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Seeking info on Jacob BRASWELL & wife, Judith NOLAND; married Marengo Co.,
Ala. Mary BRASWELL married William A. HILL 1850 Chicot Co., AR. Are they

Please respond to Betty Murray, 331 Castleberry Rd., Greenbrier, AR

* * * * *


William A. HILL b. 5-20-1820 TN, son of Elijah HILL and Louisa HOWARD; md.
7-3-1850 Columbia, Chicot Co., Ark. to Mary BRASWELL b. ca. 1826. Their
children were: 1) William E. BRASWELL b. 7-1851 Ark. 2) John Wesley BRASWELL
b. 23-11-1853 White Co., Tenn.; d. 10-12-1926 White Co., Ark.; md. 17-8-1869
White Co., Tenn. to Martha Jane KEATHLEY. 3) Henry B. BRASWELL b. ca. 1858
White Co., Tenn. 4) Cynthia BRASWELL b. 29-6-1860 White Co., Tenn.; d.
4-7-1955; md. to John BARLOW?

Mary BRASWELL might be related to Jacob BRASWELL who was on the
1850 census in Chicot Co., Ark. (born in Tenn.). He was age 39. Also is the
family was Judith BRASWELL age 36, Henry BRASWELL age 11, Jacob BRASWELL age
9, James BRASWELL age 7, Mathew BRASWELL age 5, William BRASWELL age 2.

Betty Murray, 331 Castleberry Rd., Greenbriar, AR 72058-9424

* * * * *

1) James BRASWELL d. ca. 1764 Edgecombe Co., NC; wife unknown. Children:
2) Joseph BRASWELL
2) Benjamin BRASWELL b. 10 Jan. 1744; d. 25 Feb. 1789 Edgecombe
Co., NC; md. to Mary PERMENTER d. 1809/10 Edgecombe Co., NC; daughter of
James PERMENTER, Sr. and Margaret? Children:
3) James BRASWELL d. 1821/24; md. Crissey
3) John BRASWELL d. ca. 1798 Edgecombe Co., NC
3) Lamon BRASWELL d. 1807 Edgecombe Co., NC
3) Zadock BRASWELL d. aft. 1810; md. 27 Jan. 1800
Edgecombe Co., NC to Sally HOWELL
4) Duncan L. BRASWELL
4) Bennett BRASWELL (1804)
4) Mary P. BRASWELL (1816)
4) Zadoc R. BRASWELL (1826)
4) Baker W. BRASWELL (1827)
4) Lucinda Thornton BRASWELL (1829)
4) Frances Winnefred BRASWELL (1831)
4) Spencer L. BRASWELL (1833)
4) Martha BRASWELL
3) Permenter B. BRASWELL md. ca. 1794 to Margaret
4) Robert Russell BRASWELL b. 7 Feb. 1802
Edgecombe Co., NC; d. Aug. 1848 Edgecombe Co., NC; md. 11 Mar. 1858 to
Anselana STRINGER b. 15 Feb. 1800 Edgecombe Co., NC; d. 28 Apr. 1881,
daughter of William STRINGER and Keziah PITT. Children:
5) Joseph James BRASWELL b. 16 Oct.
1824 Edgecombe Co., NC; md. 7 June 1844 to Lucinda PROCTOR
5) Benjamin Guilford BRASWELL b. 1
Jan. 1827; md. 25 Jan. 1851 to Mary E. HARGROVE
5) Keziah Margaret BRASWELL b. 2 Feb.
1829; md. 19 June 1847 Edgecombe Co., NC to Leaston S. COBB
5) Elizabeth Catherine BRASWELL b. 22
Jan. 1831 Edgecombe Co., NC; d. 1848/50 Edgecombe Co., NC
5) Thomas Permenter BRASWELL b. 2 Nov.
1833; d. 5 Mar. 1907; md. 11 Dec. 1860 Edgecombe Co., NC to Emily STALLINGS.
6) Mack C. BRASWELL (1861)
md. Alice BRYAN
6) Martha BRASWELL (1862)
6) Dr. Mark Russell BRASWELL
(1864) md. Mamie HACKNEY
6) Eula BRASWELL (1866)
6) James Craig BRASWELL
(1868) md. Lillian Grizelle BURTON
6) Martha BRASWELL (1871)
6) Thomas Permenter
BRASWELL, Jr. (1876)
5) Arretta BRASWELL b. 15 May 1835
Edgecombe Co., NC; d. 7 Feb. 1925 Wilson Co., NC; md. 11 Mar. 1858 Edgecombe
Co., NC to James H. DRAUGHAN b. 27 Aug. 1829 Edgecombe Co., NC; d. 29 Aug.
1892 Wilson Co., NC, son of John DRAUGHAN and Winnifred WILLIAMS
5) Robert Stringer BRASWELL b. 8 Mar.
5) Anselana Jane BRASWELL b. 9 Jan.
1842; d. 14 May 1918
5) John Daniel BRASWELL b. 17 Feb.
1844; d. 29 June 1875
4) Benjamin BRASWELL
4) Ann BRASWELL md. Benjamin DAWS
4) Winnifred BRASWELL md. ____ WILLIAMS
3) Simon B. BRASWELL
3) Millie BRASWELL md. ____ RUFFIN
3) Selah BRASWELL md. Samuel RUFFIN, Sr.
3) Winnifred BRASWELL d. ca. 1848 Edgecombe Co., NC; md.
19 July 1799 to Burwell WILLIAMS
2) Sarah BRASWELL md. ____ CAIN
2) Olive BRASWELL md. ____ STINSON
2) Simon BRASWELL md. Mary TURNER

