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From: Ann Braswell <>
Subject: [BRASWELL-L] Henry Braswell of Kershaw Co., SC to Jefferson Co., GA
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2010 22:47:35 -0700

Henry was the reason for getting involved in Jefferson County Georgia.
This is not meant to be complete on Henry's family, but it may seem a
little lengthy because of the need to provide documentation.

Henry was born 1760-1770 and is on the 1810 & 1820 census in Kershaw SC.
Interestingly there on the 1800, UNalpahabetical census, there was 1 name
between one Jacob Braswell and one Edward Bethany. In 1810,
Henry is next door to Edward Bethany and Jacob is gone. Jacob was born
before 1755 according to the 1800 census, so Henry could be the son of

Henry 1st appears in Jefferson Co., GA on the 1826 tax list, then the
1830 census. In 1834 Henry was a tax defaulter and he died April 7,
1840 and did not appear on the 1840 census.

Comparing available census records Henry appears to be the father of
10 children, 5 sons and 5 daughters, born roughly between 1794 & 1825.
Nothing is known about the daughters. By 1830 only one daughter is left
in the parent's home. The following Jefferson County Brassels do not appear
to belong to Nathan & Elizabeth, but to Henry who came from Kershaw
County South Carolina.


It is believed that James married twice.

James Brassel & Martha Bunton 18 Dec 1834 Jefferson
James Brassel & Ann Nancy Darley 7 Jan 1842 Jefferson

Name: James Brazil
Estimated birth year: abt 1811
Gender: Male
Home in 1850: District 48, Jefferson, Georgia
Family Number: 321
Household Members:
Name Age
James Brazil 39 SC
Nancy Brazil 33 SC
Elizabeth Brazil 15 Jeff Cty Ga (Martha's daughter?)
James Brazil 5 Jeff Cty Ga
John W Brazil 3 Jeff Cty Ga
Sarah Brazil 1 Jeff Cty Ga
John Brazil 16 Jeff Cty Ga (a nephew?)


John Brasil & Winney Pittman 31 Dec 1835 Jefferson

Name: John Brassel
Age: 32
Estimated birth year: abt 1818
Gender: Male
Home in 1850: District 28, Emanuel, Georgia
Family Number: 141
Household Members:
Name Age
John Brassel 32 SC
Winney Brassel 28 SC
Liarelen Brassel 3 GA
Elizabeth Brassel 0 GA

DERRELL BRAZIL, wife & daughter's GUARDIAN BOND secured by THOMAS

Derrell Brazil & Vashty Vining 30 Dec 1834 Jefferson

1840 - US Census Jefferson Co., GA: Vashti Brassel 1 female 30-40, 1
female under 5, 1 male 15-20.

1843 - Upon the application of VASHTI BRASSELL to be appointed
Guardian of her daughter SARAH JANE FRANKLIN BRASSELL a minor of
DURRIL BRASSELL Decd It is ordered that letters of Guardianship do
issue to her upon her giving Bond in the sum of Seven Hundred Dollars
and ADEN VINING & THOMAS McWATTY as securities & otherwise qualifying
according to law Whereupon VASHTI BRASSELL Gave Bond in the sum of
Seven Hundred Dollars and ADEN VINING & THOMAS McWATTY as Securities
took the oath prescribed by Law and obtained Letters of Guardianship
of the person and property of said SARAH JANE FRANKLIN BRASSELL in
terms of the law (Jefferson Co., GA page 187)

Thomas McWatty was born in Kershaw Co., SC according to the 1850
census. He is the grandson of John & Anne Fortune. Anne's will is
listed as a Kershaw County will in Camden District dated 1783. She
named Thomas "Mews" as one of her executors and John Morrison was one
of the witnesses. Interestingly, James Muse Jr., whose wife is
thought by many to be Charity Braswell, had a brother named Thomas
Muse and his mother, Sophia supposedly married a John Morrison, and they
seem to be documented in Fairfield Co., SC in 1795. Charity Braswell is
to be the daughter of Valentine & Patience Braswell of Wake County, NC.

Be it known unto all persons That I Sophia Morrison of Fairfield
County and State of South Carolina have Bargained Sold and Delivered
unto Lidda Seale of the same County and State aforesaid one Negro boy
named Dimbo and I the said Sophia Morrison do warrant and defend the
said Negro to the said Lidda Seale from the claim and claims of any
person or persons whatsoever unto which I have Interchangeably set my
hand and affixed my Seal this 18th day of November 1792.
Signed: Sophia (her X mark) Morrison, Signed, Sealed and delivered in
the presence of us Thomas Seale, Joshua Seale, Daniel Seale. Before
me David Evans clerk of Fairfield County appeared Daniel Seal and made
oath that he did see Sophia Morrison sign seal and deliver the within
instrument of writing for the uses and purposes herein mentioned and
did also see Thomas Seal and Joshua Seal subscribe their names as
witnesses thereto at the same time. Sworn before me this 5th day of
December 1795. D Evans CFE, Recd 5th Dec 1795. (Fairfield Co SC Deeds
Book K, 1795-1797, pages 74-75) Copied at SC Archives by LINDA McNIEL

On the facing page was an identical bill of sale from Sophia Morrison
to Lidda Seale for "negroe girl named Lucy." Wit: Thomas Seale, Joshua
Seale, Daniel Seale 5 Dec 1795.


Abraham Brazil & Amy Davis 10 Oct 1844 Warren

1843 – Upon the the application of ABRAHAM BRASSELL for letters of
administration on the Estate & effects of DURRELL deceased and
appearing to the Court that Citation has been legally issued and no
objections having been filed. It is therefore ordered that Letters do
issue to him on said estate upon his giving Bond in the sum of Fifteen
Hundred Dollars and JAMES BRASSELL & JAMES McKIGNEY as Securities and
otherwise complying with the laws of this State Whereupon said ABRAHAM
BRASSELL gave Bond in sum of Fifteen Hundred dollars and JAMES
BRASSELL & JAMES McKIGNEY as Security took the oath required by law
and obtain the Letters of Administration in Said Estate in terms of
the laws of Georgia.

Name: Abraham M Brassell
Age: 30
Estimated birth year: abt 1820
Gender: Male
Home in 1850: Division 90, Warren, Georgia
Family Number: 171
Household Members:
Name Age
Abraham M Brassell 30 SC
Ann Brassell 22 GA
William H H Brassell 5 GA
James F Brassell 3 GA
Richmond Brassell 0 GA>>>>>>THIS SON'S NAME IS RICHARD, see death
certificate at link below.
Lewis Walden 18 GA

Historical Marker with Abraham's name on it:

LEON BRASSEL No marriage record has been found and he is not found
anywhere but on the 1840 census with 1 name between him and James
McKigney, who was security with James Brassel for Abraham Brassel when
Darrell Brassel died. 4 more names and you run into Darrell's widow,
Vashty. There is an 1839 record which documents the death of Nathan's
widow, Elizabeth, so where is Henry's widow who was 50-60 in 1830?
Could she be the elderly woman in Leon's home in 1840? Who is the male
born 1835-1840? Could he be 16 year old John living with James in 1850?

1840 US Census Jefferson co., GA: 1 male 20-30, 1 female 15-20, 1 male
under 5, 1 female 60-70.

If anyone can correct or add to this information it would be appreciated.


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