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From: Merle C Rummel <>
Subject: RE: Crane Creek NC
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000 18:15:59 -0400
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I am researching, among others, an English Baptist line of my family who
are believed to have been members of the Crane Creek Church in Salisbury,
NC in the late 1750s. But the only Crane Creek Church I have found is the
Crane Creek Monthly Meeting (Quaker). So my questions are these: Is it
definite that there was a Crane Creek COB in Salisbury? And, if so, is it
likely that regular Baptists would have worshipped with that church if
there was no regular Baptist church nearby?
> Thanks, Mary
Roger Sappington, a professor at Bridgewater College (VA) wrote a history
of the Brethren Church in the Carolinas: "The Brethren in the Carolinas",

He names the Brethren Church at Cranes Creek as the "Yadkin Congregtion",
founded about 1762. He lists ministers: Conrad Kerns (d. c1812); his
brother, John (Johannes) Kerns (d. c1823); James Hendricks (from Little
Conewago Church PA) who took land in 1775 on Cranes Creek, and in 1790
moved on to Dutchmans Creek; the Elder, John Hendricks, who moved on to
Muhlenburg Co KY; and William Hendricks (these latter seem to be brothers).
He gives no more information on the church. I assume that these names
came from the manuscripts of Morgan Edwards giving information on the
Baptist of the American Colonies. At that time, the Brethren were simply
called "the Baptists" -from our German appelation -"Tunker"/Dunker. It was
not till 1830 that we adopted the name: "German Baptist" or "German Baptist
Brethren". The Brethren came to the area starting about 1750s, coming down
the Valley of Virginia and the Carolina Road to the Yadkin River. I doubt
if there was a church building at Cranes Creek, since these early Brethren
normally met in member's homes. 1750s is early for Regular Baptists or
English Baptists to have churches in the area. I find later that many
Brethren Baptists after the expulsion of the Carolina churches by Annual
Meeting in 1792, did combine with other Baptists of the areas. I know that
in many locales, the 7th Day Baptists (Ephrata Pietists) met and worshipped
with the Brethren (which might explain some of the deviations Annual
Meeting objected to and rejected). I suspect other Baptists met with them
(or vice versa).

In our Conrad Kerns family, we have more information: Conrad Kerns
inherited? the lands of his uncle Conrad Michaels, eventually owning
800acres "between Salisbury and the Ford of the Yadkin". (I have a plat
map showing his lands and neighbors. I do not know who might be members of
the church.) He was in the militia during the Revolution and was a guard
at a local prison. Three of his sons, and a daughter, moved to Kentucky
about/just before 1800.

There is a lot about Conrad Kerns and the Crane Creek Church that I wish I
could find out.

Merle C Rummel
Church Historian

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