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Subject: Re: [BRANSON] Ipswich, England Names in Virginia
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2011 18:12:51 EST

The Shermans of East Bergholt, Suffolk and Dedham, Essex, the Cloptons of
Suffolk, England, the Coxes of Great Coggeshall, Essex, the Coles of Dedham,
Essex were all connected by marriage, based on information from several
wills in the 1600s in England. William Cox of Coggeshall, Essex and Samuel
Sherman of Dedham, Essex were cousins of Rebecca Cole of Dedham. The will of
Thomas Cox of Coggeshall was proved Dec. 3, 1640 by his son John Cox. Thomas
Webb also lived in Dedham and a Captain Webb was mentioned in the same will
as William Cox and Samuel Sherman.

Samuel Sherman of Dedham was related by marriage to the Peake family. Mary
Branston of Essex, England married Thomas Peake, probably of the same
family. The Shermans and Branstons were also allied with the Woodgates of East

Thomas Branston of East Bergholt and Flowton, Suffolk left property to his
son John Branston that was located in Dedham, Essex and it was property that
John lived on. I believe this John was the father of Thomas Branston and
John Bradston who came to Virginia before 1638. John Branston of Dedham
married Mary Burwell who was probably related to Lewis Burwell of early Virginia
and also to John Burwell and his wife Margaret Cocke of Suffolk, England.
It is possible that Mary Burwell Branston's mother was Margaret Cocke
Burwell. If so, this is a connection by marriage between the Cox/Cocke family of
Essex, England and the Branston family of Essex and Suffolk.

I have not yet learned the exact connection between the Coxes and the
Shermans but they were both cousins of Rebecca Cole of Dedham. "Robert Cole the
elder of East Bergholt" was found in records of Ipswich when he wrote a
letter to the Bailiffs of Ipswich in 1570. Robert Cole married Joan Clarke,
possibly related to the Clarke family that was connected to some of the
families allied with the Branstons of East Bergholt and John Clarke of East
Bergholt married Mary Branston.

The Clopton family of Essex, England was allied with the Cocke family of
Ipswich and the Doggett family. Elizabeth Clopton baptized July 9, 1601; m.
George Cocke of Ipswich, merchant. Her sister Margery Clopton baptized at
Groton, Suffolk, June 18, 1590, m. April 22, 1617, Thomas Doggett, son and
heir of William Doggett of Suffolk, England. Thomas Doggett's brother William
junior was the father of Benjamin Doggett of Ipswich, Suffolk, who died 1682
in Lancaster, VA where John Cox of Piscataway Creek, Old Rappahannock was a
Justice. (NOTE: Thomasine Clopton, sister of Margery and Elizabeth,
married John Winthrop, Gov. of Massachusetts. He also married Margaret Tindall,
daughter of Sir John Tindall of Essex, England. Margaret was probably
related to Robert Tindall, sole heir of Thomas L. Branson of New Jersey in his
seaman's will of 1696 in England. A younger Robert Tindall, son of John, was
also in Burlington, NJ where Thomas L. Branson lived.)

Benjamin Doggett married Jane Garrard born c1643, daughter of Edward
Garrard of Hadleigh, Suffolk, England. She died 1687 in Lancaster, VA. Jane
Garrard may have been related to Martin Garrard who married Elizabeth Webb of
Dedham, Essex and Martin Garrard who married Priscilla Sherman of Dedham
(related to the Shermans mentioned above.)

William Clopton, related to the above Cloptons, was a passenter to VA
between 1655 and 1690. A Walter Clopton owned land in Henrico, VA near Richard
Cocke and John Bolling in 1721. Cloptons are also mentioned in the vestry
book of St. Paul's Parish, Hanover, VA as early as 1690. Several Bransons
lived in St. Paul's Parish King George-Stafford, Va.

I have already posted this: Jane Cox, daughter of Vincent Cox of
Northumberland, VA married Henry Boggess, descendant of John Boggas of Suffolk,
England, brother of William Boggas of Flowton, Suffolk who married Mary Branston,
daughter of Thomas and sister of John Branston. There is reason to believe
that Vincent Cox was possibly related to John Cox of Old Rappahannock, Va
who may have been connected to the Henrico Cockes.