Lineage of Joan Wallace, 11191 Wyandale Rd., Springville, NY 14141

* * * * * *

There has been speculation that Rebecca, wife of Rev. Robert
BRASWELL, was an IZARD. I don't know of any confirmation of that theory, but
the IZZARDs were associated with the BRASWELLs in Isle of Wight Co.,
Virginia. For that reason, the following information is included here.

Isle of Wight County Records

Richard IZARD on a Coroner's Jury. April 14, 1664. Bk. 1, p.8

Richard IZARD, Planter of Isle of Wight Co. from William THOMPSON Mercht. of
same Co. for valuable considerations. 250 acres whereon sd. THOMPSON now
lives, "Which I formerly bought of Robert GODWYN and Jane, his wife, and
given to ye sd. Jane by Francis LYNCH?, her father, which sd. Francis SMITH
(sig. LYNCH?) bought the land of Mrs. Margaret UPTON, Relict of Capt. John
UPTON" all Houses, Edifices, fences orchards gardens with whatsoever thereon
now growing. 26 Jan. 1664. Wit. Thos. WOODWARD, James BAGNALL, John (his
mark) WILLIAMS. Recorded 9 Feoy? 1664. Bk. 1, p.28

Deposition of Richard (his mark) IZARD aged 54 years. 14 Xbr. 1665. Bk. 1,
p. 45.

Mr. IZARD lands adjoin Col. Robert PITT. 9 Mar. 1665. Bk. 1, p.68.

Richard (his mark) IZARD witness to conveyance between Anthony SPILTEMBER
and John JENNINGS.
9 Apr. 1668. Recorded 9 Apr. 1668. Bk. 1, p. 130.

Richard IZARD presented in Court by Charles TOPLADY per his attorney Robt.
KAE. Action of case. 4 Feb. 1668. Recorded 10 Feb. 1668. Bk. 1, p. 169.

Richard IZARD appointed guardian to sons of Robert BRASWELL and granted
administration of the estate of sd. Robert BRASWELL. Bond 5000 lbs. tobacco
& cask. Security Thomas GREEN and Richard PENNY. 20 Aug. 1668. Bk. 2, p.16.

Rebecca IZARD relict of Richard IZARD, decd. granted administration on the
estate of sd. Richard IZARD. Bond 80000 lbs. tobacco & cask. Security Mr.
MARSHALL. Lt. SMITH and Mr. SHARP. 23 7br. 1669. Bk. 2, p.20.

