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Subject: Re: [BRASWELL-L] Nathan Brassel, Jefferson Co., GA
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 19:22:44 EDT

I also believe Kendred and Elias were two sons of Nathan.

Third Day's Drawing - March 8

1 4 235 Brassell, Elias - Jefferson County, Waldens

(1827 Georgia Land Lottery, Jefferson County residents by date of
drawing) Source: Reprint of Official Register of Land Lottery of Georgia 1827"
Compiled and Published by Miss Martha Lou Houston, Columbus, Georgia printed by
Walton-Forbes company, Columbus, Georgia 1929

1 is Lee County
District 4
Lot #235

Nathan Brassell's home was quite near the Washington/Jefferson County
line and Elias is listed in 1850 in Washington County, GA, District 91 and
married to Pennima (sp). Both husband and wife born in GA as well as their
five children.

There are other Brassell's living and marrying in Jefferson County.....
What about Robert Braswell who married Lucy Minton July 31, 1817? There is a
Polly (Mary) Brassell who married a Lawson Williams Dec. 5, 1833 and James
Brassell who married Martha Brighton December 18, 1834. Derrill Brassell
and Vashty Vining who married Dec. 30, 1834. James Brassell and Ann (Nancy
Darley, January 4, 1842? Were these part of Henry's lineage?

Who are "others" that have been searching Jefferson County? Kay shared
some of her research.

In a message dated 3/22/2010 2:23:55 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,

You are right June, it is conjecture. But it is very well thought out
conjecture by others as well as myself and based on the fact that
Henry Braswell who came from Kershaw County South Carolina doesn't
show up on the Jefferson County Georgia tax lists until 1826. In 1820
he was on the Kershaw SC census. Henry was 60-70 in 1830 according to
the census and died April 7, 1840.

Hester gave Richmond Co., GA as her place of birth on the 1850 census.
Nathan Sr. is documented there:

1790 - Richmond County, North Carolina Census: NATHAN BRAZELL 1 male
over 16, 2 males under 16, 4 females (Skip 3 names then Arch'd
Johnston, skip 1 name then Lazarus Johnston)

1795 - November 13, Hill, Samuel Berry, dec'd, Appraisement and sale
as taken in possession of Robert Berry Hill, Admr. Wm. Boyd, Reuben
Harrison, Elijah Anderson, Apprs. Purchasers: Maj. Wm. Cowles, Mrs.
Berry Hill, John Kennedy, Major Watson, Eleasor Brack, James Lyons,
John Rivers, M. Wilcher, Edmund Walker, Robt. Berry Hill, Thos.
Waggoner, Matthew Coddell, Henry Noore, Levin Collins, NATHANIEL
BRAZELL, David Dearmon, Henrietta Berry Hill. (Historical Collections
of the Georgia Chapters Daughters of the American Revolution Volume II
Records of Richmond County, Georgia Formerly Saint Paul's Parish
Abstracted and Compiled by Grace Gillam Davidson Pg. 94)

Rebecca, Nancy and Creasy were purchasers at the estate sale when
Nathan's widow, Elizabeth died.

Another thing noticed, it is thought by some that Kindred's middle
name is Elias, but Kindred and Elias might be two different sons. In
1827, listed in Capt. Walden's Dist. are:

Brassel, Elias 32 21,
Brassel, Kendred 33 54,
Brassel, Nathan 33 60,
Brassel, Elizabeth 33 61.

Also, illegitimate children had to have "RESIDENCE SINCE BIRTH" to
participate in the Lottery. Henry's children who were born in South
Carolina most likely didn't have time to procreate children in Georgia
in time to get in on the 1825 entitlement list for participation in
the 1827 Lottery.

A List of Persons Entitled to Draws (1825)
Captain Walden's District No. 79

Nathan Brassel, a man of family, 2 draws

Elias Brassel, single man, 1 draw

Elizabeth Brassel, widow, 1 draw

James & Rebecca Brassel,
orphans of Nathan Brassel, deceased, 1 draw

Kindred Brassel, single man, 1 draw

Marthalin, Sarah, & Nathan E. Brazil,
illegitimate children of Creasy Brazil, 1 draw

Elizabeth B. Brazil,
illegitimate child of Nancy Brazil, 1 draw

Louiza Brazil,
illegitimate child of Lavina Brazil, 1 draw

Polly Brazil,
illegitimate child of Esther Brazil, 1 draw

James Brazil, single man, 1 draw


Person Entitled to Draw

Family (one or two) of illegitimates under 18 years, residence since
birth in Georgia – 1 draw
Family (three or more) of illegitimates under 18 years, residence
since birth in Georgia – 2 draws


Benjamin Brassel & Mary Ann Price 15 Sep 1808 Jefferson
Ellender Brasell & Edmund Price 11 Jul 1811 Jefferson
Sarah Brassell & John Martin 15 Jun 1820 Jefferson
Nathan Brassil & Anny Waldon 20 Sep 1821 Jefferson
Kindred Brassel & Patcy McCoy 21 Aug 1828 Jefferson
James L. Brassel & Lentillis Haynes 15 Jan 1840 Jefferson
Rebecckah Brassel & Pinkney Swansey 18 Apr 1849 Jefferson
William, inherited land in father's will, nothing else known.
Lavina, (Louiza Brazil, illegitimate child of Lavina Brazil, 1 draw)
Lucretia (Marthalin, Sarah, Nathan E Brazil, illegitimate children of
Creasy Brazil, 1 draw)
Hester (Polly Brazil, illegitimate child of Esther Brazil, 1 draw)
Nancy (Elizabeth B. Brazil, illegitimate child of Nancy Brazil, 1 draw)


On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 2:54 AM, <> wrote:

The people listed are found in Jefferson County, Georgia,but may not all
Nathan and Elizabeth's children. This is just conjecture.

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