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Subject: Re: Re: Kansas Migration
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 19:37:30 -0400 (EDT)

In the History of the COB in KS on page 211-12 Parsons is listed. Surnames in
the article include: Elder Isaac Hershey; J. B. Lair; M. T. Baer; Ministers
M. O. Hodgden, C. H. Newton, M. Roy Murray, J. S. Clark, and John A.
Campbell; three Elders M. O. Hodgden, J. S. Clark, and John A. Campbell;
Elders who have had charge of the congregation are S. Hodgden, M. T. Baer, M.
O. Hodgden, E. M. Wolfe, W. H. Miller, E. D. Root, N. E. Baker, J. S. Clark,
and D. P. Neher; evangelistic help afforded by Chas. M. Yearout, H. B.
Mohler, H. M. Brubaker, E. F. Sherfy, W. B. Sell, B. E. Kesler, James Hardy,
C. S. Garber and O. H. Austen.
Neosho church is listed on page 191-92.
Labette is listed on page 167-169.

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