It is apparent that the Cocke/Cox family of Essex, England was connected to
families allied indirectly with the Branstons of Essex and Suffolk, England.


In a message dated 1/5/2011 8:15:16 AM Pacific Standard Time,

If we look at some names of the Virginia adventurers and businessmen of the
Virginia Company of London and compare it to the passenger and immigration
list to Virginia we see many names and surnames that were mentioned in
records of Ipswich, Suffolk, England (see list below). The Branstons and
Bransons were also mentioned in records of Ipswich along with others who
allied with them (Goodwin, Sherman, Manser, Rivett, Woodgate, Burrough,
Johnson, Browning, etc.).

Included in this list are William Coxe and Richard Cocke both mentioned in
Ipswich as Bailiffs and/or Lord Chamberlains. This, along with other
evidence convinces me that Thomas Branston who was transported to VA by
Cox of Henrico" was acquainted with hin or his relatives in Suffolk,
John Bradston transported by Adam Thorowgood was probably the brother of
Thomas or a close relative. This places the Branston-Cox relationship back

For those interested in the Ipswich records I've included a list of items I
extracted from these records below. Some of those mentioned probably had
relatives allied with familiar families later in Virginia or elsewhere.
(Piggott, Bray, Bernard, Webb, Forrest, Haile, Wells, Osborne, Reynolds,


Passenger and Immigration Lists
Tho Johnson 1628 Virginia - mentioned in Ipswich
Jon. Bradston 1628 Virginia - this surname mentioned in Ipswich
Tho Braneston 1638 Virginia - mentioned in Ipswich
Math Brownridge 1637 Virginia - mentioned in Ipswich
Math Browning 1653 Virginia - this surname mentioned in Ipswich
Henry Woodhouse 1655 Virginia - mentioned in Ipswich
Robert Barker 1619 Virginia - mentioned in Ipswich
John Barker 1618-1619 Virginia - mentioned in Ipswich
Edward Webb 1647 Virginia - this surname mentioned in Ipswich
Edward Cage 1634 Virginia - mentioned in Ipswich
Robert Cutler 1607 Jamestown, Virginia - mentioned in Ipswich
Henry Isham 1626 Virginia
Thomas Wells 1650 Virginia
John Farrar 1623 Virginia - mentioned in Ipswich
Thomas Farrar 1620 Virginia - this surname mentioned in Ipswich
William Farrar 1618 Virginia - this surname mentioned in Ipswich
William Taylor 1638 Virginia - this surname mentioned in Ipswich
Thomas Sparrowe 1635 Virginia - mentioned in Ipswich
William Bennett 1623 Virginia
Robert Pennington 1606 Virginia
John Gardiner 1607-1816 Virginia - mentioned in Ipswich
Thomas Forrest 1607 Jamestown, Virginia - this surname mentioned in
Robert Aston 1624 Virginia
Walter Aston 1634-1656 Virginia
John Taverner 1607 Jamestown, Virginia
Anthony Gosnold 1606 Virginia
John Allen 1622 Virginia
John Jones 1619 Virginia
William Strachey 1609-1610 Virginia
George Yardlie 1616 Virginia
N. Salter 1620 Virginia
William Coxe 1610 26 abt 1584 Virginia - mentioned in Ipswich
Richard Cocke 1627 Virginia - mentioned in Ipswich
John Sicklemore/John Ratcliffe 1607 Virginia - mentioned in Ipswich
William Smart 1635 Virginia - mentioned in Ipswich
Thomas Haile 1623 Virginia - surname mentioned in Ipswich
John Goodwin 1635 Virginia - mentioned in Ipswich
Adam Thorogood 1621 Virginia
Jon. Cox 1637 Virginia

Genealogy Gleanings in England
A gift to Robert Cutler of Ipswich, Suffolk, gent, 20 June 1612

