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Subject: [BRE] Eld. Samuel Miller speaking of the Salimony congregation ofIndiana
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Wayne Webb
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By Samuel Murray.
I have been confined to my room for five weeks, and am quite weak, physically, but the mind is busy. It is impossible for the intelligent mind to be idle. I have been taking a review of the Salimony church, for the last twenty years, when the Brethren placed the responsibility of housekeeping upon me, which was accepted with a great deal of reluctance. For some years we had dark clouds hanging over us, and they seemed to stay a good while, but finally all passed away.
Now, dear brethren, let us rejoice and praise the Lord for the glorious sunshine which he has given us, under which the church has prospered so abundantly. Let us labor to be of one mind and judgment, and work together in harmony, and surely the Lord will bless our work.
I have thought that we have not done as much for the missionary cause, as we should have done. If there is any blame, I think it rests on me and my co-laborers, for not urging it upon our members. I think, when our dear brethren and sisters learn the reason, they will excuse us. We badly needed another church-house in which to worship, and our old house needed repairing, and we had it to do ourselves. It is now done.
Within five years the church has paid at least $5,000 for building and repairing. Besides that, a very heavy tax was levied on all tax-payers, for building gravel roads, bridges, etc. Hence I felt delicate about urging the members. We hope we will soon be able to do better than we have in the past.
Some have said to me, "You have such a large church; you can build and do almost as you please." I am very glad that we have now three hundred members. I am also glad that we have one family with six members (father, mother, three daughters, and one son), others with four, and some with three. I think that is just as it should be. We bless the Lord for it!
It so happens that we have a great many poor members, who have all they can do to take care of themselves; a goodly number that have to have help. It sometimes happens, that those who have much, are but little help to the church, or the cause of Christ. It makes me shudder to think of what the Savior says in regard to the rich entering into the kingdom of heaven. I know we have some as charitable members in the Salimony church, as can be found any where. I am sorry-to know that there are exceptions. God bless the Salimony church!
The MESSENGER comes regularly. It is indeed a welcome visitor. Oh, how anxious we are for the church news! Dear brethren and sisters, I ask in the name of all that is good, quit one thing, when you give the report of a good meeting. That such a one did the preaching, is all right. Do not say that he is a "powerful preacher," or "he is the right man," or, "if we only had more such." Don't you know that you are doing that brother an injury? Oh, just think how many brethren have been spoiled and ruined by such uncalled for praise.
We are very glad that we have able ministers in the church, who are willing to spend, and be spent for the cause of Christ, and the building up of the church. We should encourage them all we can, not only with our prayers, but also with means for the support of their families. We should not say or do anything to exalt them. We should not throw any temptation in their way. They have enough of that to contend with, without our throwing some more in the way. I could name quite a number of brethren, who were ruined in just that way.
I remember, when I was young, an old elder, in speaking of another old elder, said to me, "He is spoiled; he did not spoil himself; we spoiled him." Oh, just think, how many brethren have been spoiled! Oh, brethren and sisters, let us be careful, and not help to spoil our useful brethren! We need them, and the Lord wants them.
River, Ind.

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