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Archivists have to give some background/...... so be patient.

Beginning about 1890 the Great Northern Railroad was working to attract
Brethren (among others) to the Northern Plains and the great northwest.. to
buy land and raise crops that would become freight for the rr lines. First
was North Dakota and hundreds of Brethren moved there bought claims and
farmed... My husbands family was among them... Millers, Deardorffs and
Baldwins moved by families...

The next focus was on Montana -- then Idaho and finally the great
Wenatchee Valley of Washington--apple growing country...

Somewhere in all of this John Silas Geiser appears in Froid, Montana..
Where he was a force in the organization of the Grand View Church of the
Brethren or Medicine Lake -- as it was called at first-- and served as
presiding officer for 17 months-- later 1917-1928 he was resident there..
In 1917 he is listed as involved as elder with the organization of the
Poplar Valley congregation I'm not quite able to ascertain just when he
went to Montana... or from where... One source indicated 1916 to 1928

Next I turned to the history of the Baltimore Church - Fulton Avenue or
the First Church of the Brethren...

In 1895 a group of members met in the home of David Utz and organized a
Bible Class wwith J.S. Geiser as teacher. Later a hall was rented and
Permission was granted by the Meadow Branch congregation to open a mission.
The hall was soon crowded and a place was rented on North Fulton Avenue
called Harrison Hall were services were held until 1903

The honor of starting the church building fund must go to that faithful
mother in Israel, the wife of John A Smith ( John Geisers Mother in law)
One day J.S. Geiser paid Sister Smith two cents for a postage stamp and
she put it away to start the building fund. Her example inspired the
imagination of others and the fund grew rapidly. A new church was built
and dedicated in 1903.

The new congregation was organized on March 22, 1907 and an election was
held for a minister and the lot fell on J.S. Geiser. The burden of
preaching fell on John A. Smith and J.S. Geiser.
In 1925 the United Brethren church was purchased and the church name was
changed to First Church of the Brethren in Baltimore.

I found the obit of J. Geisers wife Mary Irene and perhaps it was after
that that J.S. turned west ...
August 1911.

Does this fit with your information... and make sense?

Ferne Baldwin
Manchester College

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