Robert BRASWELL (BRACELL) his heirs: daughter Jane STOCKES, sons Robert &
Richard: Guardian of children Richard IZARD & Geo. GWILLEN. Gave to Richard
IZARD a gold ring. Died possessed of 700 acres of land, a mill and many
negroes. Dated 15 Feby. 1667. Wit. Richard IZARD, George GWILLEN. Proved 1
May 1668. Bk. 2, p. 52.

Will of Richard (his mark) IZARD dated 22 May 1669, "beinge Sicke in Body."
To two daughters Mary IZARD & Martha ISARD Two third parts of all my proper
estate either in land or chattles or my other goods whatsoever belongeth
unto mee. To wife Rebecca IZARD the other third part of my estate and if in
case that either of my daughters Mary & Martha shall dye before they come of
age that then my will is that the survivor of the aforsd Mary & Martha shall
have the aforesd two thirds parte of estate wholly & solitee only it is my
will that if any one of my daughters by surviving obtayne the two thirds of
my estate as aforesd That then the daughter so surviving shall pay out of
the aforesd two thirds unto James BAGNALL the sonne of James BAGNALL two
thousand pounds of Tobacco alsoe that two daughters Mary & Martha remaine
with their Mother and also the divident of my estate bequeathed as aforesd
and she to have the charge of it, untill they come to age. Wife Rebecca
IZARD executrix, and Sonne in law James BAGNALL be overseer of will.
Witnesses John BURWELL, Richard (his mark) ANGLEE Proved & Recorded 9 June
1669. Bk. 2, p. 69.

Mrs. Rebecka IZARD, Patent 250 acres, Isle of Wight Co. 14 Sept. 1670.

Will of Rebecah IZARD dated 20 Oct. 1675 "being sick in body." "After
daughter Rebeccah BAGNALL's estate be taken out of the whole estate of mine
and daughter Martha IZARD & the debts paid then the estate to be equally
divided betwixt me & my aforesd Daughter Martha IZARD then out of my
proportion I give as followeth: To Rebeccah BAGNALL & Mary BENNETT & Martha
IZARD & James BAGNALL the sonne of James BAGNALL, Nehemiah HUNT, the sonne
of Godfrey HUNT & Elizabeth REEVES, the daughter of Henry REEVES all my
proportion of estate before expressed to be equally divided betwixt them and
my will is that my sonne James BAGNALL, Henry REEVES, & Ambrose ? be my
overseers to see this my will performed. Wit. John BURWELL, Wm. WESTAN.
Proved 20 Oct. 1675. Bk. 2, p.135


Note: These records were abstracted by John Bennett Boddie in
Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight County, Virginia. No page numbers were
provided for the original books. Page numbers given correspond to the page
numbers of Boddie's book. My copy of the book was pub­lished in 1980 by The
Genealogical Publishing Company and is currently out of print.

Isle of Wight County
Virginia Quit Rents 1704

BRESSY, Hugh 1000 BRASWELL, Richard 100
EXUM, Francis 200 EXUM, Jeremiah 300
EXUM, Wm. 1440 EXUM, Wm. 150
POPE, Henry 557 POPE, John
POWELL, Thomas 100 POWELL, Widow
POWELL, Wm. 200 SAMPSON, James 1200
WEST, Wm. 250 WEST, Wm.
WILLIAMS, Thomas 100 WILLIAMS, Wm. 100
WILLIAMS, Wm. 1000

County Officers from Isle of Wight and Surrounding Counties

1629 Thomas BURGES
1630 Thomas BURGES
1646 James BAGNALL
1668 James POWELL
1677 Major James POWELL
1680 Lt. Col. James POWELL
Jeremiah EXUM
Lt. George MOORE
1693 Jeremiah EXUM
1694 Jeremiah EXUM
1738-42 Capt. John RUFFIN
1744-47 Capt. John RUFFIN
1737-38 Thomas BRYANT
1743-44 Thos. BRYANT

Bertie County North Carolina

Benj. HILL, Needham BRYAN, Wm. CATHCART, Wm. KINCHEN, Peter WEST, Thos.

