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For those reading this paragraph of the article found in the Gospel
Messenger and kindly submitted by Wayne, I would like add explanations.

Samuel A. Leedy [1816-1889], son of Abraham & Elizabeth (Zook) Leedy, a
minister of the Owl Creek Fraternity of German Baptists began preaching in
favor of the single mode of feetwashing and other reforms. An Annual
Meeting committee was appointed and called on him in September of 1858 to
investigate the controversy and expelled him along with fifteen other
members. They became know as the Leedites or Leedy Brethren. In 1859, they
held an election and placed Samuel's brother Isaac and Samuel Whistler in
the ministry.

The Progressives mentioned were led by Henry Ritz Holsinger [1833-1905], son
of Elder Daniel Mack & Mary "Polly" (Ritz) Holsinger, who was expelled by
Annual Conference in 1882 and organized the Brethren Church in June of 1883.
The Leedy Brethren joined this new branch of the church.

The Miami party refers to the old order element which withdrew from the main
body of the German Baptist Brethren in 1881 forming the Old German Baptist
Brethren church.

Remember that the Dunker's as we were popularly known, did not have an
official name until 1836 when a query was sent to Annual Meeting asking what
name should appear on a deed for a meeting house at which time the name
Fraternity of German Baptists was chosen and used until 1871 when again
Annual Meeting changed the name to German Baptist Brethren, who again
changed the name in 1908 to Church of the Brethren.


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> A. Wayne Webb
> Gospel Messenger, 1883, Vol. 21, No. 48, Dec. 4, 1883, pp. 345-346
> (continued)

> The Owl Creek church has had a considerable amount of trouble to bear.
> About twenty-seven years ago a trouble arose in this church which resulted
> in separating a minister by the name of Samuel Leedy and several other
> members from the church.-These expelled members organized themselves into
> a body and continued to hold meeting, and hold their meetings in the
> Brethren's meeting-house, to the annoyance of the Brethren. The Brethren,
> however, endured the annoyance patiently, and went on with their meetings
> in the regular order, and maintained their position in the community and
> prospered, while the organization of the expelled members gradually
> declined. But these members being taken into the progressive organization,
> and some of the members of the Owl Creek church also going with the
> Progressives,-in this way the Progressive organization within the
> territory of the Owl Creek church has attained unto considerable numerical
> strength. And the recent division between the Progressives
and the church has made new trouble in the church. Hence we said that the
Owl Creek church, has had a considerable amount of trouble to bear. A couple
of the members of the Owl Creek church have gone with the Miami party.

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