Transported by Adam Thorowgood to VA in 1628:
Adam Thorowgood and wife Sarah, Thomas Thoroughgood, Francis Newton, James
Leading, Stephen Bernard, Jon. Newarke, Edward Pitts, Rich. Jenerie, Wm.
Edwards, Dennis Russell, Jon. Barnards, Jon. Waters, Jon. Leake, Thomas
Johnson, John Bradston, Richard Jego, Thomas Brooks, Jon. Moyse, John
Edward Parish, Thomas Melton, Augustine Warner, Tho. Chandler, Andrew
Chant, John
Percie, Edmund Wallis, Thomas Boulton, Robert Heasell, Richard Johnson,
Margaret Bilbie, Jane Prosser, Jane Westerfield, Ann Spark, Susan Colson.

1417 Hugh Hoo, Bailiff, St. Nicholas
1417 John Bernard, Coronoer, St. Nicholas
1419 Robert Lucas Bailiff
1434 Thomas Denys, Bailiff
1490 Thomas Gardyner, Bailiff, St. Mary Elms
1490 John Hale, Bailiff, St. Matthews
1522 Richard Smarte, Bailiff
1535 Thomas Manser, Bailiff
1549 John Holt, gent sent letter to Bailiffs of Bury St. Edmonds
1555-56 Robert Sparowe, Chamberlain
1560-66 John Gardener, Bailiff
1562-63 John Barker, Chamberlain; Robert Bray and Robert Barker, Bailiffs
1567-68 Robert Barker, Bailiff
1568-69 Robert Cutler, Bailiff
1569-70 William Smart, Bailiff
1571 John Gardener and John Barker, Bailiffs
1570 William Smart, Bailiff
1570-71 William Cutler, Chamberlain; John Gardener, Bailiff
1572-73 Robert Sparrowe, Bailiff
1573-74 Robert Cutler, Bailiff
1575-76 Robert Barker, Chamberlain
1575-76 William Smart and Edward Goodynge, Bailiffs
1576-77 John Barker, Bailiff
1578-79 Edward Revett, Chamberlain
1578-79 Robert Cutler, Bailiff
1581-82 John Barker, Edward Goodinge, Bailiffs
1582-83 Thomas Sherman, Edward Cage, Chamberlains
1583-84 Robert Cutler and William Bloyse, Bailiffs
1583-84 Robert Cutler, Chamberlain
1586 George Webbe, clerk of the jail at Ipswich
1586-87 Robert Haile, Chamberlain; William Smart, Bailiff
1586-87 Robert Cutler, Treasurer
1587-88 William Sparrowe, Chamberlain
1587-88 John Barker, Edward Goodwin, Bailiffs
1588-89 Edward Cage, Treasurer
1589-90 Richard Marten, Chamberlain; Robert Cutler, Bailiff
1590-91 George Parkhurst, Chamberlain; Robert Cutler, Bailiff
1590-93 Thomas Sicklemore, Treasurer
1591-92 William Cock, Chamberlain
1592-93 Edward Cage, Bailiff
1593-94 William Smarte, Bailiff
1593-95 Thomas Sherman, Treasurer
1595-96 Robert Cutler, Bailiff
1596-97 William Bloyse, Robert Barker, Bailiffs
1597 William Sparrowe and John Brownrigg, Bailiffs, St. Matthews
1598-99 Robert Scarlett, Chamberlain; Robert Cutler, Bailiff
1601-02 Edward Cage, Wm. Sparrowe, John Warde, George Parkhurst, Governors
1603-04 Matthew Brownrigg, Treasurer
1605-06 Richard Cocke, Chamberlain
1605-06 William Sparrowe, Matthew Brownrigg, Bailiffs
1606-07 William Cage, Chamberlain
1607-08 Robert Goodinge, Chamberlain
1608-09 Thomas Johnson, Chamberlain
1609-10 Thomas Hailes, Chamberlain
1610-11 Thomas Woodgate, Chamberlain
1610-11 Robert Goodinge, Treasurer
1610-11 William Cage, William Sparrowe, Bailiffs
1610 Robert Cole, Treasurer
1611 Sir Edward Coke, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas
1611-12 Robert Cutler, Matthew Brownrigg, Bailiffs
1612-13 Richard Cocke, Richard Marten, Bailiffs
1613-14 Thomas Johnson, Treasurer