* * * * *


pg. 114 George WILLIAMS, tailor: Leg. son William to Mr. Pharoah COBB; son
George to Mr. Henry APPLEWHAITE; daughter Elizabeth to Mr. William BRESSIE
and his wife Susanna, if it shall please God to send them back to Virginia.
Mr. Arthur SMITH, Pharoah COBB, and Henry APPLEWHAITE, overseers. D. Feb.
12, 1671 R. Oct. 9, 1672 Wit.: Giles LIMSCOTT, Richard LEWIS.

George WILLIAMS: By will appointed his friends, Mr. Arthur SMITH, Mr. Pharo
COBB and Mr. Henry APPLEWHAITE his overseers. Oct. 9, 1672 R. Oct. 13, 1672
Security: Richard SHARPE, Francis AYRES

William WEST: Leg. son Thomas; daughter Sarah if she marries Samuel
WILLIAMS; daughter Elizabeth, daughter Mary, daughter Ann. D May 4, 1719 R
July 28, 1719 Wit.: Richard PRICE, Joseph GODEN (GODWIN)

[Note: William WEST married Rebecca BRASWELL, daughter of Robert and Rebecca

Robert BRASWELL: appt'd his sons Richard and Robert his executor, Mr. George
GWILLIAM [Welsh for WILLIAMS?] and Mr. Richard IZARD his overseers,
qualified during their minority. May 1, ____ R Aug. 20, 1668 Security Mr.
Thomas GREEN, Richard PENNY

Richard BRASWELL: Leg. son William and son Joseph, my exers., daughter
Elizabeth; son John; loving wife. D Apr. 21, 1744 R Aug. 26, 1745 Wit.:
Benjamin JOHNSON, Jr., Joseph WOODWARD, Arthur EDWARDS

Susannah BRASWELL: Leg. son Richard; son William; granddaughter Elizabeth
BRASWELL; daughter Ann; grandson John RIGGS; son James. Trustees: Richard
JONES and Richard JORDON. D Oct. 22, 1714 R June 26, 1732. Wit.: William
ALLEN, Richard JONES, Richard JORDON

James BRASWELL witnessed the will of Samuel KINDRED 25 Jan. 1728/29

Henry POPE: Leg. son William, son Henry, son Richard, son Jacob, son John,
daughter Mary WILLIAMS, daughter Jane BRASWELL, son Joseph, daughter
Mourning, son Thomas, son Samuel, D May 28, 1728 R Oct. 28, 1728 Wit.:
Epenetus GRIFFIN, John DENSON, Jr., Martin CLEUSE (?)

Jane ROBERTS: Leg. son Robert ELEY, . . . to Thomas JONES the land he bought
of my brother Richard BRASWELL 26 June 1711

Sarah BRASWELL: Leg. grandson John BRASWELL, Jr.; daughter Jane, grandson
Benjamin BRASWELL; to the other children of my son, John, viz. Mary,
William, Sampson. Exs. son John BRASWELL and grandson John BRASWELL D Mar.
20, 1733/34 R May 26, 1735 Wit.: Richard BLOW, Jr., Samuel SMITH, Samuel

Joyce CRIPPS. Leg. husband George CRIPPS . . . Susan BRASWELL, my sister's
daughter, D Apr. 18, 1679

* * * * *


pg. 278 William BRASWELL's name appears on the tax list of 1716. Appearing
next is Sam Mck WILLIAMS. Also nearby were Peter WEST, Pilgrim WILLIAMS,
Arthur WILLIAMS and another WILLIAMS whose given name is hard to read.

pg. 316 Captain Robert PATTERSON's Company included the areas of Meherin
Creek to Mehering (sic) River and up both sides of the river. In addition to
William BRASWELL the following were on the militia list: Joseph WILLIAMS,

pg. 328 The widow of William BRASWELL, Mary BRASSWELL (sic) paid taxes for
1720 and 1721 on 1600 acres of land. Nearby on the list was also John BRYANT
at Menheering (sic) who owned 100 acres. Also nearby were Arthur WILLIAMS,
Thomas HILLYARD. Robert BRASWELL's name appears on pg. 331. Near Robert are
Berriday MELTON, Aaron DRAKE, Peter WEST (listed as having paid levy
before), Samuel WILLIAMS and Elizabeth MELTON. On page 341 the name BRASWELL
appears again for 1600 acres (probably Mary again).


