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From: José Verheecke <>
Subject: Re: [BRAZIL-L] Brazilian cousins of Quenn Paola of Belgium
Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2000 09:41:50 +0200
References: <>

I will pass along your message to the Office Généalogique et Héraldique de Belgique-
(Hötel communal de Woluwe St.Pierre ,av.Charles Thielemans 93, B 1150 Bruxelles)
they edited the Mosselman-genealogy.
As for close relatives on the Mosselman side:
I.( the genealogy)Théodore-Jean MOSSELMAN du CHENOY(1804-1876)
x1(1823)his cousin Flora MOSSELMAN(1800-1834)
x2(1841)Isabelle COGHEN
father of
(ex1)(1) 2 sons s.p.
(ex2)(3)Isabelle(°1842) x 1861 Auguste,baron d'ANETHAN(1829-1906)-children
(4)Theodore °+1843
(5)Armand,follows sub II.
(6)Paul(1849-1895) x 1892 Hélène-Laure FRASER (°1855)
1 son :Albert-Georges °1881
(7)Laure x RUFFO di CALABRIA-->>queen Paola
x 1873 Bernard Vte du BUS de GISIGNIES(1832-1917)-children
II.Armand(-Théodore-André) MOSSELMAN du CHENOY °Bruxelles 18.6.1847 +Bruxelles 24.11.1893
chevalier de l'ordre de Léopold
x Douai 1867 (Marie-)Euphémie SALVY(°Douai 25.7.1847 +St.Gilles 11.9.1936,fa.Pierre x
Marguerite GRAMONT)
(1)Léon x MESSEDER-->descendants in Brazil
(2)Marguerite(-Armande) °Paris 22.3.1869 +Forest 3.4.1945 unm.
(3)Frédéric(-Théodore-Pierre)"Fritz" °St.Énogat(Dinard) 28.11.1870 +Ixelles 23.12.1955 unm.
,Lt-Col.,officier des ordres de Léopold et de la Couronne,aves palmes
a brilliant horseman,represented Belgium in numerous international competitions.
(4)Jenny(-Théodora-Flore-Louise-Euphémie-Henriette) °Chenoy 19.11.1872 +Forest 14.11.1945,unm.
She inherited,with her brothers and sisters,one eighth(= their father's part) of the fortune of Jean DE NECK
(+1878),a distant cousin on the Coghen-side.(his succession dragged on until an agreement in 1918)

So-your nearest Belgian "cousins" are Belgian nobles(the descendants of I(3) and I(8),supra,a branch of the
Ruffo's,and the king and queen of the Belgians.
Not bad at all,isn't it
José Verheecke

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From: Francisco Antonio Doria
Sent: Thursday, July 06, 2000 9:30 PM
Subject: [BRAZIL-L] Brazilian cousins of Quenn Paola of Belgium

messeder wrote:
> This message is indeed very exciting because Leon Mosselman
> was my grand aunt husband. My grand father Jose Eduardo Coelho Messeder had
> sister Carolina Maria who married Leon and had several children whose
> descendants are here in Bahia. My father loved Leon very much and told us a
> lot about him, a very excentric caracter who came to Bahia in late 1800 and
> here lived a very adventurous life and died very poor, being helped by my
> father in many occasions.I remember my father (Adriano Messeder) telling me
> that he recovered Uncle Leon's ring (with his cote de Arms) from the pawn
> shop
> many times and allways gave it back to him.
> This ring is now in my possesion as one of his grand daugthers offer that to
> me in recognition for my father previuous atitudes with Uncle Leon. In the
> proceedings of the Belgian consulate, writen in a book by former consul
> Arnold
> Willdberg one can read several pages dedicated to Uncle Leon and his
> adventures and misfortunes while in Bahia. He was the first Belgian
> registrated at the Consulate. He was very knowledgable in geology and
> subjects, and very interested in Bahia's mineral resources. He went to state
> (and not believed) that Bahia had oil in abundance(proven to be right
> afterall) and worked in gold mines and precious stones exploration but as
> frequently happens never achieving real success. Apparently his difficult
> temper and lack of consistency got him nowhere. By reading my
> greatgrandmother
> letters(his mother in law) I can sense the constant worries he generated in
> her mind. Nevertheless my father admired his honesty and enjoyed his
> My mother also got to know him well and only has good memories of this
> remarkable man.We have pictures of him and there is a transcription in the
> Belgiam consulate book of an inivitation he got from his noble relatives in
> Belgium regardind a funeral. (I have the details if anyone is interested).
> Also is known that he went back to Europe to visit his family and got stuck
> there because of World War I but details are lacking.He eventually returned
> and lived here the rest of his life. I can tell more because of my
> fascination
> with history and genealogy and I suposed his direct relatives in Bahia know
> less about him than I do. When I visited Belgium about 3 years ago, during a
> Medical Congress I felt sorry I did not have time to do a little research
> get in touch with his remaining relatives. I appreciate any informatiom
> Uncle Leon's family and if some of his relatives is willing I will be happy
> to
> collaborate. Thanh you for this opportunity. Octavio Messeder, MD.


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