1614-15 Joseph Parkhurst, Chamberlain
1615-16 Thomas Johnson, Thomas Sicklemore, Bailiffs
1616-17 Richard Cocke, Robert Gooding, Wardens, Richard Cocke, Rentwarden
1616-17 William Bloyse, William Cage, Bailiffs
1617-18 Robert Cutler, Richard Martin, Bailiffs
1618-19 Richard Cocke, Matthew Brownrigg, Bailiffs
1620-21 Robert Goodinge, Samuel Cutler, Bailiffs
1623-24 William Cage, Bailiff
1624-25 Matthew Brownrigg, John Sicklemore, Bailiffs
1625-26 Richard Cocke, John Sicklemore, Matthew Brownrigg, Bailiffs
1626-27 Barnaby Burroughe, Chamberlain
Oct 31, 1585 - Ffeofment in St. Clement's to William Searles, Thomas
Glascocke Senior, William Cock, John Brunnynge, Robert Braye and others
May 16, 1426 Shop formerly of John Gerard of Ipswich, St. Lawrence
Sep 25, 1482, Demise to Richard Osborne of Ipswich, St. Helens
Sep 26, 1842 premises near land of John Halle, St. Helen's
Aug 26, 1499 Grant from Thomas Baldry and Edmund Daundy, Bailiffs to Robert
Elys, land near William Manser, St. Helen's
Aug 26, 1499 Grant from Thomas Baldry and Edmund Daundy, Bailiffs nearl and
of John Halle
Jan 20, 1535, parcel of void ground from Nicholas Harvy and Thomas Manser,
Bailiffs, to Thomas Beale
Mar 12, 1492 To William Myxer of Ipswich, barker near land of Thomas
Aug 15, 1570 grant from Bailiffs to Thomas Bobbett of Ipswich, innholder,
St. Mary Elms
Aug 26, 1434, St. Mary At Quay, Thomas Denys, Bailiff, witness: John Tyndale
Feb 5, 1439 St. Mary at Quay, to Thomas Denys
Apr 25, 1446 St. Mary at Quay, to Thomas Denys
Mar 31, 1466, St. Mary at Quay, land near John Osberne
Mar 19, 1535 St. Mary le Tower, grant from Nicholas Harvy and Thomas
Manser, Bailiffs to William Barone on garnden of John Aleyn and near Thomas
Aug 2, 1518,land near William Barker, cooper, St. Matthews
Aug 12, 1421, St. Nicholas, to Richard Chamberleyn of Chelmyngton, Thomas
Denys, Thomas Chamberleyn of Ipswich and wife Alice
May 27, 1536 St. Nicholas, to Robert Bobet Senior of Ipswich, mercer, near
Thomas Clere of Colchester
Sep 18, 1570 St. Nicholas, land near Thomas Bobbett and land late of Robert
Jul 29, 1585 St. Nicholas, land near William Webbe
oCT 4, 1473 St. Peter's, from Bailiffs to Nicholas Wynter, land near John
Jul 31, 1509 St. Peter's, to Robert Goodwyn
Jun 30, 1513 St. Peters, to Robert Goodwyn; Robert Bray appointed attorney
Mar 1, 1515 St. Peters, to Thomas Reynold of Ipswich, tailor; Robert Bray
Mar 31, 1468 from Robert Halle, Bailiff
Sep 17, 1479 grant to Richard Osberne
Jan 30, 1335, piece of land in Claydon, from Roger Golding to John Ayston
of Claydon, chaplain, near Richard le Cok
Nov 2, 1343, land in Claydon, near John Cok
Jan 21, 1352, from Thomas de Cok of Barham to Robert Gulle of Claydon on
Highway from Ipswich
Oct 1, 1343, premises near Richard le Cook annual rent in Claydon
Jun 12, 1371, from Ralph le Coke to Hugh Bugg and William Crispyn all of
Creeting All Saints
Dec 20, 1477, from John Coke of Coddenham, son of late John Coke Sen,. of
Creeting All Saints and wife Agnes to Thomas Coke, wife Margaret of
All Saints near land of Thomas Bugg and Gilbert Debenham
Jan 17, 1480 from Hugh Crispyn of Creeting All Saints to Thomas Cook