Bk. 1, pg. 173, John COUNCILL, 4 Mar. 1711/12, 400 acres on a Cypress swamp
on Morattuck River, joining William BRASWELL

Bk. 1, pg. 173, William BRASWELL, 4 Mar. 1711/12, 640 acres on a Cypress
swamp issuing out of Morattuck River, joining ye meanders of ye sd. swamp.

Bk. 1, pg. 174, William BRASWELL, 4 Mar. 1711/12, 640 acres on a Cypress
swamp on Maratuck River joining John HATHHORN, another Cypress swamp, ye
head of ye Meadow branch and ye sd. Cypress swamp.

Bk. 3, pg. 106, Richard BRASWELL, 8 Sept. 1722, 245 acres on the south side
of Morattock River which was surveyed by George GLADSTON in 1709, joining
the Miery Branch, William BOON, and the windings of the river.

Bk. 3, pg. 107, George STEPHENS, 8 Sept. 1722, 344 acres in Chowan precinct
on the north side of Morattock River, joining Saml. MERIOT, Richard
BRASWELL, a papa gum slash and a Meadow

Bk. 3, pg. 109, Mary BRASWELL, 8 Sept. 1722, 300 acres in Chowan precinct on
the north side of Morattock River, joining a little branch, BRASWELL's
supposed line, William BRASWELL, a slash, and the low grounds of the river.

Bk. 3, pg. 138, Jacob BRASWELL, 26 Mar. 1723, 528 acres on the north side of
Morattock River, joining the Gum swamp, George STEVENS, JEFFRIES, Richard
BRASWELL, Hogpen Meadow and John COTTEN.

Bk. 3, pg. 139, Samuel ELLSON, 26 Mar. 1723, 540 acres on the north side of
Maherine River, joining Mary BRASWELL, FALK, CHESSER, and the windings of
the river.

Bk. 3, pg. 139, Thomas HART, 26 Mar. 1723, 90 acres on the north side of
Morattock River, joining the Indian quarter swamp, Simon JEFFRIES and

Bk. 3, pg. 194, Richard BRASWELL, Jr., 1 Feb. 1725, 639 acres on the south
side of Cuskey Swamp in Bertie precinct, joining the swamp and BRASWELL.

Bk. 3, pg. 195, Richard BRASWELL, 1 Feb. 1725, 657 acres at Kesiah Swamp in
Bertie precinct, joining the swamp.

Bk. 3, pg. 195, Richard BRASWELL, 1 Feb. 1725, 451 acres on the south side
of Kesiah swamp in Bertie precinct, joining Richard BRASWELL, Jr. and the
sd. swamp.


Deed Book W #1, 1696-1719
pg. 166, Sarah SMITH wife of George SMITH to William BRASSELL, 19 Oct. 1713.
Letter of attorney to acknowledge 400 acres on the upper side of Wickacone
Creek to Charles JONES, the sd. land on White Oak Swamp, joining John EARLY.

pg. 167, Judith SMITH, wife of John SMITH to William BRASELL, 19 Oct. ____,
letter of attorney to acknowledge to George SMITH my right of dower to 145
acres on Wickacon Creek, joining Timothy MACARTY and John EARLY. Wit: Tred

pg. 187, Richard BRASSWELL of Ile of Wight Co., Va. to James BRYANT, Sr. of
the same Co., planter, 14 Mar. 1708, for 4000 lbs of tobacco, assign my
right, title and interest in the within mentioned patent. Wit: James BRYANT,
Sr. (his mark), John DEW

pg. 201, (part of a deed) Simon KNIGHT to John WELSH, 80 acres joining the
River Pecoson, Stumpy Creek, James FLIMMIN and a branch Wit: William

