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>My husband is a Moss and is descended thru William Moss and his son Phillip.
>Do you have information beyond William? Also What is your evidence for
>Elizabeth Lybrook's first name being Mary? Charlie's cousin and I have been
>working on this line alot as it is direct paternal, maybe we can help each
>other. I am located in N. CA and she is in Idaho. Hope to hear from you,

The father of William Moss was Edmund Moss (17 Dec 1757-25 Mar 1823), his
first wife was Elizabeth Barnett (m 22 Aug 1782, Franklin Co VA), all the
children were theirs, the second wife was Elizabeth Boyer. They followed
the Miller/Lybrook migration from Franklin Co VA to the Indiana Line about
1806. William Moss settled just east of what later became the Upper Four
Mile Church. Edmund Moss lived SW of the church corner about 3/4ths mile.
(this is south of Boston IN -about 5 miles -off IN227, about 1/2 mile
inside Indiana). My wife is a William Moss descendent, by his son Abraham.

We do not have parentage for our Edmund Moss, although some try to identify
him with the Edmund Moss Sr and Jr that lived in Cumberland Co VA (their
lineage is traced back into England). Edmund Moss Jr was the same age as
our Edmund Moss, and lived two counties away. I'm sure there is some
connection -but I did extensive research and could not find it.

I have some information on John Moss, he gave the land for the Upper 4 Mile
Church, but got into a dispute over property lines with his cousin Baltzar
Lybrook (he also liked to go to "Singing Schools" -which was another
NO-NO), and was put on the Church "Ban" --he refused to apologize, and
moved his membership to the Hanna's Creek Church of Christ (which was just
founding -with his cousin Nancy (Lybrook) Nelson and husband John as main
supporters) and is buried here in Boston, at the Methodist Cemetery.
John's large brick house is still standing on IN227 (also about 1/2 mile in
Indiana), and has lovely wide walnut panelling for the interior. His
brother Daniel lived directly across the road, but only the barn is
standing there. This is about 1/2 mile north of the Upper Four Mile Church
building. John married first Atlanta Gard (daughter of Lot Gard, lived
just west of the Upper Four Mile Church, but she died the next year, and he
married the next year to Elizabeth Jarvis (daughter of Thomas Jarvis and
Sarah Davenport). The children are all of the second marriage.

Philip Moss and most of the other children moved to western Indiana on
lands obtained by Elder William Moss, who wrote a preaching circuit among
the Brethren that moved over there (many from the Four Mile and and Twin
Creek [OH] churches). William bought good lands there, for investment, and
gave them to his children. William later moved to Mexico IN, after his
wife, Elizabeth Lybrook, died in the 1832 Cholera Epidemic. Her brother,
Elder Baltzar Lybrook, died in it also, and William married his widow, Mary
(Eikenberry) Lybrook. [This may be the basis of the name confusion -since
Peter Eikenberry Jr also had a daughter named Elizabeth, I don't think this
was "Mary Elizabeth" either.] In 1855 two groups of Four Mile children
with their neighbors and kin moved to Iowa -one to Butler Co and one to
Green Co. The local result was the closing of the Lower Four Mile Church
(near College Corner OH/IN). This was the main center of Miller brothers.

John Rife (wife: Francis Crist) came out from near Winchester VA -1816.
(Both family names trace back though Washington Co MD to the old Coventry
Church area in Chester Co PA -but I haven't taken time to trace them).
They took about 1 square mile of land, divided evenly now in both Union Co
IN and Wayne Co IN. The property was 1 mile west of Boston IN and about 1
mile south. Their son, Jacob Rife, was a prominent church Elder back about
1900, and his sister Nancy married Elder Abraham Moss, son of William. The
local Rife family has died out.

Note that: Philip Lybrook married Anna Miller, daughter of Elder Jacob
Miller. Philip and sons: John and Jacob, came out with some of the Miller
sons in 1805, cleared some land and planted crops, while the sons stayed
here over winter, Philip returned to Franklin Co VA, and brought his wife
and family out by wagon the next year (Kanawha Trace). The
Lybrook-Railsback Cemetery (early cemetery for the Upper Four Mile Church)
is just south of the land taken by Philip, on the land of his son Baltzar.
Philip was an Indiana Scout on the frontier. In Virginia they lived in
Sinking Creek, just across a ridge from from Drapers Meadows, site of the
Indian Massacre, with which they were connected. He moved across the
Mountain to Franklin Co Va. [Philip and Anna had a daughter named Mary, so
I doubt that this was a Mary Elizabeth.]
I have a disagreement going with some Lybrook researchers, locally we have
Philip identified by tradition as Philip Jr, son of a Philip Leibrock of
New Jersey, they connect him as son of Baltzar Lybrook. There are
arguments both ways -

This material is compiled in a manuscript/book -"The Virginia Colony -the
Four Mile Church of the Brethren" Publication has been given to the Four
Mile Church -but they have not acted on it for 15 years or more now. I do
have it on my computer.

Merle C Rummel

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