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From: Francisco Antonio Doria <>
Subject: [BRAZIL-L] Non-consensual thinking: the origin of the Vasconcellos
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000 11:11:52 -0000

This is an old family, represented today (in Portugal) by the marquesses
of Castelo Melhor, of Belas - well, the current marquess lives in Brazil
- and by several other titles. Consensus has that they are descended from
one Martim Moniz, given as the son of Monio Osores of Ribeira, son-in-law
of D. Afonso I, King of Portugal, and (according to some genealogies)
directly descended from Fruela II of León. Forget about this latter
claim; Martim Moniz, son of Monio Osores of Ribeira is consensus. There
is moreover a legend that says that Martim Moniz died in 1147, during the
conquest of Lisbon.

I don't believe the consensus. Let me explain why:

1 - There is one Martim Moniz, attested near Arouca in 1149, married to
Ouroana Rodrigues. Mattoso conjectures that he is the son of Monio
Viegas, descended from Fromarico Moniz, the son of Monio Viegas `Gasco,'
ancestor of the Ribadouro clan.

This is the only attested Martim Moniz within that time frame.

2 - One of Martim Moniz' daughters in the Vasconcellos line, Mor Martins,
was abbess of Arouca.

3 - The Gasco/Ribadouro clan was heavily inbred. Now the gson of Martim
Moniz, João Pires de Vasconcellos *o Tenreiro*, married Mor Soares, from
the Ribadouro clan.

4 - Moreover, Martim Mendes de Vasconcellos, their ggson, married the
heiress of the Alvarenga lands, another descendant of the Ribadouro clan.

5 - It is a well-known fact that both the Vasconcellos and the Alvarenga
coats of arms are very similar, which suggests that they are variants of
an archetypical, so far unknown, Gasco/Ribadouro coat of arms.

6 - Finally, Gasco is a variant of Vasco (cf. Wasco) and Vasconcellos is
a diminutive of Vasco. There is much dispute of when the lands where the
Tower of Vasconcellos, original seat of the family, was, were acquired by
this family group.

So I firmly believe that the Vasconcellos were a branch of the Ribadouro
clan. My view is a dissident one, strongly minoritary, but based on

chico doria


Francisco Antonio Doria
Prix Caumont-La Force 1995
(Conféderation Internationale de Généalogie et d'Héraldique.)
Full member, Brazilian College of Genealogists (CBG)

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