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Subject: Re: Ohio Bowsers and Brethren Friends 1800
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 13:34:17 -0500

Ferne Baldwin - There were a few comments from others so I hope you do notmind
my posting this reply - I thank you for the facts -

AFBaldwin%Faculty% wrote:

> Photos among the Brethren -- interesting topic
> an excellent discussion on p 1019 in Brethren Encyclopedia. In case you do
> not have access - here is a summary..
> First recorded discussion at Annual Meeting in 1849.. Decision--Not advisable.

At this time only the Duagertype was in use. Names after a famous painter
M. Dagueere, who had described the process in January, 1839, at a meeting
of the
Academy of Sciences.
Claude Niepce de St Victor invented glass plates coated with albumen containing
silver halides in
1847. Frederick Scott Archer, an English sculptor, made glass supports practical
in the early 1850's. This glass plate process marked the end of the Daguerreotype.

In 1850, Louis Blanquart-Evrard, in Lille, adapted the albumen technique to paper.
Until the turn of the century, the majority of paper prints were made on
albumenized paper.
In 1856, a very remarkable event occurred. Hamilton Smith, professor of chemistry
at Kenyon College, Ohio, invented the tintype which provided for the first time
an inexpensive means of making a portrait for immediate delivery. The tintype
only required about one-tenth the exposure time of the best daguerreotype.
The next major changes in photogrpahy were around the turn of the century -

> In 1857, 1858 and 1867 the 1849 decision was reaffirmed. by that time
> Brethren were having their pictures taken in spite of the stand of the
> church. 1872 reaffirmed decision that those who had had pictures taken
> wwere to put them away.. defined as put them out of public sight.
> 1865 a photo of the Annual Meeting site was taken.. New query in 1892 what
> to be done about the general disregard of the AM decision --committee formed
> l895 reaffirmed all former decisions.
> In 1903 query to have this made a test of delegateship to district or annual
> meetings.. committee formed.. in 1904 recommended rescinding all former
> decisions. adopted/
> Ferne Baldwin
> Manchester College

Thanks again for the facts. Hal

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