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Subject: 1700's the Eckerlins and Dunkard Bottom, etc.
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 01:42:38 -0400
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Have you read 'A History Of The Church Of The Brethren In The First
District Of West Virginia', by Foster Melvin Bittinger (c) 1945,
published by Brethren Publishing House, Elgin, Illinois?

page 21 - 29 also covers the early 1700's of the Eckerlins and Dunkard
Bottom, etc.

pages 116 thru 175 covers biographies.

If you have not already see it, you will find it interesting.

Richard Lee Oaks
Montgomery County, Ohio

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Subject: Mahanaim [?before Mahanaim?-- HARMON -- long beards]

> Did Alexander MACK, Jr and the ECKERLIN brothers, when headed west
in 1745,
> stop at a "known" community which they knew to be friendly toward
> In gathering information about the folks in the area of the Mahanaim
> settlement I have encountered other names and am interested in the
ZINNs who
> apparently were in that settlement. Descendants of them migrated to
> Co SC, probably during the French and Indian Wars, as that is where
> and Valentine ZINN were living when they gave power of attorney in
1770 to a
> ROBINSON to make a transfer of 400 of those acres to William INGLES.
> During the French and Indian Wars the timbers of the cabins in the
> settlement were used in construction of Fort Frederick in 1756 so I
> obviously the Dunkards had departed by that time.
> Virginia Patents No. 32, 1752-1756, p.148
> Zin, Garrat 20 June 1753
> 900a "On the west side of Woods river at a place called Mahanaim."
> According to HARMON research and family history [could HARMON have
been an
> early departure from Ephrata to this area] there is history of the
> beards" [Siebentangers from Ephrata Cloister, Lancaster County,
> Pennsylvania.] HARMONs were in the area dating from 1738.
> There is record as follows: -- excerpt courtesy of Barb S. --
> In the book "The Brethren in Virginia", by Roger E. Sappington, is
> following:
> IJohn Miller (with 380 acres) and Samuel Eckerling (with 125
> acres) had grants at Dunkards Bottom in 1754 and Garret Zinn (with
900 acres)
> just
> at the point down-stream where Little River meets the New River
(south of the
> later Wilderness Road).
> "The original nine hundred acres known as Mahanaim was sold by
> Eckerlin to Garrett Zinn, one of the early settlers from Ephrata who
> not return to Ephrata, on June 20, 1753 (at any rate the sale was
> officially recorded on that date). Zinn became alarmed because of
> attacks in the area, which broke out as a part of the French and
Indian War
> in America..................."
> "Garrett Zinn sold as much of the 900 acres as he could -- 125 acres
> Emmanuel Eckerlin and 380 acres to John Miller -- and then moved to
> Carolina. In 1770 Zinn's sons, Valentine and Chronomus, of Craven
> South Carolina gave a power of attorney to David Robinson to sell
> remaining four hundred acres to William Ingles. Also, in 1767
> Eckerlin, as eldest brother and heir at law of Emmanuel Eckerlin,
> of Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, sold 125 acres on New River,
which is
> described as a part of the original nine hundred acres."
> Lonnie

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