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From: "William Thomas" <>
Subject: Re: [BRE] Brethren history resources
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 19:16:18 -0400
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RE: Brethren Practice Today

If you are looking to see the uniqueness of modern Brethren compared to
other Protestant denominations, you won't notice much. I was Grace Brethren
in my younger years, Church of the Brethren in my teenage years, and have
been very active in the United Methodist Church ever since. I should note
that my United Methodist church was originally Evangelical (German heritage
Methodists) before the mergers. I also go to an occasional Brethren service
when visiting my parents.

As far as basic doctrine, what I learned in Sunday School as a child is the
same as they teach in my United Methodist Church. Of course some of the
rituals are different, but most of what you see and hear from the pew is the
same. If you put a cover over the sign in front of the Church and covered
the hymnal, you likely wouldn't even know you were in a Brethren Church.

The Brethren of old had a life style similar to the Amish, and there are
still Old Order Brethren who practice a similar life style but they are very
few, and far between.

Bill Thomas

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