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When I accepted the Lord in 1949 in Southern Ohio during our Annual Revival Meeting I was given a Prayer Covering. It seem the only time these were worn were during The Love Feast Service.About a year later our congregation employed another wonderful minister and his wife as our pastors.I don't remember him ever saying to much about the covering although his wife wore hers during the Sunday Services.Couple years later they moved several miles from us.Since my family had become very fond of them we were very disappointment when we heard they were planning to move.I decided to go visit them after they had moved since the bus was pretty close to their new home and the church.I hadn't been in the church long enough to know that all brethren were suppose to be humble.So here I am walking very proudly in the church trying to see if I knew anyone.As I walked closer to the rear to get a bullitin to see what the sermon was going to be was I in for a real shock.The Sunday Morning Sermon was "Why women should wear the Prayer Covering"The minister knew I was planning to be there; that is why he did that sermon for that Sunday.I have been wearing the covering since that day.I am now 71 years old.)It is amazing how many compliments I get from folks when they see me wearing it.When I married my wonderful husband several years ago he only wore black suits when he went to church.
Patty Brate Connell

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