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Subject: Dutchman's Creek, North Carolina Dunkards
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000 23:41:55 -0500


I'm new to this list. I've just discovered that some of the people I am researching were members of the "Society of Dunkards" in the Dutchman's Creek area of Rowan Co. (present day Davie Co.) North Carolina.

I've searched the archives of your list and found several discussions of this Brethren group.
I was particularly thrilled to find a note from Frane Baldwin dated 10 Nov 1999 in which is mentioned a petition signed by "twenty seven names" (See the note attached below.)

I have a copy of this record and thought I would post the names here as it might be helpful to other researchers of this group.

Petition on behalf of John Crouse, "Petitioner of the Society of Dunkards," 1782.
NC State Records Book 19, pages 926-927.

Joseph Renshaw
Joseph Roland
Michel Beam
John James
Isaac Renshaw
Samuel Doriah
Jacob Rethly
Abraham Wellty
Thos. Bentley
Abraham Renshaw, Jr.
Christian Gros.,
Isaac Anderson
Abrm. Renshaw, Sr.
Elijah Renshaw
Jacob Cellare
John Hendricks
Daniel Lewis
John Williakson
Willis VanCleave
Ralph VanCleave
Aaron VanCleave
Benjamin VanCleave
Thomas Stapleton
Gasper Roland
James Hendricks
William Willesson
Samuel Williakson

Many of these men are named together in Rowan Co. NC deeds in the 1770s through 1790s. Several of them moved to Kentucky and Indiana in the mid-1790s to early 1800s.

I'm particularly interested in Michel Beam and John James in this list, as I believe they are related to my direct ancestor (Jacob Peck or Beck, who also lived in Rowan Co. NC and is also mentioned in deeds with some of these men. He died in 1777--before this petition was signed.)

I'd be interested in any information that anyone has about this group and particularly the Beam, James, and Peck or Beck families.

Tracey Marcelo

Frane's original note follows:

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Subject: Re: Brethren Churchs along the Yadkin River in NC
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The settlement of Dutchman's Creek in the Forks of the Yadkin River in NC
was built around the Hendrickses and the Rowlands.. A petition to the
Governor in 1782 includes twenty seven names "from the Society of Dunkards"
includes the name of Abraham Wellty( State Records XIX p. 926)

Abraham Weltey died about 1787 and the estate went particularly to the
Hendrickses and the Rolands which further substantiates the idea that
Weltey ...was Brethren because the Brethren had a tendency to sell land to
other members of the sect. (Rowan County Deed Books..IX XI XIV XII)

Joseph Rowland probably the son of Gasper Rowland purchased two hundred
acres of the Abraham Weltey estate from Jacob Crouse in February, 1788,, on
Bear Creek adjoining Daniel Hendricks and John Rowland.. Rowan Co Deed
Books XIV p. 364, 483) eight years later Rowland sold it.

Jacob Crouse was the executor of the Abraham Weltey estate. He was
probably the son of John Crouse, identified as a Brethren..

All this gleaned from The Brethren in the Carolinas by Roger Sappington...

I was unable to identify the Fenders.

Ferne Baldwin
Manchester College

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