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I'm behind in my e-mail, as usual. Thank you once again for the great work
you do and for what you share!!

Bobbi Estes

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Evening List,

The book "Some Who Led" is available online for free with a
comprehensive index and links on the Table of Contents page. It can be
found at

And thank you to Dennis Roth for hosting the pages.

Wayne Webb

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> I would strongly recommend getting this book on interlibrary loan,
> which I did several years ago. It has a picture of nearly every leader
> of the Brethren who it chooses to include with a bio, usually just
> about a page or two in length. It is really swell to look into the
> eyes of these actual leaders when they were alive, and read of their
> bios, written either shortly after their deaths or maybe some while
> they were still alive. There are 47 libraries that own this, and you
> should be able to get a copy even though it is approaching 100 years.
> Maybe if you wait until it is 100 years old you won't be able to get
> it any longer?? The title is:
> Some who led;or, Fathers in the Church of the Brethren who have passed
> over, Miller, D. L. 1841-1921. (Daniel Long), Royer, Galen Brown,;
> 1862- ; joint author.
> Publication: Elgin, Ill., Brethren Pub. House,
> Year: 1912
> Description: 223 p. illus. (incl. ports.) 20 cm.

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