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From: Arthur H Laube <>
Subject: Snider early1800's
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 15:59:14 -0400

Bob - based on your recent e-mails I am putting together a few additions
to our Bowser Family History, soon to be published - I hope. I would
appreciate your comments. I am airing this on the Brethren and Perry
County, Ohio lists because there may be others who are interested.

A Partial List of Brethren Guided to Ohio by Elijah Scofield - born:
June 12, 1776.
Back east they had been neighbors of Elijah. He personally led them to
the Ohio frontier, probably in several groups beginning in 1798 and
ending in 1810. (Many other Brethren came after that but our story is
primarily of these early families.) In Ohio, many of them lived on
Jonathan Creek, contributed genes to BJ’s line and were neighbors of
Jacob Bowser, the progenitor of the Bowser tribe of Perry County. (BJ
is my wife and mother of our five children. Her grandmother was Anna
Maude Bowser Orr of Brownsville, Ohio.)

In this list I now include Daniel Snider, born August 5, 1772. He was a
Brethren minister from Bedford County, Pennsylvania and surely must have
known Elijah, who was from near Flintstone Gap, Maryland. Daniel Snider
is a few years older than Elijah but it is Elijah who is named in the
histories of the Jonathan Creek Brethren. Until now we have neglected
the Sniders.

Daniel Snider joined the Scofield Brethren, and in 1805 bought a
half-section of land in Section 27 and 28 on a tributary of Jonathan
Creek, about 3 miles SW of Elijah's home (Hopewell Township, Perry
County, Ohio) . His father, Jacob Snider, of Berkeley Virginia (now West
Virginia) died in 1790. Two more of Jacob’s sons also “went west;”
George lived in and died in Belmont County, Ohio and William went on to
Lima, Ohio, no doubt joining the Brethren in the Miami River Valley. In
Perry County, Daniel and one of his sons, Jacob, were Brethren
Ministers. Daniel’s children intermarried with many Jonathan Creek
Brethren; <Cover>, <Eversole>, Helser, <Scofield>, <Wilkins>, <Horn>,
Zartman, Winegardner, Mohler, Stombaugh, Coy and Greenawalt, to name a
few. Many of these names are known to be Brethren, marked with <> and I
assume that in the early 1800's any spouse of a Jonathan Creek Snider
was also a Brethren.

The Snider property is to be found on Timonthy E. Fisher's Perry County
web page in the 1859 and 1875 Atlas -

In the Bowser family book I now include an abbreviated outline of the
Sniders you gave me. And for this note further excerpt from that
...........3 [2] Joseph SNIDER Born: June 28, 1813 in Hopewell
Township, Perry County, Ohio. On his father's farm. Died: March 27,
................ +Catherine WINEGARDNER Born: January 16, 1814 Died:
March 19, 1856.
........... *2nd Wife of [2] Joseph SNIDER:
............... +Nancy WILKINS Born: March 21, 1810 in Virginia Died:
March 5, 1881 on the Plank farm. Buried: Scofield/Eversole Brethren
cemetery. Married: Abt. 1856.

1 Joseph PLANK Born: March 22, 1807 in Hopewell Township, Perry
County, Ohio Died: September 23, 1846 in On the Plank farm. Buried:
Scofield/Eversole Brethren cemetery.
. +Nancy WILKINS Born: March 21, 1810 in Virginia Died: March 5, 1881
in On the Plank farm. Buried: Scofield/Eversole Brethren cemetery.
Married: 1831

Birth and death dates of Nancy Wilkins from Snider researchers are the
same as the dates reported for the Nancy buried in the Plank plot of the
Scofield/Eversole cemetery. She is apparently Nancy Wilkins Plank,
widow of Joseph Plank, who died in 1846. Her cemetery record lists her
as w/o Joseph nee Wilkins.
Snider researchers report that Joseph Snyder married her in about 1856
and removed to Manchester, Indiana. Apparently Nancy was returned for
burial beside he first husband, and who ever handled the final
arrangements simply noted that she was w/o of Joseph. That was an
economical way of referring to two husbands – both named Joseph.
I hope this is not too much for the list - regards to all Hal

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