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From: "Roberta J. Estes" <>
Subject: RE: [BRE] quilt with some Brethren names
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2005 10:12:11 -0400
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These quilts are also called friendship quilts and were often made to
commemorate special events like marriages, significant anniversarys
(like 50), ministers leaving congregations, etc. Sometimes you can use
the names and census information if the quilt doesn't hit the 1890
census timeframe to find the people and location and someone in the
church today can sometimes figure out the occasion. Since churches were
also the center of the social aspect of life then as well, they were
most often made within the context of a congregation, or maybe spanning
a couple of sister congregations if they are close in geography and
familys are split between both, and they were often quilted at quilting
bees. Often the people whose names are on the quilt actually signed
their name on the quilt itself and then the group embroidered over the
signatures. Usually there is also a year someplace, but not always. Is
there a center block that would seem to maybe be a particular family or
that might seem particularly relevant for any reason? That might help
you identify the occasion or the primary family if there is one. Good
luck with your identification and bless you for saving the quilt.

Bobbi Estes (genealogist and quilter)

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