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Subject: Re: [BRE] Stump, Kimmel, Martin, et al
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2008 08:45:03 -0700
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Just working on the Montgomery County, Indiana Site this morning, and
did a couple of Stump obits. (George Stump Family out of Kentucky) So If
anyone is looking to trace this family some information will be shortly
uploaded at

Scroll down for the surnames of your needs...:)

Thanks Wayne, Dwight and Merle for all you folks post here, it is all
very interesting and useful.

Jeff Scism

Wayne Webb wrote:
> Morning List,
> I wish to add my two cent's worth on the topic Merle began while speaking of the Kentucky Brethren. I do not research in that region, not having original documentation from which to draw, but some observations can be made.
> There seems to be a point of contention as to who Rachel Martin was the daughter of. I believe this can be easily solved. Look on a map and locate Mifflin county, Pennsylvania. Then locate Somerset county. They are not close to each other. Now in your mind ask yourself this question. Would, in the late 1700's, a young girl have become associated with a man from a distant county? Likely not.
> Neither if logic prevails would she and her husband (Francis Stump) have been settling in Kentucky around others from another county in Pennsylvania. They would have settled among those they knew. Agreeably this is not proof either way or another, but it is all that we have without actual documentation from Kentucky or Pennsylvania.
> I wish also to point out that George Adam Martin, an interesting man by all accounts, is not an easy man to document. I have yet to discover any individual who has original documentation. A lot of people have references to those records or stories from World Connect, but no one has that documentation. I do have somewhere in this disaster area a copy of the Ephrata Christ... Biblio... but don't ask me where it is. I think I published it, or intended to do so, but do not recall if I ever did so.
> That being said I have looked in both Somerset and Bedford county to no avail. I find his nephew John, also a minister, but nothing for George Adam himself. Whether or not there is anything in Westmoreland county I cannot say but it would be interesting to know of any documentation in that county. We can place him there by records other than Cooper's writings, Redstone Meeting, but as to any official records I have heard no mention.
> I do wish to point out something to the general populace. If you want some background information on the Stump, Kimmel and Martin families, admittedly from a German Protestant (Lutheran and Reformed) church aspect I would recommend locating a copy of the Adams County 18th Century Church Records book. There are names listed in it that will be of interest to those interested in Brethren and general history of both Bedford and Somerset counties.
> In closing I will state that though Cooper leaves a lot to be disired in all of his writings we must at least use it as a starting point, presuming it has some merit in truth, and make a strident effort to document his statements. Ans there is a connection between George Adam Martin's son David, through David's wife, back to the Allen of 1729.
> Wayne Webb
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