety on
those Patrick, VA marr. bonds. Lucinda Cloud was the dau. of Rev. Wm. Cloud
who was the 1st cousin of Daniel Cloud who married Elizabeth Branson, dau.
of Lionel Branson Sr.

If you have further information on any of the people listed in the Caroline,
VA marriage records below, could you please share it with the list?

Please report any errors.


1782 Montgomery County, Virginia Personal Property Tax List
Doak, David, Jun. 1 5 6
Doak, David, Sen. 1 6 15
Doak, James 1 2
Doak, Samuel 1 4 8
Doak, William 1 6 13
Bransom, Jarret 1 2 2
Branson, Thomas 1 3 6

1861-65 Patrick County, Virginia Muster Roll
Roll of Company K, 50th Regiment of Confederate States Army
W. T. Noel Second Lieutenant
B. F. Cloud Third Lieutenant (grandson of Rev. Wm. Cloud)
Mankins, Joel Died Point Lookout
Mankins, Cloud
Mankins, _____
McMillon, Edward
Puckett, Reed
Puckett, Robert
Puckett, Elijah
Puckett, Doctor
Puckett, Ephraim
Puckett, John

Marriages of Caroline Co., VA (where John Bransome lived in 1810)
Alexander Noell and Sara Ayres no date
David Dillard and Susannah Stephens, Feb, 28, 1795 by John Sorrill
William Dillard and Elizabeth Jacob, Oct 9, 1809
Caty Boulware and ----- Edderds, no date
Elizabeth Covington of age 16, and William Armstrong, Feb. 17, 1804, by John
Thomas Ayres and Molly Noell, Jan 16, 1787
Elizabeth Noell and John Bell, Sept. 11, 1802 by John Sorrill
Nutty Dillard and Lewis Bell, Dec. 20, 1793 by John Sorrill
Sally Doggett and William Bell, no date
Sally Daniel and Thomas Blackburn, Mar 13, 1794, by John Sorrill
Lee Boulware and Catherine F. Miller, June 26, 1804, Andrew Boulware
guardian of Catherine, by John Sorrill
Reuben Boulware and Mary Merritt, June 11, 1796 by John Sorrill
Margaret Noell and Joell Bowles, Mar 18, 1800, by John Sorrill
John Bumpass Jr and Elizabeth Dickinson, Mar 2, 1803
Sally Boulware and Edmund Clarke, Dec 26, 1799 by John Sorrill
Thomas Covington and Catherine Boulware, dau of Reuben Boulware, Sept 27,
1809, sec & wit, Thomas Covington
Polly Holloway and John Cox, May 13, 1794 by John Sorrill
John Daniel and Martha Terrell, Feb. 7, 1806, by Andrew Broaddus
Lucy Dillard and William Gayle, Nov. 10, 1797, by John Sorrill
Betsy Daniel and William Hall, Mar 19, 1801 by John Sorrill
Hannah Wright and Thomas Haynes, Jan. 2, 1792, by John Sorrill
Frances Holloway and William Hudson, Oct. 5, 1794 by John Sorrill
Milly Dillard and William Hutcheson, Apr 3, 1795, by John Sorrill
Judith Catlett and Edmund Jones, son of James decd. of Essex Co, Oct 22, 1804
Polly Terrill and James Jones, Sept. 14, 1807 by H. Goodloe Sr.
Elizabeth Doggett and Standfield Jones, March 1808, by Hipkins Pittman
Caty Covington and Lee Lewis, no date, by John Shackelford
Henry Mayfield and Milly Davey, no date, by Henry Goodloe (Henry was prob.
1st cousin, 1Xremoved of Elisha Seth Mayfield)
Sarah Boulware and James Merriner, Dec. 11, 1809, sec & wit, Muscoe Boulware
Lucy Hayns (age 22) and Joseph Mullin, Jan 20, 1803 by J. Sorrill, sec & wit
William Mullin
Sally Daniel and Joseph Pitts, no date, by Andrew Broaddus
Patsy Branson and Andrew Ramsey, Dec. 12, 1804, by J. Sorrill, sec & wit
William Shaddock and John M. Turner
Susannah Holloway and Thomas Royston, no date, by John Shackelford
Nancy Boulware and Henry Samuel, Dec 14, 1799, by John Sorrill
Sarah Aylette and James Satterwhite, Oct 16, 1802, by Rice Haggard
Betty Page Dillard and Isaac Scysel, Sept 28, 1794, by John Sorrill
Sally Boulware and Francis Self, Dec. 22, 1796, by John Sorrill
John Shaddock and Ann Satterwhite, June 16, 1810, by H. Pittman
William Shaddock and Patsy Samuel, Dec 31, 1800, by J. Sorrill
Polly Daniel and Samuel Sneed, Sept. 30, 1797 by J. Sorrill
Sally Chapman and Phillip Sorrell, Jan 30, 1800, by J. Sorrill

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