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From: Don Ronk <>
Subject: Cedar & Dade Cos MO Land Purchases
Date: Sat, 21 Aug 1999 21:21:31 +0700

Extending considerably the list of government land purchasers in Cedar Co
MO on or about 15 May 1957, many of whom were probably Church of the
Brethren. Almost those below all purchased land in a single Township of 36
square miles (six miles on each side). The Township was 34 North at Range
27 West, near Arcola, MO. None lived more than six miles from the other,
except for GISH, DAVIS and LONG, who were about 6 miles away from the
center of Township 34 North. The names were taken from only 18 of the 36
Sections in Township 34 North, Range 27 West.
The object here is to get a sense of who the Brethren community were and
what was occuring in this small area of Missouri. If you have information
on these folk, or the community, we would all like to hear it, I'm sure. I
have a particular interest in "getting a handle" on what happened with Rev
The original short list of Brethren in the immediate area:
>Jacob RONK (Brethren Elder, brother-in-law of Rev Thomas Miller)
>James GIDDENS (Brethren, son-in-law of Jacob Ronk)
>William GISH (Brethren, said to be sprititual leader)
>Elijah LONG (His sons apparently married into the Giddens/Ronk
>William LONG (Believed to have married a Giddens daughter)
>William DAVIS (Possibly father of a man who married a Giddens
>John FIRESTONE (Brethren affiliations, at least)
>Jacob ROOT (Brethren affiliations, at least)
>William PEACH
New names and the date they signed for government land:
John W HILL 10 Mar 1856
John W HILL 15 May 1857
Timothy N HILL 15 May 1857
William M HILL 10 Mar 1857
Samuel R JULIAN 1 Sep 1858
Henry COLLINS 1 Sep 1853
Levi DENNIS 1 Dec 1853
Isaac ALLEN 15 May 1857
James C HENDERSON 30 Oct 1857
Daniel MURPHY 15 May 1857
Henry H MEYERS 1 Nov 1859
Henry H MYERS 1 Jun 1859 ?
William TEAGUE 1 Jun 1859
Benjamin HART 1 Oct 1860
Henry COLLINS 1 Dec 1853
John W RUTH 15 May 1857
Eliphalette H WICKLIFFE 15 May 1857
Edwin BALL 15 May 1857
George W BUSTER 1 Jun 1959
Mary DOBBS 1 Jun 1859
Elizabeth JONES 1 Jun 1859
Wyatt J LOWRY 1 Jun 1859
Milton A MAYBERRY 15 May 1857
Jessie FERRILL 1 Jun 1859
William C LEE 15 May 1857
Charles MYERS 1 Jun 1860
Hardy JOHNSON 1 Jun 1859
Hardy JOHNSTON 1 Dec 1853 ?
James D JOHNSTON 1 Jun 1859
John SATTERFIELD 1 Jun 1859
Calvin FORD 1 Mar 1860
William C GRAHAM 1 Mar 1860
James HILL 1 Jun 1860
James CORRELL 1 Jun 1859
John M PRICE 15 May 1857
William H EDSALL 1 Jun 1859
Godlip G GLOWNER 1 Nov 1859
John W SATTERFIELD 15 May 1857
As I noted in an earlier msg, the Deardorf (Deardorff) family was also in
this area, including Elizabeth (Ronk) Deardorf, married to David Deardorf.
Elizabeth was daughter of Elder Jacob Ronk. A Reuben DEARDORFF bought
government land near Jacob's, but in 1895 - possibly a grandson.
Love to hear from anyone who can add to the above. best, don ronk in laos
ps: be glad to TRY to add clarification on the above.

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