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From: Liz Braswell <>
Subject: History of Perquimans County, NC - some early Riggs and Collins
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 14:37:39 -0800 (PST)

"History of Perquimans county, NC as compiled from records found there and elsewhere"

Pasquotank County, March Term 1796.

Enoch Relfe Clk.

Abraham Riggs of Perq, Mar 2, 1759. d. s. p. To wife Jane plantation for life, & at her death to Abraham Riggs (s of John), other legatees: brother John, Elizabeth Bedgood (d of William) Patsy Bedgood, William Bedgood. My kinsman Abraham Riggs, Kinsman Jacob Riggs. Wife, and William Foster, Exrs.

Test? Potsfull Peirce, Joseph Sutton, Joseph Mullin.

No. 68. July 15, 1769. Joseph Turner of Perq, planter?Joseph Sutton Dec, ?did by his will bequeath to his dau's Sarah, & Elizabeth a tract of land called ?Edge Hill? to be equally divided between them, & sd Sarah intermarried with Robert Hosea, who sold her pt to Abraham Riggs, April 15, 1734, & Joseph Turner having married Jane Riggs (widow of Abraham), & Joseph Mullen only surviving son of Elizabeth (nð”Sutton) to whom sd
bequest was made, to sd Mullen conveyed sd land.? Test? John Calloway, Hatten Williams.

No. 50. Abraham Riggs of Pasq, ?doth forever release 100a, on the main Road in Perq Co, unto Capt Joseph Turner, whereon my uncle Abraham Riggs lived, & by will did bequeath to me.? Dec 31, 1761. Test? Rebeccah Clayton, John Clayton.

Riggs, Abraham, that ?Joseph Hasket, Orphan of Anthony, be bound to him, until he be of age, now 13 years old, to learn the Coopers trade.? Apl 1736.

No. 115. May 3, 1753. George Parsons, of Berkeley Parish, Perq Co, planter?for 9 Barrels of pork, pd by Abraham Mullen, of same, planter?sold 50a on No East Side of Perq River, ?part of 356a grt to Richard Whidbee, Oct 19 1716? one half of which sd Whidbee, sold to Samuel Parsons, father of sd George, John, & Mary Parsons. Test? Thos Weeks, Abraham Riggs
From Albemarle Annals


On the 9th of March, 1788, Mr. Pettigrew commenced his Bonarva Plantation on Lake Scuppernong, and probably in the month of June, 1789, left his abode at Harvey's Neck, with his two sons and what he could remove, and landed on the Tyrrell shore, at the mouth of Scuppernong River, which was then the county seat of Tyrrell. The furniture and other articles he had bought, were deposited in the Court House. They landed at the mouth of the river probably on Saturday, and left on Sunday for their new home.

The articles that had been deposited in the Court House were permitted to remain for the present. The new abode to which they were going was not Bonarva for the present. It was a small place on the Southern shore of the Albemarle, in a section known as the sound-side, bordering on and to the East of what bears the name of Shadberry Lane, which is about a quarter of a mile in length, as it runs from the main road to the sound. Between the years 1840-?50, the place was owned and occupied by the late Edward Riggs, a brother of the late Mrs. Josiah Collins, of Somerset place, Lake Scuppernong. Mr. Riggs was a native of Newark, New Jersey, and a highly cultivated gentleman. This place was nearly opposite ?Mulberry Hill,? and convenient by water to Edenton, which two considerations had their influence in inducing Mr. Pettigrew to select it as a temporary residence. Withal it was remarkable for its health.

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