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From: "Ollieco Educational" <>
Subject: Ohio thank You and Tucker query
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 12:13:32 -0700
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Thank you to all that have responded regarding my questions about Ohio! I
appreciate all of the input.

I'm confident that Tipp City/Tippecanoe are intended to refer to the same
thing after your responses.

Unfortunately, I have no other information on this "Alville", of
my ancestors, one Martha Tucker was born 16 Feb 1825 and Alville Ohio is
given as her birthplace. (Source: Barbara Ford, Funeral Notice - Barbara is
the compiler of "The Oberholtzer Book") - I hadn't intended to post this
query here because I am uncertain that the Tuckers were Brethren. Her
parents were Samuel and Sidney (Smith) Tucker.

There was no county, no other location mentioned in the funeral notice.

My apologies for getting off onto a non-Brethren tangent. Please again
respond via individual e-mails to prevent long off-topic threads.

Thank you for your help!

Mark Finlay

Fort McMurray, Alberta, CANADA

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