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From: "Merle C. Rummel" <>
Subject: Captain Henry Rhoads, KY, 1785
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 20:43:57

I've had several requests and comments about the Kentucky Rhoads family.

I found this material in Austin Cooper's "Two Centuries of Brothersvalley"
pp192-212 (includes a section on the Boones)

Summarizing: Henry Roth Sr was an "exhorting Deacon" at Stony Creek in
Brothers Valley. After George Adam Martin left, he became Presiding Elder.
He was succeeded by his son, Henry Jr.

In 1785, Henry Roth Jr/Henry Rhoads led 80 families from Pennsylvania to
Kentucky. He first went to Kentucky in 1784, and spent the first winter at
Bardstown and Elizabethtown KY. He then moved to Rhoadsville (Vienna and
Calhoun KY) on the Green River, but because of a mix-up in recording land
grants, the Dorsey heirs (MD) won a lawsuit for the site, most of the
Pennsylvania settlers moved some seven miles south -Sacremento, Bremen and
Pond Station. The community was called "Dutch Settlement". He served in
the Kentucky Legislature in c1790, and was given the honor of naming the
new county, -after his beloved Brigadier General, John Peter Gabriel

He "found time on the Lord's Day to stand before the congregation gathered
from the sparcely settled neighborhood and read from his German Bible and
translate it into the english language as he read, doing it better than
most of the leaders in the Sacred Service did with an interpreter to
assist". [Rothert "History of Muhlenberg County, Kentucky"]

pp201-4) list of the heads of families
(always be sure to check these out)
Capt Henry Roth Jr/wife Elizabeth Stoner
Solomon Rhoth, a brother of Henry
Elder George Boone, brother of Daniel -elected Elder at Stony Creek PA, 1770
(became a hermit, in cave on Ohio River, IN, d. 1819)
Daniel Arnold --(probably NOT -to Beaver Run WVa)
David Martin, son of George Adam Martin -became Elder in KY
Jacob Miller --(NO -to Beaver Dam MD, to Franklin Co VA, to Dayton OH)
Jacob Maugen
John Huber --(? -to Stony Creek Church, Logan Co OH)
Jacob Landis --(? -to Rockingham Co VA)
Daniel Leatherman Jr -became an Elder in KY
George Stoy -- near Louisville KY
John Garver -- (? -to Beaver Dam MD, to Rockingham Co VA, to Clermont Co OH)
John Frazer
Henry Moore/Mohr --to Logan Co KY, then to Logan OH
George Stauffer --near Greenville KY
John Sigler/Ziegler --? -to So OH
George Lehman -- ? -to So OH
George Noffsinger -- to TN, to Greenville KY
George Henry Long -- to Logan Co KY
Jacob Engle/wife Catherine -- to Logan Co Ky
John Bowman --minister --led group to Ky 1780, again in 1785
John Meyers --? -to Flat Rock VA
Jacob Hertzler --to Logan Co KY
George Cassel -- to KY, then to So OH
William Knepper --to Muhlenberg Co KY area
George Berkley
George Newmoyer\_ claimed military lands
Philip Aswald / in SW Kentucky-Aswald went on to Indiana
Jacob Kimmel --to KY, to TN, 1805 to So OH
Henry Winterberger -- Greenville KY
Samuel Harshberger -- KY? -to So OH
Jacob Newmiller
David Gebel --(became "Cable", in KY)
David Berkley --on the Blood River, TN/KY line
Henry Berkley
William Beeghley --Logan Co KY, to So OH
George Leatherman, son of Elder Daniel Leatherman, --to So OH
Peter Becker/Baker -- Logan Co KY
Peter Shaver -- Bremen, KY
Daniel Stoner/Stover --Logan Co KY
Jacob Stoner/Stover /wife Barbara --bro of Daniel
Peter Schoel/Shull --"Squire", Logan Co KY
John Vaught/Elizabeth Stump --Muhlenberg Co KY (Will Book I -1813)
Gilbert Vaught/wife Mary
Elizabeth Vaught
Tobias Penrod
James Martin --son of Elder George Martin, Elder in KY, military lands
John Hahn
Daniel Roth/Eva Faust/Elizabeth Newman -bro of Henry Jr,
Jacob Studebaker --(? NO -to Miami River Valley)
John Studebaker -- (NO to Miami River Valley)
Henry Harshberger -- ? - to Donnel's Creek OH
Elder Francis Stump/Rachel Martin --in KY 1770, returned? 1785
Solomon Roth/Rachel Boone (dau of Squire Boone)
Andrew Shaver
David Rhoads -bro of Capt Henry --married Elizabeth Vaught, 1798, above
Daniel Kimmel/Catherine Hunsaker
Abraham Vaught --married Eliza Bell, VA 1783, to KY 1785
Simon Vaught --married Elizabeth Zimmerman, 1799. to VA 1783, to KY 1785
John Vaught Jr/ wife Eleanor
Hartman Hunsaker/ wife Anna
Christian Vaughtto VA 1783, to KY 1785
Philip Myers/ wife Mary
Peter Myers/ wife Elizabeth
Thomas Grubbto VA 1783, to KY 1785
Thomas Newman/ wife Mary (dau Elizabeth -married Daniel Roth, 2/w)
George Funk --to Logan Co KY
Henry Penrod
Benjamin Biggs

----From Roanoke Settlement (?), VA --band joined the party
John Dennis -- of NC
Thomas Irvin
Jesse McPherson --from Dunkard Bottom VA
John Hunt
James Wood
James Inman --to Calhoun KY
Capt John Hanley
Henry Keith
Mathew Adams
Benjamin Tolbert
James Weir

Merle C Rummel, Church Historian

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