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Subject: Re: Stonelick Church -Clermont Co OH
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 17:03:32 -0400
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Thank you, Merle, for sharing your collection on the migration of the
Brethren into Ohio!

As you know, I am very interested in this information as several lines of my
maternal ancestors were in this group of pioneers.

A gr-gr-gr-grandmother, Mary GARVER, daughter of Elder GARVER, married Paul
CUSTER, son of Johannes and Elizabeth (Hauser) CUSTER.

My maternal ancestry is a patchwork quilt of religious beliefs! The Custer
line, originally spelled KUSTER, which refers to Paulus KUSTER's occupation
in Germany as a sacristan in the Catholic Church. After a dispute with the
church he became a Mennonite. His grandson, Nicholas, became a Lutheran
after marrying a daughter of a Lutheran minister. Nicholas' son, Johannes,
became Old Order Brethren after his son, Paul, married Mary GARVER,
daughter of Elder John GARVER.

Solomon CUSTER, son of Paul and Mary (GARVER) CUSTER, who was born in
Montgomery Co, OH (7 miles west of Dayton) married Fanny ALGER, whose
ancestry was Mormon. In fact, LDS lists her as the 'first plural wife' of
Joseph Smith but since no one has been able to produce any proof of this I
refuse to believe it. LDS and family history states she was an attractive
seventeen yr old girl hired by Smith to help his wife Emma with the children
and household chores. The rest is history and when the affair almost
collapsed the Mormon Church in Kirksville, OH, Fanny fled Ohio for Indiana
and the Mormon Church, later to embrace the beliefs of Spiritualism. She
and Solomon raised their family in Dublin, Wayne, IN

(taken from my FTM Notes)
Brigham YOUNG came back East from Utah with Fanny ALGER's brother, John
ALGER, to ask Fanny to marry him. She refused him saying," You are a fine
young man but I want to be an only wife". She was a Spiritualist and
couldn't forsake her beliefs for "LDS". She has been severely chastised in
some writings of the Mormon Church in which terrible things are said about
her only to be refuted at the end of the writing and I believe they were
only written to blacken her name because she refused to marry Brigham Young.
The ALGER family along with the HANCOCK family had traveled west from New
York with Mormon leader, Joseph SMITH and then on to Utah with Brigham

Sorry for the length of this but thought all might enjoy reading a synopsis
of my BRETHREN beginnings, plus a whole lot more. LOL

Jo Kester

The Paper on the Stonelick Church and the migration of the Brethren into
Ohio from this landing on the Ohio River, is now up:
<>; .

Merle C Rummel
Church Historian

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