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From: Ken & Carole Baker <>
Subject: Re: Kansas Migration
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 1997 22:28:52 +0200

> Rich sent the following to the list:
> ***************************************
> I think it was on this page that someone posted a message about a
> migration of Brethren from Lancaster County, Pa. to Kansas in the late
> 1800's. Does anyone have more information on this migration, or where
> could I get more information? I would like to know why the migration
> took place, who was involved, and what was its impact.
> ****************************************
> Thanks for the question, Rich. I also have an interest in Brethren
> migration to Kansas about 1880, but from the Brethren areas of
> Preston County, WV. In terms of WHY, my response is that although Preston
> County, WV is beautiful (wild wonderful West Virginia), it's not the
> place for a family with a large number of children to find high quality
> "flat" land for farms. So my g grandfather, Henry Myers, moved to
> Sedgewick County, Kansas. I would personally like to know also if
> other Brethren Families went with him to Kansas, and if so, who?
> The impact on Kansas, of course, was the creation of many Brethren
> congregations, some of which have survived until the present, but
> many were very small and eventually closed as Brethren migrated farther.
> Jim Freed,
> Delaware, OH
Hi Jim,

I am looking for info on Henry Fry who married Molly Deal 19 Oct 1819.

I have some info on Paul Deal who I believe was born in Bedford Co., PA
about 1772. He moved to Miami Co., OH and then to Darke Co. OH

Ken Baker
Andrews, IN

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