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Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 02:12:57 EDT

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> I am a descendent of Gabriel Kerns who came with Adam to near Mt Sterling
> Kentucky -about 1795.
> when Adam went with the Disciples of Christ break (c1820) and moved to near
> Bloomington IN, my Gabriel stayed with the Brethren and moved to the
> Obannon/Stonelick Church near Goshen, Clermont Co OH -about 1806. He was a
> first deacon in the church there. (you can read of this conflict in my
> paper:
> <> "Brethren Frontiers" the paper
> "Brethren Pietism".)
> I have a copy of Mary Margaret Kern Garrard's manuscript.
> Where do you fit in?
> Merle C Rummel
> Church Historian

Wonderful !!
So with your affirmation Gabriel Kern is your ancestor, we can take away
the question mark Mary Margaret Kern Garrard put against Gabriel's name as a
child of Conrad Kern on her Page 2 family tree diagram.

How I fit in specifically is as a direct descendant of Mary M. Kern Owen,
daughter of Adam Kern Senior and Katharine Riblin. Mary M. married Ephraim
Owen (III?) b 1797. They together joined the Mormon movement ca 1831 in
Greene County, In, pioneered amid the persecutions of 1838 in Western
Missouri, were driven by the mobs back to refuge at Quincy IL, found a home
at the Mississippi River town Montrose, Lee County, IA in 1838-1839. Too late
for Ephraim who died before Dec 1839 at age 42. Interesting to contemplate
their family of 5 children. Daughter Basella died in Montrose age 13. The
widowed mother tried to keep her kids together but she died 1845-46, as the
suffering Mormons prepared for their forced march west. Other 3 teenage
orphans tried to stick where they were planted. Femina Virginia married
George Powers abt 1847 and we lose all track of her. Two boys worked for
opportunities to make their living on the River. Both became qualified
steamboat captains at an early age. Ephraim Franklin married Mary Barnett of
Mobile AL 1867. She was expecting when he shortly commanded a charter down
river. Caught Yellow fever, and died in St. Louis same year. Don't know
whether Mary had a boy or girl or what happened to either one of them.
Brother Robert Scipio Owen did pretty well. Became a local legend after 39
years of steamboating with lighter craft to navigate the terrible hazards of
the 10 mile Rapids in the Mississippi above the mouth of the DesMoines River
at Keokuk. Robert S. died in 1895 and his wife Eliza about 1903. That river
problem later went away when the lock and dam at Keokuk raised the river in
1913. Robert owned several boats in various business partnerships. Became a
prosperous land owner and farmer, pillar of the community. Mason. Regular
attendee if not a listed member of the St Barnabas Episcopal Church. His
imposing grave monument today overlooks the great river within sight of the
new temple now going up at Nauvoo. He married Eliza Peck and they had one
child Zack. Zack married Lillie Ward and they both lived long lives in
Montrose and died without issue.

My connection was oldest daughter Camera Olga Owen. She married Mormon
convert from New York Alvin Franklin Stewart. They went west with the wagons
ca. 1847. She had several children including my grandmother Mary Lucinda
Stewart before dying in Richmond Utah 1867.
So that's my story and maybe it shows through as to why my interest is
so intense on the Kern and Owen families of this period. I have been to some
degree aware of the great revival movements of Western New York and
Pennsylvania and am trying to learn about the parallel religious upheavals in
Kentucky and Ohio. Its background to understand my people. Provenance, my
archaeologist friends call it. I love to walk the ground where they walked
and think about what valiant people they and their families and neighbors
really were.

So many questions beginning to be answered but others waiting hopefully.
I'd dearly love to know details of your Gabriel who was brother to
my(3GGF) Adam Kern Senior. Who were Gabriel's wife and children? Is there
also further verification for other siblings or lines of descent? Any
additional information would be welcome.

I am still trying to put all the Mary Margaret Kern Garrard loose details
onto organized family group sheets. I am also rereading your Brethren Pietism
and the Lawrence County History accounts of Kern and kin and trying to locate
sites on Delorme maps so I can better grasp the whole picture. Not easy with
my limited brain power. But I see more clearly with maps and charts and
So who was Ambrose Kern who was a Lawrence County Commissioner in 1861?
And does a clearer copy exist of the map on MMKG Page 10 of Kern and
Riblin owned lands in Rowan County NC? Names on my microfilm printout are
only semi legible. And in what form and where does the Church of the Brethren
Encyclopedia exist?

Thank you Merle for your help and patience. I stand in admiration of your
work. I am deeply grateful to all who have responded to my queries.
Nyle Leatham

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