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From: Ira Hardman <>
Subject: [BRE] Fw: Re: Brethren in Kentucky
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2006 11:52:51 -0600

The only published material that I have found on the Brethren coming to
Shelby Co. KY is in the book, "Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler" by Rev.
Harvey Hostetler.

The Hartman / Hardman families moved to Washington Co. PA from Frederick
Co. MD. The oldest tax list that I could find for Washington Co. was
1781, which lists two people named Anthony Hartman, Abraham Hardman,
Solomon Hardman and Adam Hardman. Abraham and David Hartman were listed
in the Washington Co. militia rosters in the Pennsylvania Archives. Some
of the land on which they lived was in West Bethlehem Twp. and some in
Deemston (which is between West & East Bethlehem Twp). Also in Deemston
were some other families that later moved to Shelby Co. KY (Wise, Ruble,

David Hartman moved to the Shelby Co. KY area in 1785 when Kentucky was
still a part of Virginia. After Kentucky came into the union and Shelby
Co. was formed in 1792, the tax lists showed several Hartman / Hardman,
Leatherman and Hostetler names. Most of the Hartman / Hardman land was
located near Guist, Beech and Brashears Creeks a little way north of Salt
River. Filson's book on Kentucky (as I recall, the name was something
like "The Settlement and Present State of Kentucky", there is a map of
north-central Kentucky showing parts of Jefferson, Fayette and Lincoln
counties Virginia. On this map, in the eastern part of Jefferson County,
north of Salt River, on a branch of Brashears Creek, a group of houses is
shown with the name "Boons". This is the area that was settled by a
group brought by Squire Boone. (This Squire was the brother of Daniel
and Israel, not the father of Daniel and Israel Boone).

Abraham Hartman married Margaret Leatherman and David Hartman married
Susannah Leatherman, but I haven't yet found which Leatherman family they
were from. Agnes, Hannah and Elizabeth Hartman married Abraham, Adam and
Christian Hostetler respectively. Esther Hartman married Adam Harter,
Catherine Hartman married a Miller (I have no data on this Miller

From: "Judy Florian" <>

I would appreciate ANY of the published bios or known details of these
Washington County PA to Shelby Co KY families. First, I have some
missing Brethren from Washington Co who did not go to Oh, In, or IL...
Second, I'm trying to collect info for the migrations into and out of
Washington Co --for any surname, family, or person. I maintain 3
free-informationWashington County PA Websites and am including migration
history of anyfamilies. Any info appreciated.


On 12/28/06, Art Miller <> wrote:

I wonder if you can relate to the Millers in early Shelby Co. that came
from western Pa.? Specifically:
David Miller, who was married to Elizabeth Wise, shows up in 1795 on
Brashear and Beech Cr. and moved to Clark Co., Ind. by 1814. This David
Miller appears to have been son of William Miller who died 1802 in West
Bethlehem Twp., Washington Co., Pa. The Wise, Leatherman, and Hardman
families were all neighbors of William Miller in Pa. Isaac Miller born
1755 as son of John Miller of Westmoreland Co., Pa.
Isaac shows up in Shelby Co. on Salt River by 1795. His wife was
Margaret. He died Rutherford Co., Tn. in 1808. Other Millers: Robert,
John, Conrad, George P. and Abraham appear in early Shelby Co.
My David Miller b. c1744, md. to Deborah Zook (d/o Peter Zug/Zook) came
from West Bethlehem Twp., Washington Co., Pa. by 1796 to near Boston in
Nelson Co. I do believe my David was related to the David Miller in
Shelby Co. and perhaps the other Millers there. Any thoughts would be
greatly appreciated. > Art Miller, Louisville

From: "Ira Hardman" <>
To: <>

I had read in a history of Shelby County, Kentucky, that Squire Boone
(reported to be a Brethren elder) brought several families from
Pennsylvania to settle in Shelby Co. Also, several Brethren families
including Leatherman, Hostetler and Hartman (many from Washington
County, Pennsylvania) settled in Kentucky in the area that later became
Shelby, Spencer and Nelson Counties, starting about 1785, when Kentucky
still a part of Virginia. > > Ira Hardman.

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