Chowan Co., NC Deed Book F #1
pg. 185, Valentine BRASSWELL of Chowan Prect. and Jane, my wife, to Barnaby
MCKINNEY, 13 July 1721, power of attorney to acknowledge deed and relinquish
dower unto John POPE of the afrsd. Prect. Wit: William POPE, William
LEDBETTER (his mark). Reg. Chowan Ct. July 1721 [Note from Nona: This is
Valentine, son of Richard and Sarah BRASWELL. Valentine's wife was Jane

pg. 185, Valentine BRASSWELL of Chowan Prect. to John POPE of Chowan Prect.,
13 July 1721, 10 lbs. 200 acres, joining Urohon (?) swamp and a small branch
and is the land whereon the said POPE now liveth. Wit: William POPE, William
LEDBETTER (his mark). Reg. Chowan Ct. July 1721.

Chowan Co., NC Deed Book B #1
pg. 19, William BRASSWELL of Chowan Prect., planter, to Richard GRILLS of
Chowan Prect., 22 Oct. 1718, 20 lbs. sterling money, 300 acres on the
southwest of Meherrin River, joining William HOOKER, a Great Reedy Branch
and the river and is the land surveyed in the name of Tredle KEEF of whom I
the sd. William bought the same. Wit: Robert HICKS, John DEW

pg. 121, John MOLTON of Chowan Prect. and ____ his wife to John CEARBE, 16
July 1715, 25 pounds, 200 acres on ye western side of Meherrin Creek,
joining a small branch, the Beaver Dam and the Creek. Wit: Joseph ROWLSON,
William BRASSWELL. Reg. 10 Sept. 1715

pg. 125, James BRYANT and Sarah, my wife, to William BRASSWELL, 23 June
1715, acknowledgement of a patent for 640 acres on ye north side of
Catawatskee Meadow. Reg. 10 Sept. 1715

pg. 125, Sarah BRYANT to John DEW, 22 June 1715, letter of attorney to
relinquish dower in 640 acres of land to William BRASSWELL and 150 acres to
Valentine BRASSWELL. Wit: Thomas KIRBY, Sr., Henry WHEELER. Reg. 10 Sept.

pg. 126, James BRYANT of Chowan Prect. and Sarah BRYANT to Valentine
BRASSWELL of Chowan Prect., 16 July 1715, 30 lbs. sterling money of England,
150 acres on the west side of Quonke branch above the Old Field, joining the
branch, part of a patent dated 1 Apr. 1714. Wit: John MACKMIHEE (his mark),
Sarah STEWART (her mark). Reg. 10 Sept. 1715

pg. 135, William BRASSWELL of Chowan Prect. and Mary BRASSWELL to James
BRYANT of the Prect. afrsd., 21 June 1715, 30 lbs. 600 acres being part of 2
tracts of land: 570 acres in ye lower tract and 30 acres in ye upper tract,
both tracts being on ye south side of Yourara swamp, joining ye first Great
branch below ye sd. William's house and ye swamp. Wit: Joseph ROWLSON, John
MOLTON (his mark). Reg. 10 Sept. 1715.

pg. 143, William BRASSWELL of Chowan Prect. and Mary BRASSWELL to Matt CAPPS
of the Prect. afrsd., 27 June 1715, 30 lbs. sterling, 640 acres on ye west
side of the Cypress swamp issuing out of Morattuck River, joining the swamp,
as by patent, 4 Mar. 1711. Wit: Joseph ROWLSON, William GUNN (his mark).
Reg. 10 Sept. 1715

pg. 144, William BRASSWELL of Chowan Prect. and Mary BRASSWELL to John
STEWARD of ye Prect. afrsd., 15 June 1715, 15 lbs., the upper part of 600
acres, joining the mouth of a Great branch, the sd. STEWARD and Youarha
Swamp. Wit: William GUNN (his mark), Robert BRASSWELL (his mark). Reg. 10
Sept. 1715

