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Merle, as a descendent of John (H), I am always interested in proofs,
So please share with me where you found that they were Mennonite.
Thanks so much.

Diane Marie Kerchner
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Elder Gaspar Roland came to America, to Philadelphia area, in 1741 and
in 1757 moved to York Co PA. In 1762 he moved to Frederick Co MD, the
Pipe Creek Church, then in 1771 moved to the Forks of the Yadkin, Rowan
Co NC. Tradition says he organized the Dutchman's Creek Congregation
there, and in 1775 was ordained to the Eldership (by Elder David
Martin). He was in the area that in 1783 beame Davies Co NC, and in
1796 moved across the Blue Ridge Mountains to the New River Valley, in
Wilkes Co (which became Ashe Co). It is considered that he came to the
Drakes Creek Church, south of Bowling Green KY, then in Warren Co, now
Simpson Co. He died in 1809.

There were several other Hendricks families in Rowan Co - Elder James
Hendricks was from Frederick Co MD (Israel Creek church, and went first
to the Uwharrie (now Randolph Co NC), then to the Crane Creek Church,
Salisbury NC. His wife was Christiana Roland, sister of Gaspar Roland.
I had heard that Elder James Hendricks went to the Hinkston Creek Church
in Nicholas Co KY, but the data I see says he died in 1787 in Rowan Co
NC. Some of their children came to the Drakes Creek Church, but so far,
I do not have a good record of them.

Elder John Hendricks is probably the "J(ohn) H" who was banned by Annual
Meeting, over the Universalist issure -in 1798. He immediately moved to
the Drakes Creek Church. He was ordained elder by Elder Gaspar Roland.
He and his family was planning a move to the Whitewater, Cape Girardeau,
Missouri - in 1814, but he died in April, before the move. I do not
have much information on his children.

The early John Hendricks family was originally Mennonite, and the first
family to cross the Susquehanna River into what became York Co. They
sold land to Michael Danner. The Carolina Hendricks seem to
grandchildren or gr grandchildren.

My records do not include a son Jacob Roland 1771 - to anyone.

Is there any connection of this Valentine Huff - to the Brethren Hoff
families - including those of the Pipe Creek Church, Frederick Co MD?

Merle C Rummel

> Dwayne was kind enough to remind me there is more evidence that Mary
> Dick was indeed the daughter of George Donner, Sr. How I could have
> forgotten is beyond me. I have even been to the graves of Mary and John
Dick as well
> as most of the Donner girls! I do wish I could, at the very least, find
> marriage record for Mary & John Dick or some proof positive as to the
> parentage of Mary Donner Dick. I do like proof!
> As for the Roland family George Dick of Bangs, Tx. has done a lot of
> research on the Dick family and he did inform me of John Dick, Sr. filing
> divorce for abandonment in Simpson County, Ky. ca. 1829. His theory is
that may be
> the reason some show Elizabeth Roland as the wife of John Dick, Sr. and
> others show a Miss Hendrick.
> It may interest you to know Jacob Roland was married to Esther Huff,
> daughter of Valentine Huff, Sr. and his wife Mary Kerst Huff. Jacob was
born abt
> 1771 in Frederick, Md. and died in Harrison, Ky. The other daughters of
> Valentine, Sr. were Elizabeth who married John Sain, Eve Rosannah who
> Charles Hunter and Mary who md. George Donner, Sr. Charles Hunter's
oldest son
> was Jacob Hunter, Sr. and he was the father of Mary Hunter who md. 1st.
> Holloway and 2nd George Davidson - Mary & Nathan were the parents of
> Susannah Holloway who married Capt. George Donner. These families are
all so
> tangled together it is like a giant gnarled tree! By the way there were
Rolands in
> Rowan, but don't recall their names at the moment. I can look them up if

> you need them.
> While the Donners were in Jessamine County, Ky. they lived along with the

> Holloways, Hunters, Davidsons, etc. on Hickman Creek which is quite near
> Kentucky River and a bit of a distance from Jessamine Creek. I have been

> trying to find out the names of the folks buried in what they call the
> Cemetery in Jessamine county, but so far no success.

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