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Subject: Re: [BRE] Baptizism record
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 20:26:09 EST

I would contact the Brethren Library/Archives at Elgin, Ill. Ken, the
Archivist/Librarian is very helpful; postal address, his email address and
Elgin's phone number are on the brethren website.

I found that the Brethren Library there has "Ministerial Records" which are
papers that the minister him or herself filled out about their service with
the church. If the minister is/has been deceased for a certain amount of
time, the Library might send you a Xerox of the record. If the minister is
alive, the record is private. But, if the minister is alive, you could ask
Ken if there is some way to contact the minister, or if you could have the
Brethren Headquarters forward a letter from you to this minister/his family.

Also, I'd check online at for his last name; maybe you'll
find him or a descendant? I do a lot of whole state searches and I've often
been surprised at how easy I''ve found a person related to the subject of my
interest; people are happy to talk to someone interested in their loved one,
or to hear how hard you've looked for them [if you found the person you
wanted in the first place]. All it takes is a low-charge long distance
company, or a handful of stamps, plus an afternoon of "making contacts".


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