(Cock?), Robert Cook (Cock?)
May 16, 1426 John Gerard of Ipswich, mercer, lately of Stephen Benton shop
near St. Lawrence churchyard
Nov 16, 1611, Sir Edward Coke Chief Justice of the Common Pleas to Sir
Anthony Felton and Sir Edmund Wythepolle, Knights
Sep 14, 1614, Portmans Meadow in occupation of Richard Cocke in Ipswich and
Stoke by Ipswich mortgage to Wm. Bloyse, Thomas Blosse, and Richard Marten,
all of Ipswich, gents
Apr 12, 1559 Robert Cocke of Bramford, husbandman, lease for 10 years
Feb 16, 1605, lease of land by Katherine Dameron of Rushmere
Nov 15, 1625, Matthew Brownrigge and John Sicklmore, Bailiffs messuage in
MS, William Dade of Tannington, gent. and Anne Dade of Crowfield, widow to
Jeronna Cattlinge of Ipswich, clerk,
July 29, 1585 land near the wall of William Webbe and near St. Nicholas
Church, Ipswich
Sep 8, 1467, Lease to William Sorrell and John Gardenere, both of Bramford
for 7 years
Oct 9, 1475, from William Bernard, cousin and heir to John Bernard Senior,
late of Akenham, to Margaret Webbe, wife of William Webbe, and daughter of
late Margaret More of Tattingstone
Mar 30, 1570 Thomas Baylye land near Edmund Talbott, sailor of Ipswich to
Henry Charles of Ipswich
May 27, 1536, Robert Bobet Senior of Ipswich land near Thomas Clere of
Aug 10, 1570 land to John Gardner of Ipswich, clothier, one of the Portmen
of Ipswich near William Barbor
Apr 25, 1599, lands in Barking to Thomas Johnson
Jan 16, 1513 detention of Chattels, Richard Thurston and wife Joan
Oct 20, 1564 land in Creetings All Saints, to James Ryvett of West
Creeting, gent.
1637 deposition concerning insult offered to Dr. Goade, one of royal
commissioners on Apr 8, 1636
Feb 8, 1570 John Ferrour, late servant unto sheriff of Suffolk to William
Smart, Bailiff, letter asking to execute writ
Apr 3, 1570 Certificate of Robert Wade and Richard Raynold, constables of
June, 1570 Robert Cole the elder of East Bergholt to Robert Kynge and
William Smart, Bailiffs, letter with certificates
July 21, 1570 Henry Woodhowse, Norwich, to the Bailiffs, ordering them on
authority to stay all ships of 30 tons or more, and all mariners within the
port of Ipswich, for the Queen's service, until further notice.
Sep 5, 1570 Francis Noone, Martlesham, to the Bailiffs congratulating them
Dec. 30, 1570 Lionel Throkmorton, John Edwardes, John Bobright, Robert
Smyth, Thomas Curtes, and Edward Field, inhabitants of Bungay to the
asking for financial help for Robert Bode
Nov 20, 1486 lease from Bailiffs to John and William Manser, brothers, John
Smith, Tailor, and Wm. Ropkyn, barker, all of Ipswich

1628 License to Ann Cocke and John Cocke to sell wines
1636 Thomas Dudley is delinquent
1635 Hugh Cock is discharged, having paid
1636 Saer de Hanchacche sought to replevy to Henry Pypestran and Helewysia
his wife and Henry son of Henry Pypestran, and Alice, Emma and Mitilda
sisters of the said Henry son of Henry their lands in, taken into King's
against Matilda late wife of Hugh le Cock
1657 Grant by Gilbert of Little Waldingefeld to Adam de Brantistune

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