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From: John McLeod <>
Subject: Re: [BRE] Baer/Bear & Graff/Groff Brethren
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 16:33:28 -0600
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Re your second question about Swiss origin, anytime you see the name
Veronica or Fronica or Freny you get to suspect that she was born in
Kanton Zurich. This comes from Saint Verena, patroness of Zurich. If the
lady had actually been named Verena, you could be almost certain. I have
been reading parish records chasing Slifer ancestors.

John McLeod

At 02:49 PM 4/9/08 -0400, "Dwayne Wrightsman" <> wrote:
>The record of baptisms of the Conestoga Brethren include, among many others,
>the following:
>Jacob Baer/Bear - 1742
>Henry Baer/Bear and Wife - 1743
>Anna Baer/Bear - 1747
>Veronica/Fronica/Freny Graff/Groff - 1750
>Hannes/John Graff/Groff - 1754
>Madeline Baer - 1763
>Second question: Were they possibly from the early Swiss Mennonite
>Baer/Bear and Graff/Groff families that intermarried and lived in Earl
>Township, Lancaster County?

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