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Subject: Re: [BRE] Shearer Family of Ashe County
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If some publication called "US and International Marriage Records,
1560-1900" is the main source that Hannah Hoover married Christian Shearer
in North Carolina, then I would take it with a grain of salt. The Shearers
do not appear in the Wilkes County records until 1787, so it is unrealistic
to think that there was a Christian Shearer born in Ashe County in 1735.
(Ashe County did not even exist until 1799.) In 1735 you could probably
count the number of Germans living in North Carolina on one hand. And who
was Andrew Shearer?

What is interesting is the idea that Christian Shearer Sr. was married to a
Sarah Bargett/Burket. We know from Wilkes/Ashe records that his widow was
named Sarah. If her maiden name was Burkett, she was possibly a sister of
Christian Burkett who settled with the Shearers and Foutses in Wilkes/Ashe
in 1787.

Dwayne Wrightsman

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US and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900, state thats Hannah
Hoover married Chistian Shearer in North Carolina. This Christian
Hoover's date of birth was 1760. This Christian is likely the son of
Christian Andrew Shearer, b. ca. 1735 in Ashe County, NC and married
to Sarah Bargett (??Burket??).

There is yet another record for Christian Shearer, b. 1760, marrying a
Sallie Walters. The North Carolina Marriage Collection on Ancestry,
covering 1741-2004, has Christian marrying Nelly Walleys (spelling
correct) on 26 Mar 1788. This is supported by Marriage Bond records
in Guilford County.

I have researched the Andreas Huber (Hoover) family for some time and
have no indication of a daughter Hannah. I have no Hannah's in the
Hoover line fitting this time period and locale.

This Younce discussion has been great. I am picking up a great deal
of information. KEEP IT UP!

On Apr 20, 2009, at 9:18 PM, Dwayne Wrightsman wrote:

> Gale,
> In your reply below you mention that "it appears that Christian
> [Shearer]
> Jr. m 1785 Hannah Hoover...." Why does it appear that way? This
> marriage
> is problematic for me. Hannah Hoover is said to be the daughter of
> Andreas/Andrew Hoover, but the records that I have seen don't seem
> to have a
> daughter Hannah in them. I wonder where the name Hannah Hoover came
> from.
> Andreas Hoover had a son Jonas who had a daughter Hannah. Except
> for one
> undocumented entry that I found online linking Hannah [Hoover]
> Shearer to
> Jonas Hoover, compilers always assume that this Hannah was a
> daughter of
> Andreas Hoover.
> To complicate matters, quite a few website compilers seem to think
> that
> Christian Shearer married an unnamed daughter of John Leonard and
> Caterina
> [Spengel] Fouts, again without documentation.
> When two Fouts families, three Burkett families, two Shearer
> families, and
> the family of Frederick Black were the first Brethren to settle on the
> creeks feeding the New River in northwestern North Carolina, in
> 1787, all of
> the spouses shared the same four surnames, except Joseph Burkett and
> David
> Fouts who had Hoover women for wives. It fits that Christian
> Shearer Jr.
> may have married either a Hoover or a Fouts given that these eight
> families
> from the Uwharrie to the New River were so tightly woven together in
> terms
> of blood.
> What's your take on this?
> Dwayne Wrightsman

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