pg. 177, Thomas BROWN of Chowan Prect. with the consent of Christian, my
wife, to Daniel MCDANIEL, 19 July 1715, for the tender love I bear my
son-in-law, 100 acres, joining Old Tree swamp. Wit: Jacob LEWIS (his mark),
Val BRASSWELL (his mark). Reg. 10 Sept. 1715

pg. 178, Mary BRASSWELL to John DEW, 16 July 1715, letter of attorney to
relinquish my right of dower of lands sold to James BRYANT, to John STEWARD,
to Matthew CAPPS, to William MANSFIELD, and to Henry WHEELER. Wit: Joseph
ROWLSON, John MOLTON (his mark). Reg. 10 Sept. 1715

pg. 179, William BRASSWELL and Mary BRASSWELL to Matthew CAPPS, 4 Mar.
1714/15, assignment of patent for 640 acres on Cypress swamp issuing out of
Morattuck River. Wit: Henry TURELL (his mark), William BRASSWELL. Reg. 10
Sept. 1715. [Note that William and Mary's son was old enough to witness a
deed at this time.]

pg. 179, James BRYANT of Chowan Prect. to William BRASSWELL of Chowan
Prect., 20 July 1715, 35 lbs. sterling money of England, 640 acres on ye
north side of Cattawasky Meadow, joining Dr. BROWN, the mouth of Breakfast
branch and the meadow, the sd. land being granted to me by patent. Wit:
Joseph ROWLSON, John DEW. Reg. 10 Sept. 1715

pg. 341, John MOLTON of Chowan Prect., a planter, to Thomas VINCENT of
Chowan Prect., planter, 19 July 1716, 8 lbs. sterling, 200 acres upon
Meherrin Creek, joining John CROPLEY, a branch and the creek, being the land
surveyed by Thomas KIRBY and now in the possession of the sd. VINCENT. Wit:
John KEETER, John DICKINSON, William BRASSWELL. Reg. 6 Aug. 1716

pg. 345, Matthew CAPPS and Elizabeth CAPPS to James ANDERSON, 12 July 1716,
assignment of a sale of land formerly belonging to William BRASSWELL. Wit:
William BRASSWELL, Edward HOWARD. Reg. 6 Aug. 1716

pg. 377, Treddell KEEF and Elliner, my wife, to William BRASSWELL (residence
not given), 13 Oct. 1716, for a valuable consideration, 300 acres, joining
the sd. KEEF, William SUER?, a large reedy branch and the river. Wit:
Francis MLENDON, William CRAWFORD. Reg. 27 Nov. 1716

pg. 449, William BRASSWELL, of Albermarle Co. with the consent of Mary, my
wife, to Henry WHEELER, 27 June 1715, 50 lbs. sterling, 640 acres on a
Cypress swamp of Morattock River, joining John HATHHORN, another swamp,
Meadow branch and the sd. Cypress swamp, as by patent 4 Mar. 1711. Wit:
Matthew CAPPS, Joseph ROWLSON. Reg. 17 Aug. 1717

pg. 450, Henry WHEELER of Albemarle Co. to Thomas KIRBY, Jr. of the Co.
afrsd., 16 July 1717, 21 lbs., 150 acres on the north side of Roanoke River,
joining John HATHAMS, a marsh, the main swamp and a pond, part of the tract
purchased of William BRASSWELL which was granted to him ye 4 Mar. 1712, all
houses, orchards, gardains, etc. Wit: John DICKINSON, Richard WASHINGTON.
Reg. 17 Aug. 1717

pg. 453, John MOLTON of Chowan Prect., planter, to Daniel MCDANIEL of the
same place, planter, 17 July 1717, for a valuable consideration, 200 acres,
joining John CROPLEY, Thomas VINCENT and each side of Beaver Dams, being the
land whereon the sd. MCDANIEL now lives. Wit: Rt. HICKS, William BRASSWELL.
Reg. 19 Aug. 1717

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