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Bravo! Thank you so much for shedding light on this.


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> In getting back to Samuel Bolton we discover that all of his children
> were married by ministers of the New Light church. I believe that Merle
> can comment on this far better than I but it is my understanding that this
> is a Universalist church of English extraction. I also offer new found
> insight into William Rose Smith who was a devotee of Elder Miller while in
> Virginia but will let the readers of this writing discover this on their
> own.
> In a nut shell we can now state with a certain accuracy that the
> Virginia Conference of 1811 demonstrates an earlier ramification of the
> same problems that would come to haunt the Far Western Brethren and which
> has now become a portion of the history of the German Baptist church as a
> whole. I believe we can state that Elder Miller was heavily influenced by
> Elder Martin and his religious views. Elder Miller seems, possibly, to
> also have a portion of the views of Ephrata through the teachings of Elder
> Martin. Elder Miller is likely that Jacob Miller mentioned as being
> baptised in the Conestoga church listings which also lists his unnamed
> wife. The unknown parents of the five Miller brothers would, logically,
> be one of the other Millers listed in the same set of early records.
> Elder Miller has as students Samuel Bolton and William Rose Smith,
> both Englishers, who would figure into the early history of the church in
> Indiana and Ohio. Samuel Bolton in the Miami Valley and Elder Smith in
> Virginia and Indiana. One was removed from the church and the other
> forgotten, either intentionally or by error. Elder Miller, because of his
> Universalist and / or Pietist views differed in opinion from the Annual
> Meeting Brethren in the guise of Elders Ulrich and Gripe thus resulting in
> the dividing of the early churches in the Miami Valley of Ohio via the
> Virginia Conference of Ohio.
> I apologize for the length of this email to my fellow members. I also
> apologize for the poor writing skills. While this is a subject dear to my
> heart the vocabulary of the writer is not quite up to the task. In part
> this is because a portion of the material comes from documentation and a
> portion from logic. There is a lot that is documented but there is not a
> shred of documentation on the underpinnings of the reasons of the Virginia
> Conference of 1811. Only the actions afterward taken.
> That being said if one was to read between the lines in the 1920
> Southern District of Ohio and compare it with those churches of Southern
> Indiana that went either Disciples or Christian Church you will see a
> similarity of surnames that is truly astounding. It is not common
> knowledge but a near relative of Joseph Hochstetler (the boy preacher), of
> whom Friend Merle has related interesting information, was Christian
> Hochstetler. Christian moved from Shelby county, Kentucky into Montgomery
> county, Ohio (likely in the northern portion) where he died in 1814. A
> good sized portion of his family later moved into the Southern Indiana
> region of which Merle has told us.
> Wayne Webb
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